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Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8 Plus | The Best Camera Phones 2017


Before I came across Samsung Galaxy S8, I had presumed that the 6.2 inches display would be too large to handle, but I was quite surprised on a rendezvous with the actual phone. 
It doesn't look that big at all. In fact it's width is even less than any 5.5 inches phone. This is because Galaxy S8 Plus has almost no bezels.  It has 83 per cent screen to body ratio in a compact palm-sized form factor. 
Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus design is best in its genre
Though, it is a bit tall, it looks pretty smart and the design is best in its genre. 
The back of this phone has a glossy shiny finish,  but,  it's not slippery at all. In fact,  it's very comfortable to hold,  has a great grip and is very much pocket-able. 
The curvier continuous sheet of glass with an edge to edge display and no physical buttons, imparts this phone an unparalleled beauty to behold. It comes with Corning Gorilla Glass 5.
Once you come across it, you'll instantly fall in love with it and would intensely feel an urge to own it. Till now, Apple was renowned for making the best looking phones, but with S8 Samsung has broken all barriers and barged ahead of iphone in looks. 
It is undoubtedly the most ergonomic all-glass phone in smartphones history. 
This phone is an iphone killer and has the charm to lure even an iOS lover to shift to it. The home button along with back and recent keys are all software based. 


The display is just awesome and works intricately with its gorgeous exteriors to make it all-in-all a superb phone. Its greatest USP is its infinity display. S8 plus has an unusual 18:5:9 aspect ratio, instead of the traditional 16:9. Long back, Samsung had visualized a smartphone with maximum display, which it achieved in S8 and S8 Plus. 
It has a 2960×1440 pixel (WQHD+) resolution and super amoled panel boasting of saturated colours with deep black. After LG G6, it is the second smartphone in the world to support HDR 10, which results in one-of-the-kind cinematographic experience. The phone, by default has a Full-HD setting to conserve battery life. The WQHD+ mode has to be manually enabled from the settings, which in sync with HDR 10, let you see the same vibrant colours and contrasts that filmmakers intend while watching content.


The 64GB internal memory meets well the requirements of even heavy users without the need to insert any external memory card. This comes as a relief for dual sim users, who crib over a hybrid sim slot that this phone has. It is IP68-certified for dust and water resistance.
Bixby is Samsung's answer to Apple’s Siri and Google's assistant.  It responds to both touch and voice and has an ability to translate as many as 52 languages. 
Using Bixby, you can take pictures,  identify objects,  places and provide context to photos. However, as of now Bixby doesn't support voice command, also English in Indian dialect isn't supported yet. A future software update from Samsung is supposed to fix this glitch. 
Dex transforms the Galaxy S8 into a desktop by providing a secure desktop like experience, but for that you have to invest more in dex-dock that would cost you around Rs 8999/- and in a monitor, keyboard and mouse. The Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus are world's first smartphones to support Bluetooth v5.0, which has 4 times faster transfer rate than v4.2. 
Galaxy S8 Plus along with TouchWiz or Samsung UX is a great combination. The UX has been properly optimised for the Galaxy S8 and it works seamlessly on it. The interesting features that come with Samsung UX make multi-tasking smooth and effortless on this phone. Samsung has also reduced the count of unwanted apps in these phones and they feel faster and smoother than all other Samsung Galaxy S phones. Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 plus support USB Type-C port for fast charging and data syncing. It comes with a bottom facing mono-speaker which is pretty loud.  Phone calls are of excellent quality.


Both front and rear cameras of Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 plus click fantastic photos. Samsung has made software tweaks to enhance post-processing that give better results, especially in low light. The 8MP front shooter gets an autofocus. It clicks amazing selfies even in low light with good detail and also far less-blur.
The Galaxy S8 is not only reported to beat the iPhone 7 in picture quality it is said to be giving a tough competition to Pixel which until now,  was the best Android camera phone in the market. The Indian version of Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 plus that come with Exynos processor are said to fare better on camera front than their counterparts being sold abroad with Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor. 

The Camera Of Samsung Galaxy S8 Surpasses Google Pixel In Picture Quality
The Indian version of Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus reportedly come with a larger image sensor than those being sold in the US and other countries. It is as big as the one in the Google Pixel. While the image sensor size is one area where the Samsung Galaxy S8 matches the Pixel, in the lens department it surpasses the Google phone. 


