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Motorola 4k TV Vs Vu Premium Android 4k TV Vs Mi Smart LED TV 4X | Which Is The Best TV?

Which 4k TV To Buy This Season? Mi TV 4X Vs Motorola TV Vs Vu Premium Android TV
Recently Motorola and Mi both have launched their TVs, which will go on sale from September 29th on Flipkart. Many wanted to know my views on these newly launched TVs, apart from enquiring whether these have the potential to beat the Vu Premium Android series' TVs or not. In this article, I will try to give answers to your queries. I will also be apprising you of the pros and cons of these TVs so that you can decide yourselves, which TV to choose from amongst these three.

First of all, let's talk about the Motorola TVs. The built quality of Motorola TVs is pretty good and the design is very good, which imparts it a premium feel. However, here, I would like to draw your attention towards a few things. On Flipkart, the brightness of the 50-inch model is given as 280 Nits and its static contrast ratio is mentioned as 4000:1. The panel type is mentioned as VA. Surprisingly, the brightness of the 43 inche…

Top 5 40 Inches Best Budget Smart TVs Under 20k | 2019

Which Are The Best Budget TVs Under 20K?
With festivals around the corner, you must be ready with your shopping list and excited to go ahead with the purchase during the big sale on Amazon and Flipkart. To help you make the right choice, I have brought here the list of top 5 best 40 inches TVs that you can get under 20000. The refresh rate of all these TVs is 60 Hz, however, you will not observe much blur during fast-moving action scenes as a blur on small screen is not much evident. And, one thing more, please do purchase extended warranty with your TV as it will give you complete peace of mind for at least three years. So now, let's get started:
1. On the top is the 40 inches UD9 series 4k TV from Thomson, which despite being a 4k TV, is being sold at a very low price. In fact, its performance is better than their Android models as it gets Samsung zero bright dot A+ grade VA panel. This TV has ELED backlighting and its brightness is 350 Nits, while the contrast ratio is 400000:1.

It h…

Top 5 Best Budget 43 Inches 4k LED Smart TVs 2019 | Best TVs under 30k| Best Official Android 4k TVs Of 2019

Which Are The Best 4k 43 Inches LED Android Smart TVs Of 2019?With the festive season around the corner, and, moods all set to for shopping, you must be eager to know the best budget TVs of 2019, so that you can select the right one for you. Here, I have listed the best 43 inches Budget TVs of 2019 that are giving a tough competition to even the higher brand TVs.

We will start with the 5th rank and gradually proceed to the top TV. Every now and then, I get to observe that most people are of the opinion that an IPS panel TV has a better picture quality than a TV having a VA panel. This is a myth, which has no base and needs to be busted. Remember, TVs from Sony and Samsung mostly come with VA panel, while LG employs IPS panel. To understand the true difference between the two panels, please watch my video, by clicking on this link. 
The 5th rank goes to the 43 inches Google certified Android TV from Sanyo. The built quality of this TV is good and the brushed metallic finish of this TV i…

Blitzwolf BS-VP1 Projector In-depth Review | Best Budget Projector 2019

This Low-priced Blitzwolf Projector Is A Beast When It Comes To Performance!

This review is of a very cheap, but excellent performing projector from a prestigious company like Blitzwolf, whose products are a class in itself. With this projector, Blitzwolf plans to carve out a niche of its own in the projector market. When it comes to performance, this projector is really a beast being sold at a throwaway price. After getting addicted to watching the performance of very good projectors, I was quite reluctant to place an order for this one. I was not ready to believe that a projector, this cheap, could give a substantially good performance, which could make me watch movies on it.

If you were thinking of buying an HD Ready 32 inches TV, just drop that idea straightaway and go with this projector that gives you very good picture quality at half the price that you need to shell out for a 32 inches TV. This projector reached my home without any customs duty. Most probably, you too, don't n…