Blitzwolf BW ATC3 Sports Smart Watch Review | The Best Budget Smartwatch 2022

The Most Beautifully Crafted Budget, Yet Premium Smartwatch| Blitzwolf BW ATC3 sports smartwatch

Excellent features, premium look, affordable pricing, bright display and good battery life, all work in unison towards making the Blitzwolf BW ATC3 smartwatch an all-in-one package. This Smartwatch is available on Banggood and after applying my coupon code, you can get it for less than Rs 3,000 or $39.9. You don't even need to pay any customs duty on it, and now, products from Banggood are reaching India early, between 10 to 12 days.

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The features with which this premium looking affordable smartwatch is coming are a rare find on the other smartwatches being sold, here, in India. And then, Blitzwolf company is known for quality products. The Blitzwolf's BW ATC3 smartwatch comes in a company-branded box. Inside the box, apart from the watch, there is a magnetic charging cable and a user manual. I have tested many expensive smartwatches and have not seen any watch having such a powerful magnetic adhesion with its charging cable. Its magnetic grip is very strong that keeps the charging points strongly attached to the cable.

This premium looking smartwatch is available in three colours, Black, Blue and Silver. The excellent craftsmanship of this Sports watch brings it into the finest category of designing. My watch is Silver coloured, which stands out in beautiful contrast with its black dial and same coloured strap. The Black coloured inscription

on the Silver coloured bezel makes this sports watch pretty stylish. On the top, G-Wear, and, at the bottom, Fashion comes engraved. On the right side, there is a power on/off button along with the Up and down buttons, all of which get a metallic construction. On the left side, the sound is written, as speakers fall underneath it. And, below it, 3D comes engraved. The strap has been constructed from silicone and the buckle gets a silver metallic finish. The strap is interchangeable, and, you get the option to change it. Underneath the watch, all sensors are located that blink green lights on activation.

On this sports watch, you get around full-touch 1.32 inches IPS retina-like high-resolution, sharp, bright, display, which makes the screen legible in sunlight too. On this watch, you get a number of preloaded watch faces and it has many unique faces not seen in other watches. This watch also gives you the liberty to personalize the watch face by using your own image. And, personalized wallpaper gets the option of other settings, too, which you can tweak according to your liking. In addition to the preloaded watch faces, you get the option of downloading more than 100 watch faces from the application on your phone. You can choose watch dials from amongst them. To pair this watch with your phone you need to download the Da Fit application on your phone, which helps in tracking your health. Through this application, you can even save 8 of your favourite contacts on this watch, set an alarm and enable the notifications of the applications you wish to. This watch monitors your heart continuously and even gives a warning when the readings go above or below the normal level.

Apart from calories' tracking, sleep monitoring, pedometer and drink water reminder, you get the option to record blood pressure and blood oxygen level on it. This watch gives you weather notifications and you can use it as a stopwatch, too. This watch comes with a Bluetooth call facility. Even without inserting a separate sim in it, you can receive or disconnect calls through this watch only. You can also make a call directly through this watch. The speaker of this sports watch is superb, which is a rare find on any watch of this category. You get a crystal clear and loud audio output. Many times, when this watch is connected to my smartphone, I get confused thinking that the audio is coming from the phone, whereas, it comes from the watch. In Bluetooth mode, the ringtone is heard from the watch, but calls can be attended to from either of the devices.

Attending calls through this watch is very convenient, the audio quality is so good that not even the slightest discomfort is felt. On this watch, you can even play & enjoy the music stored on your phone. Going by the fact that it is only a smartwatch, the quality of its speakers is unparalleled. The sound is not only loud, but it is rich, which makes music much more enjoyable on it. I am able to tell you so much in detail about this watch as I have been testing it thoroughly for a month and it has appealed to me so much that I keep on wearing it the entire day. Despite its metal construction, this watch does not feel heavy on the wrist. You can comfortably wear it for long hours. The touch of this watch is highly responsive and its haptic feedback appeals to me a lot. There are 13 sports modes that cover almost all fitness activities. It even aids you in your breathing exercise.

In the notification panel, apart from the call function, brightness adjustment, notifications and settings you get some other functions too. This watch comes with Grid and list views, however, the grid view is exceptionally good, which is unique and different from other watches. This sports watch also comes with a shutter function; through which you can remotely click photos on your phone. It has a few preloaded games, which can be played sometimes in order to pass time. In Android smartwatches the battery drains very fast, which is highly irritating, however, this watch, even on heavy usage retains the battery for around 4-5 days. During normal usage, it will give you enough juice to last around 8-10 days and its standby time is 30 days. Its 360mAh battery takes around 3-4 hours’ time to get fully charged.

Coming to the accuracy of its health monitoring, this watch does not give exact BP readings, but they are pretty close to the actual one. Blood Oxygen and heart rate readings are closer to being accurate. However, I have not come across any smartwatch, till now, that gives accurate health readings. The readings vary by the same margin as seen between digital BP measuring devices and that got through manual measurement. Though this watch is waterproof, you cannot wear it while swimming.

In the end, I'll just conclude by saying that this smartwatch gives the full value for your buck. Apart from its premium and stylish design, this affordable sports watch comes with multiple useful features, which you will not get in other smartwatches selling at this price point in India.

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