The cons that I found in this phone are :
1. The back has a glossy finish, which makes it a major fingerprint magnet due to which it gets smudged by the millisecond. 
2. I found The placement of the fingerprint scanner a bit odd as it is located just next to the camera lens, which could sometimes create confusion and smudge the lens every now and then. However,  in the long run one would get used to it. 
3. The iris scanner, though fast, requires a particular angle for recognition and you need to scan iris keeping that angle in mind. 
4. Samsung should have at least provided a 4000 mAh battery as the 3500 mAh is less for the 6.2 inches display and thus the battery back-up falls a bit short of expectations. On heavy usage you need to charge it twice a day. 
5. The phone heats a little when used for long time. 
6. Bixby Vision, that gives shopping and image recommendations based on images you've clicked with the camera, doesn't works sometimes.
7. At its price point, instead of a mono speaker, Samsung should have given stereo speakers.
However, these shortcomings of the phone get overshadowed by its powerful processor, excellent design and tonns of amazing features that impart the phone a class much above its competitors. 

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It Is A Blasphemous Interpretation Of The Holy Quran 

By Shahina Mulk

For ages, the naked dagger of instant talaq dangling over the heads of Muslim women has kept them terrorized and has brought about extreme misery to divorced women. Social disabilities have been clamped down upon them in the name of Muslim Personal Law, based on dubious religious interpretation. Muslim women have been placed under the fetters of customs and pseudo-traditions not sanctioned by Islam.
It is a popular fallacy that the Quranic injunctions authorize a Muslim male an arbitrary, unbridled authority to liquidate his marriage unilaterally in a single sitting. This practice of instant divorce derives legal sanctions from the Muslim clergy, who ironically, though, term it a great sin, validate it constitutionally.

