Is Window 7 Seeing Its End? No Updates For Windows 7/ 8.1


Microsoft has already started the process of severing all ties with the aging Windows 7

By Shahina Mulk
The most popular operating system worldwide, Windows 7 is seeing its last, with Microsoft warning users that it is dangerous to use it and whosoever continues using it would be doing it at own risk and peril. Though, this warning was removed from its site, later, in a new post on the official Microsoft Newsroom, the company has warned Windows 7 users that the aging platform suffers from a number of serious failings including security deficiencies and hardware restrictions, while reiterating that it was ending all its support to the platform.
The Germany head of Microsoft says that Window 7 does not meet the requirements of modern technology, nor the high security requirements of the IT industries. Microsoft has warned Windows 7 users of its long-outdated security architectures,saying they could be susceptible to cyber attacks.
Some manufacturers are out-rightly rejecting Windows 7 by stopping Drivers' support to Windows 7.
Intel, AMD and Qualcomm have already made their Chipsets incompatible with it.
Microsoft has made it clear that Windows 7's life cycle was ending and it would no longer provide any security update or technical support to it. Windows store applications, too, are now only compatible with Windows 10.
Windows 10 is soon going to get a lot better
Though, it will take around 3 years for Microsoft to fully sever all its ties with Windows 7, it is always prudent to go with the latest platform as evading Windows 10 for long term would not be possible with new hardwares switching off their compatibility with this old version of Windows.
At present, Windows 10 come with some limitations like disruptive unexpected updates in mid of your work followed by reboots at the wrong time without giving any hint of what was actually getting updated or installed.
However, its update coming up next month is expected to give users full control over update installation apart from a slew of other useful features like "Snooze". Snooze function would allow you to pause the update process completely  for 3 days. Windows 10 is about to get a lot better with new privacy-centric features coming in the Creators update.
Armed with the latest technology, one should move ahead with times rather than sticking to the old for the sake of convenience and ease.






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