Unveiling Hisense's 2024 Mini LED TV Marvels: Exploring the Flagship 110UX and More

Hisense Announced a massive 110-inch TV With over 40,000 local dimming zones and 10,000 nits of brightness, along with new Mini LED TVs Lineup for 2024


Hisense, the renowned player in the smart TV arena, has unveiled its much-anticipated 2024 Mini LED TV lineup at CES. The spotlight of this grand reveal is undoubtedly the flagship Hisense 110UX, boasting an impressive array of features, including over 40,000 local dimming zones and a staggering 10,000 nits of brightness. Let's dive into the details of this cutting-edge technology and the broader ULED lineup that Hisense has introduced for 2024.

 Hisense 110UX: A Glimpse of Extravagance 

  • With a colossal 110-inch display, the Hisense 110UX stands tall as the pinnacle of the Mini LED TV range.
  • Astounding 40,000 local dimming zones ensure unparalleled contrast and black levels, creating a visual feast for the audience.
  • Claimed brightness of 10,000 nits and a 95% BT.2020 color palette coverage promise a viewing experience beyond the ordinary.

Expanding Choices: Hisense ULED X (UX) and Base ULED Lineup 

  • Hisense introduces the ULED X (UX) lineup, catering to those seeking a premium Mini LED TV experience.
  • For the pragmatic audience, there's the base ULED lineup, offering practicality and value-oriented options.
  • Clear differentiation between affordable and premium choices defines Hisense's strategy for 2024.

 Practicality Meets Performance: ULED Lineup 

  • The ULED lineup features models like U8N, U7N, and U6N, with varying screen sizes from 55 to 85 inches.
  • A high 144Hz refresh rate ensures a smooth gaming experience on these expansive Mini LED TVs.
  • Notable brightness levels include the U8N reaching 3,000 nits and the U7N going up to 1,500 nits.

 Immersive Entertainment Ecosystem 

  • All Hisense TVs in the lineup run on Google TV, providing a seamless and user-friendly interface.
  • Support for IMAX Enhanced, Dolby Vision, Dolby Gaming, Freesync Premium Pro, and more enriches the entertainment possibilities.

 Pricing and Availability: The Awaited Revelation 

While Hisense keeps the audience on their toes, pricing and availability details for these groundbreaking TVs remain undisclosed. Anticipation builds as enthusiasts look forward to the market debut within the year.


Hisense's 2024 Mini LED TV lineup marks a significant stride in the realm of visual entertainment. From the extravagant 110UX to the practical yet performance-oriented ULED lineup, Hisense offers a spectrum of choices for every discerning viewer. As we await the pricing and availability details, it's evident that Hisense is set to redefine the standards of premium and value-driven Mini LED TVs in 2024.

Hisense 2024 Mini LED TV Article

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
    1. Overview of Hisense's 2024 Mini LED TV Lineup
    2. Unveiling the Flagship: Hisense 110UX
  2. Hisense 110UX: A Glimpse of Extravagance
    1. Massive 110-inch Display
    2. Over 40,000 Local Dimming Zones
    3. 10,000 Nits Brightness and 95% BT.2020 Color Palette Coverage
  3. Expanding Choices: Hisense ULED X (UX) and Base ULED Lineup
    1. Introduction to ULED X (UX) Lineup
    2. Base ULED Lineup: Practical and Value-Oriented Options
    3. Clear Differentiation Between Affordable and Premium Choices

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