 Triple Talaq Has Brought About Extreme Misery To Divorced Women

Though harsh, it is a naked truth that Triple Talaq is seen as an instrument by the conservatives to keep their females subdued and leave them with no other option, apart from capitulating meekly to the whims and caprice of the masculine authoritarianism.
Islam in no way is to be blamed for entailing a law, which brings immeasurable miseries to the weaker sex as this practice does not finds roots in the original texts. It is a religion that has always accorded women a status at par with men and its laws have been so framed as to prevent masculine injustice against women. However, Muslim society under the influence of a feudal ethos has never realized this revolutionary potential of true Islam.
The abominable practice of Triple Talaq in actuality is a blasphemous interpretation of the Quran. It goes against the very spirit of the procedures of divorce laid down in the Holy Quran, which emphasizes upon giving maximum time and opportunity for reconciliation. The pronouncement of Talaq to be considered final must be delivered at three separate intervals of one month each.
The Quran is replete with passages for proper and egalitarian treatment to women. The practice of impulsively uttering Talaq thrice in a single sitting or writing it thrice on a piece of paper is nothing but a blatant violation of Allah's directives.
The Quran strictly forbids a man to seek pretexts for divorcing his wife, so long as she remains faithful to him. The Islamic law gives to the man primarily the right of dissolving the marriage if the wife is guilty of some ‘open lewdness’ (adultery) and if she renders married life unhappy. But in the absence of serious reasons, no man can justify a divorce. If he abandons his wife or ‘puts her away’, he draws upon himself divine anger.
This practice has been looked down upon by The Prophet and is said to earn the wrath of Allah. The Prophet states that “of all things which have been permitted, divorce is the most hated by Allah.” Islam discourages divorce in principle and permits it only when it becomes impossible for the parties to live together in peace. It avoids, therefore, the greater evil by choosing the lesser one, and opens a way for the parties to seek agreeable companions and, thus, to accommodate themselves more comfortably in their new homes.
Progressive Muslim Women Rre Rising To Take Up
Cudgels Against The Regressive Practice
Islam does not believe in unlimited opportunities for divorce on frivolous grounds. Any undue increase in the facilities of divorce would destroy the stability of family life. Therefore, while allowing divorce on genuine grounds, Islam has taken great care to introduce checks and balances designed to limit the use of available facilities.
The Muslim jurists who hold the opinion that three pronouncements in a single sitting can have the effect of final separation, are definitely misled, confused and have deviated from the teachings of the Quran. In fact, this departure from the rules laid down by the Prophet, came into being during the period of the second Caliph, Hazrat Umar, who reluctantly, according to the situation prevalent at that time, allowed this practice of Triple Talaq in one session.
The Quran leaves open multiple opportunities for reconciliation. It says that everything should be done to strengthen the social and spiritual aspects of marriage. The Quran (Surat IV Al Maida Verse 35) states, “It is not for the husband to put away his wife, it is the business of the judge to decide the case. Nor should divorce cases be made too public. The judge is required to appoint two arbiters, one belonging to the wife’s family and the other to the husband’s. These two arbiters will find out the facts, but their objectives must be to effect reconciliation between the parties. If all hope of reconciliation fails, a divorce is allowed. But the final decision for divorce rests with the judge who is legally entitled to pronounce a divorce.”
What Indian Muslims need is a comprehensive code of true Islamic personal law. Most Muslim women are ignorant and in the name of religion, they have been placed under the fetters of customs and artificial tradition not sanctioned by Islam. If they receive proper Islamic education, become conscious of their rights as well as their duties, they can easily break their chains.
In The Spirit of Islam, the great jurist Syed Ameer Ali wrote, “The Islam of Mohammad contains nothing which in itself bars progress or the intellectual development of humanity.” He famously adds, “The prophet inculcated the use of reason; his followers have made its exercise a sin.” Badruddin Tyabji wrote that the dogma of past centuries, laboriously and conscientiously elaborated by the most eminent divines and theologians, can no longer serve our purpose. It was made for other times by other people.
Despite considerable public pressure, the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) has not only failed to ban the practice and declare it null and void, but it has always been swift to take up cudgels against anyone who stands up against this age old practice of meting out injustice to Muslim women. Maybe this can be attributed to the conservative Muslim psyche, which charges men with implicit power and women to slavish relegation. The radicals, who dominate the board are groomed in a tradition of extreme patriarchy, thus expectations of reform from them is a farce.
The double standards of AIMPLB, which raises slogans of “Islam in Danger”, get exposed when they lay emphasis on retaining Muslim Personal Laws in the Civil sphere, but never raise demand for a separate Criminal Law as enshrined in the Holy Quran! Or do they believe in passing religion through a sieve that separates the sweet from the sour.
We have to forge our own code by our own study and understanding of the Quran in the light of our own needs. Islam when expounded in its original rationalism without radicalism brings out a luminous meaning of the great Prophet’s humanist teachings. One only needs to break through the iron curtain of injustice-laden misinformation, which has been the vested interest of status-quo religion and politics.
When even theocratic Islamic countries like Iraq, Syria, Pakistan and Lebanon have made it mandatory for the husband to satisfy the court about the reasons of divorce, how can this antiquated regressive practice of Triple Talaq be allowed here in a secular setup?
Turkey and Cyprus too have adopted secular family laws; Tunisia, Algeria and the Malaysian State of Sarawak do not recognize a divorce pronounced outside a court of law. And in Iran, triple talaq doesn’t have validity under the Shia law.
Dubious religious interpretations with values valid in a bygone age are being enforced today by civil courts in our secular State, when those values have become mere legal superstitions. It is a travesty of justice that despite, on and off, Indian courts declaring Triple Talaq as unacceptable, in the absence of a uniform civil code, Muslim women are forced to wait for years shuttling between courts for the rights granted to them by their religion itself. This defeats the very cause of social justice. Divorce should only be permissible if it fulfills the entire prerequisite mentioned in the Quran.
Politicians in India, till now, have only played interest-based politics, where party ideologies are sacrificed on the altar of naked opportunism. They thought it prudent not to jeopardize obscurantist Muslim votes for the sake of social justice to the weaker sex. For long, social reforms have fallen prey to vote bank politics in India.

Muslim Women Have Voted For The Saffron Party In Hope Of A Reform

The so called “secular political parties” have been in symbiotic relationship with sundry Muslim organizations. The arrangement has been such that both benefited from the status quo. While Sharia was interpreted by these Muslim Organizations to assert their supremacy, political parties thought it prudent to silently continue reaping electoral benefits without getting caught within the web of controversy that could upset their political equation.
While the less privileged class had come to terms with it, accepting it as its destiny and Allah’s verdict, the educated ones having an in-depth understanding of the Quran, have gradually risen to guard their rights. A new chapter has got unveiled in the history of Muslims in India, with progressive Muslim women breaking their shackles and stepping out in large numbers to take up cudgels against injustice meted out to them in the name of Muslim Personal Law.
A survey conducted by the Mumbai-based Bharatiya Muslim Mahila Andolan, last year, also suggests that nearly 92 per cent of Muslim women want a total ban on oral unilateral divorce. Many cases have come to light, where women are increasingly being divorced over media platforms, such as Facebook, Skype, text messages and WhatsApp.
The bold steps that PM Narendra Modi has taken in different sectors have ignited high hopes in hearts of these women.  Muslim women, especially in Uttar Pradesh, have voted for the saffron party, pinning hopes on it for bringing about a reform that removes this social anomaly from their lives. There is no doubt they helped the BJP clinch 312 seats out of a total of 403 — the biggest majority for any party in Uttar Pradesh since 1980. It is important to mention here that according to the 2011 census, Muslims make up 18.5 per cent of the 200-million strong population of Uttar Pradesh.
Now, it’s high time the BJP government should step in and protect the rights of Muslim women from any arbitrary interpretation of Quranic injunction. It should not succumb to Muslim fundamentalists’ pseudo cry of “Religion in danger,” for the sake of social justice to the weaker sex. All eyes are set on the Modi government to deliver what it had promised to the Muslim women.
The judiciary system in India too needs strengthening so that women do not go through lengthy legal procedures that tend to multiply their social and economic woes. Indian can never stand tall as a democratic country if one section of its society continues to be denied the Fundamental Rights of Equality and Justice.

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An In-depth Analyses Of BJP’s Astounding Triumph

By Shahina Mulk

The historic landslide victory of BJP under the powerful undisputed leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the recent Assembly elections has changed the complexion of Indian Polity. The haze, behind the emergence of BJP as a major force to reckon with, clears up once we analyze the footprints of the parties that were the major contenders in this fight to assert hegemony over the largest democratic set up in the world. 

PM Narendra Modi, The One Man Behind BJP Historic Victory

The major parties that had been ruling for decades have crumbled like a house of cards under the weight of their own sloppy governance, chaos, corruption and folly. The Indian voters have asserted through their mandate that they can no longer be cajoled just by antiquated decrepit election planks based on caste, religion and unfulfilled promises, rather they need solution to their long-standing grievances related to security, good governance, development, and generation of employment.

The Congress Its Rise & Fall

The Congress, which had the major stakes in Indian Politics since Independence, saw its heydays under the strong leadership of Indira Gandhi and continued to score fairly even in Rajiv Gandhi’s regime. However, the real danger started lurking over the party after his assassination. Following the death of her husband, surfing the sympathy wave, though, Sonia Gandhi was swift enough to take over the reins of the party, the sword of her foreign roots kept dangling over her head every now and then, giving the opposition enough fodder to undermine her political authority in India.
Then, started the period of puppet governance, with Manmohan Singh getting elevated to the highest post of authority sans power, with complete authority vested in Congress President Sonia Gandhi. The arrangement drew flak from all quarters, kicking off a national debate on the relevance of such a setup. The Prime Minister of any country is its pride and people look forward to him for certain qualities. The weak Manmohan Singh, despite being an erudite, failed to garner respect for himself as a Prime Minister. History is replete with examples where puppet government is followed by revolutionary changes.

Rahul Gandhi, Preposterous Behaviour Has Lead Congress Onto The Path To Extinction.

Despite this, the Congress continued to hold on to its position for a considerable time as people’s sentimental association with the Congress also fueled its tenure. It continued to garner support even under Rajeev Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi’s leadership as memories of the Congress’ glory were afresh amongst the masses and stories of the Gandhi’s sacrifice added fuel to the Congress fire thus keeping its burning.
Sonia Gandhi was seen by most as a temporary arrangement till the time her daughter, Priyanka Gandhi, was ripe enough to take over the reins of the Congress. Hopes of Congressmen and Congress loyalists were pinned largely on Priyanka Gandhi, with many asserting that her fiery speeches and appearance bore a close resemblance to her grandmother, Indira Gandhi. It was widely speculated that Priyanka would bring back the lost glory of the Congress.
But, Priyanka Gandhi’s decision of marrying in a murky family, with news of their personal enmity leaking out every now and then, worked as a catalyst in degrading her political image. It is a self-evident truth that for a successful politician the basic constitutes a strong image building exercise. It is mandatory for them to steer clear of controversies and keep political goals ahead of personal preferences. Probably, Priyanka Gandhi’s decision of prioritizing family over politics left the Gandhis with no other option rather than to give Congress Rahul Gandhi’s face. This was a catastrophic decision that proved fatal for the Congress in the long run and initiated the process of quietly fading it into the oblivion.

Priyanka Gandhi’s Decision Of Prioritizing Family Over Politics Left The Gandhis
With No Other Option Rather Than To Give Congress, Rahul Gandhi’s Face

The dynastic rule appealed till the time powerful leaders like Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi wielded power, but once the vacuum of capable leadership became evident, it proved suicidal for the Congress. Rahul Gandhi, with poor political acumen and bad rhetoric gave a death blow to the Congress, already counting its last days in the Intensive Care Unit. Rahul is a live example, which emphasizes that politics is not linked to genes. A simple tea vendor can emerge as a great politician, while a scion of a political family can lack even in basics of Polity.
Rahul Gandhi, by his preposterous behaviour has lead Congress onto the path to extinction. Can people ever believe that the royal Gandhi scion is so poor that he wears a torn kurta? Does he assume the public to be so gullible as to get caught within the web of his meaningless drivel? Or instead of pursuing some serious politics he is just fooling around with unpalatable hyperbolical speeches? He certainly got a befitting reply to his speech on torn kurta, when somebody sent him Rs 100 demand draft to sew his torn pocket!
Under his leadership, even the decades old Nehru-Gandhi bastion of Amethi has been stormed by the BJP, pointing to the steadily plummeting popularity graph of the Congress. It is an open fact that Rahul Gandhi has failed miserably in leading the Congress. It is high time that Congress should move on from its dynastic rule policy and pave path for new competent leadership.

The Samajwadi Party

The news of internal feud within the family kept on spilling every now and then and just before the elections it blew into a full-fledged battle over gaining ascendancy, with father and son falling on the opposite sides. This internal feud destroyed the party’s image in the eyes of voters. It was deemed that how a party, which had failed to keep its own house in order, could keep the state intact. Akhilesh Yadav’s greatest mistake was to undermine the political affiliations of his father, Mulayam Singh Yadav, under whose leadership the party had grown by leaps and bounds. A son’s open revolt with his father did not go well with many of older generation Mulayam loyalists who chose to reject a rebellious son.

Akhilesh Yadav's Miscalculations Badly Retaliated Upon Him

On the other hand, his decision to join hands with Congress that was already aboard a sinking ship gave the final blow to his party and his miscalculations badly retaliated upon him. Had he listened to his father Mulayam Singh’s directives of not joining forces with the Congress, he might have fared better. Experience is a vital ingredient that fuels politics and Akhilesh Yadav’s overconfidence in his youth power misfired and fell back upon him.
The Samajwadi party for decades has been marred by charges of bad governance, nepotism, cronyism, reneging on electoral promises along with aiding antisocial elements. This time, Modi’s rising popularity made these accusations even more glaring and the voters thought it prudent to shift loyalty.

The Bahujan Samaj Party

The Party that won 206 seats on its own in the 2007 Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections got a mere share of 19 seats in the 2017 polls. After being over-exploited for decades, Mayawati’s Dalit plank failed to work this time, sending across the message that voters’ interest in retrogressive caste-based politics had met its end.

Mayawati Spend Crores Of Tax Payers' Money Over Constructing Colossal Statues 

The entire regime of Mayawati witnessed the hard-earned tax payers’ money siphoning off to erect colossal statues extolling her and the party. On the development front, there is hardly anything to talk about albeit Mayawati’s grand lifestyle became talk of the town, striking awe in the hearts of many.

The Phenomenal Rise Of BJP

Whereas the Congress suppressed budding talents within its rank and file to safeguard dynastic politics, BJP left enough scope for its capable leaders to rise and exhibit dynamism.
While, lack of strong leadership and baseless strategies were eroding the wide base of Congress, BJP was slowly fortifying its stronghold in all states of India and inching towards making itself a formidable force for its foes to reckon with.
The one man who has led BJP to an astounding victory in the 2017 Assembly elections is undisputedly PM Narendra Modi. His sharp political acumen has made him one of the world’s greatest leaders.
The opponents of BJP failed to keep pace with the swift strategic moves of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and got caught within the web of their own disorder and dwindling popularity catalyzed by interest-based politics.
Modi’s ‘Mann Ki Baat’ is an excellent platform that catapulted him to popularity. It connected him instantly with the people especially in the tier II & III cities, where radio finds wide base. What Rahul Gandhi could not achieve even after having lunch and dinners with the rural populace, Modi accomplished sitting at a single place. His excellent rhetoric skills instantly struck a chord with the people.

Modi's Mann Ki Baat Connected Him To The Masses

Modi’s frequent jibes at his opponents silently reduced them to mere ridiculous figures and callow opposition leaders like Rahul Gandhi and Arvind Kejriwal by their repeated immature statements and unsubstantiated allegations prove him right. Allegation, even if it comprises truth should be corroborated with sufficient proof before it is made public, otherwise it loses significant and is hardly heeded to.
The demonetization was also a political tool that Modi deployed to paralyze his opponents. He chose the right time, just before the elections, to implement the demonetization policy in order to cripple his opponents, who remain in hibernation for the entire period of their tenure and wake just before the elections to plan strategies to gain voters through unlimited money power.   
Modi’s prodigious political expertise is his forte that led to BJP’s landslide victory in the 2017 Assembly polls. BJP’s triumph is a gentle prelude to the bigger waters that lie ahead. To resurge, the opposition needs to bring their houses back in order and plan strategically as the current political situation spells out more difficult terrain ahead for them.

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Offer Available With Retailers On Credit & Debit Card

By Shahina Mulk

For those interested in iPhones there is a reason to cheer as iPhone SE has received a price cut of as much as Rs 10000, which includes a cashback of Rs 5000 on debit and credit cards.
A Kerala based retailer has broken the news. However, official confirmation from the Giant Tech Apple is yet to come.
The phone which would now be available with some retailers for as less as Rs 19999 ( after all discounts), was launched in April last year for Rs 39000. Though, this discount may vary with different retailers, the maximum discount being offered is Rs 10000.
The offer is limited to plastic money transaction only. To purchase it you need to use your debit or credit card. 

With this price drop, iPhone SE has become cheaper than the units being sold in the US where its price is $369. The 16GB version would cost Rs 19999, while the one with 64 GB ROM would cost Rs 25999.
However, this offer would not apply to purchase on EMI basis. The cashback of Rs 5000 would be credited into your account after 90 days of purchase.The price cut would also be applicable on some of its other non-flagships like iPhone 5S. Earlier, the 16GB model was being sold at a price somewhere between Rs 30,000 and Rs 34,000. Now, it will be available for purchase at a price varying between Rs 19,999 and Rs 23,999, after the cashback. Likewise, the 64GB model of iPhone SE, which was earlier being sold for Rs 35,000 to Rs 39,000, could now be purchased at Rs 25,999 to Rs 29,999.
The offer may be till a limited date, though we expect it to continue at least till March 31.
This move is being seen as an aggressive marketing strategy by Apple to conquer the ever-expanding sub-20k market.




Bharat 1 To Be Launched Later

Shahina Mulk

There is a good news for all those who wished to reap JIO benefits but could not switch over to 4G-VOLTE phones due to  financial constraints. Micromax is finally coming back with a bang to inundate the lower segment market with 4G VOLTE Bharat 1&2 phones that too at a dirt cheap price of Rs 1999/- and 2999/- respectively. This step would give 4G access to the masses.
With Xiaomi,  Lenovo and Motorola strengthening their hold over the smartphone market in India,  Micromax was relegated backstage. Now, Micromax is all geared up to reassert its sway over the Indian market with these overly budgeted entry-level smartphones.
The demand for 4G VOLTE smartphones has been constantly on the rise as telecom operators have been luring customers with highly lucrative plans. JIO has been the major player in this field with free calling and data facility being offered to its customers having 4G-VOLTE faciity in their smartphones.
Micromax Bharat 2 Is the First Google Approved Android Smartphone To Be Sold For less Than Rs 3000 
Economic Times,  quoted Micromax's chief marketing officer Shubhajit Sen, as saying that Bharat 2 would precede Bharat 1 in its release. It is expected to be launched within the next two weeks, while Bharat 1 will be released later. Micromax is expecting a sale of around five to six millions of these units.
Micromax is currently in talks with telecom operators on collaboration for these devices. Micromax Bharat 2 will be the world's first Google-approved Android smartphone to come under the sub-3000 price bracket. Bharat 1 will be powered by Java and it will support mobile wallet application for cashless transaction. The devices will not be co-branded and would be manufactured in India.
Earlier, phone making company Ringing Bells' ambitious project Freedom 251 was discontinued after it went haywire and failed miserably, without most ever getting to see it.
This ambition project of Micromax will certainly fuel PM Narendra Modi's vision of making India a cashless society as these phones are expected to find major market in tier II and III cities.



Saturday, 18 March 2017


Has Samsung Planned Something Revolutionary?

By Shahina Mulk

Some images showing Samsung Galaxy S8 in a violet colour giving a cheap plastic feel have been leaked online. Earlier, images carrying S8 stock wallpapers were leaked.
Leakster @kksneaksleaks has posted four photos of the purple-coloured Galaxy S8 on Twitter. However,  We hardly get to believe that the giant tech Samsung would experiment with a weird colour like this as all their previous offerings come in quite sobre shades. The voilet bezels leaked online make the phone look ugly and cheap. It is highly unlikely for the company to ruin its latest flagship smartphone with a choice of colour like this. Or is the company planning something revolutionary?
This could probably be a Samsung Galaxy S8 mock-up or an original one hidden inside a layer of violet paint wrapping.

Earlier, Samsung Galaxy S8 was leaked in a stunning jet black colour.
The pictures leaked online till now, more or less, confirm the features that we have been talking about.
The entire picture will get clear only on March 29th, when the company would officially unveil its latest flagship smartphones S8 in New York. Samsung Galaxy S8 would go on for sale somewhere in April end. 

According to sources, Samsung Galaxy S8 would also be coming in matte black finish, which would make smudges less visible. This news comes as a relief for users who hate glossy black finish that is a major fingerprint magnet. 





Top Video Editing Softwares For Pro Like Editing

By Shahina Mulk

With the social media being flooded with videos and photos almost every second, a good video editing software is fast becoming the need of the day. But, many of us are not too keen on buying a costly software for fulfilling our social obligations. This is a comprehensive list of free softwares that give you a professional like video quality. You don’t need to be an expert to use them. Some of these are pretty simple, and also come with a tutorial, whereas, others can be mastered over a few sessions.


HitFilm is one of the best free video editors, which includes an array of features. It has got a Timeline Editor that helps in editing video professionally. The interface is professional like yet clean and quite easy to understand. There is also a provision for tutorial. It has a comprehensive Media area where all media files are displayed. There is a wide variety of affects available in this video editing tool like Distort, Light & flares, Grunge, quick 3D, Blur, etc. Here you get to add special effects to your creations. It includes 2D and 3D compositing (combing two or more videos to make a single video) capabilities along with automatic motion-tracking and green screen removal tools. Hitfilm 4 Express also has the ability to create virtual lighting, based upon the actual lighting in a shot. Its smart technology allows motion-blur and imparts depth to field effects during post production.


Blender is a powerful open source software suite primarily used for the creation of 3D modeling and animation. But, it also has a built-in full-fledged video editor. It has been used by many TV Channels to create animations. NASA also employs it to make demonstration videos.Clips can be placed on a timeline, edited, overlapped with others and amalgamated with a plethora of transitions or fading effects. It also offers advanced features like 2D and 3D motion tracking, compositing of animated objects and real footage along with some nice camera correction tools that can deal with lens calibration and image stabilization.


Lightworks is a professional non-linear editing system (NLE) for editing and mastering digital video in various formats, including 2K and 4K resolutions, and television in PAL, NTSC, and high-definition formats. It is a powerful free video editor that equips even amateurs with the capability to make excellent professional like videos. The beauty of this software lies in the fact that despite being powerful, it requires modest PC specifications for running. It carries out advanced editing very smoothly. Lightworks is more than a simple tool for cutting clips. The pro version has been used to create big movies like The King’s Speech. Hugo, The Departed, Mission Impossible, Pulp Fiction, Braveheart, Batman and The Wolf of Wall Street. Its interface is a little different from other video editing softwares, but once you get used to it you can customize it according to your choice. Its features include real time effects, advanced multicam editing, second monitor output, ability to import a wide range of file types, export to Vimeo (H.264/MEPG-4) up to 1080p HD and export to YouTube (H.264/MEPG-4) up to 1080p HD.


This is another great free open source, cross-platform video editor which lets you make pro-like videos. It supports a plethora of audio and video formats, image formats as well as image sequences. It does not require any import as it has native editing. It can seek accurate frames for many formats and can multi-format timeline. Here, you need to load a video and choose the editing mode you would like to work on, along with choosing the tools you'd like to use. It supports unlimited undo and redo for playlist edits, including a history view. It has a speed control feature for an audio/video clip. Its features include chroma keying, 3-way color wheels for color correction and grading and an eye dropper tool to pick neutral color for white balancing among others. It supports 4k resolution.For the new video-editors, it is possible to achieve some impressive results just by simply applying one of its many filters to your video.

VideoPadVideo Editor

VideoPad is an easy to use software that brings advanced features to beginners. VideoPad has a voice-over feature, which allows users to either record their own narration or upload existing recordings. Here, you can even work on video footage from an attached camcorder. This software gives you access to a plethora of video and audio editing tools that would help you in making a premium video. 

VSDC Free Video Editor

VSDC is a non-linear video editor with lots of tools that allow you the liberty to apply umpteen effects and filters to enhance your videos. It has an odd looking interface but once you get used to it you can make professional looking videos with it. Here you can edit videos manually or through its wizard option. VSDC has the capability to render excellent results. As it is a non-linear editor, it allows you the liberty to edit the clips and other elements anywhere on the timeline wherever you like. With this video editing software you can not only work with multiple scenes and transitions, but also add sprites and text to videos.


Avidemux is a basic software which is good for small editing tasks and enhancing video clips. It has all essential tools for basic video-editing such as format conversion, footage trimming, appending one clip to another and applying filters and effects.The application also has the option of tutorial. If you are new to video editing, this would help you in understanding the basics. Avidemux is also expandable via plugins that add features like subtitles and watermarks.

BlackMagic DaVinci Resolve 12.5 

DaVinci Resolve has a familiar, user friendly interface that has almost every imaginable editing and trimming tool. You can trim and finish projects started in professional editing softwares like Final Cut Pro X or you can start editing a video from scratch in its timeline. Whether you like to use the mouse for drag and drop editing or prefer the precision of editing on the keyboard, DaVinci is easy to learn and features all of the timeline tools that professional editors need to work eith, creatively and fast.
Its forte comprises colour correction, but it also performs general editing functions. It's widely used for colour correction in Hollywood movies. You can edit audio or sync audio and video recording in a manual or automatic mode. It also has text capabilities, such as rolling credits, lower thirds and so on. You can import graphics, too. The free version of DaVinci Resolve has a few restrictions. All editing functions for 3D videos have been deactivated along with motion-blur effects and image noise reduction. Though, it requires time to adapt to it, after you master it, the results are just awesome.
DaVinci Resolve supports almost all RAW camera files, from ARRI Alexa to GoPro, Nikon, Canon and Sony. It requires a high-performance PC with a recent Nvidia or AMD graphics card to run smoothly. 

Windows MovieMaker

Window Movie Maker is Microsoft’s answer to Apple’s iMovie on the Mac and iPad. It is a basic software meant for beginners for creating entertaining videos to share on the web and with their friends and family. Movie Maker can publish movies directly to YouTube, Facebook and other places. It is a low tech, easy-to-use, fun tool for creating short videos.