How To Prepare For Exams In Less Time

By Shahina Mulk
Have you been playing and spending quality time with friends? Not studied seriously the entire year and now the approaching exams are giving you jitters? Are you reeling under examination stress and don't know what to do next? Don't worry, today I"ll tell you how you can score good marks in exams even if you have not studied year round and are feeling nervous how to achieve good marks in exams.

First of all, don't panic, this will break you down and whatever little preparation you have done will also fall back upon you. However, at least get serious from now onward. Follow these tips seriously and you will certainly score good in exams.
Study those chapters thoroughly from which most of the questions are asked
1. Get up as early as possible. For this, download an application from the Google Play Store Alarmy. This will help you in getting up on the time of your alarm as it would not snooze or go silent until you get up and solve a Maths problem given there on the app. By the time you solve it, you will be well awake to start your studies.
2. Solve the last years' papers as much as possible because the questions keep on repeating   themselves in one or the other way. If you solve the numericals you get to know the method. In numericals only the numeric values change, the method remains the same.
3. Study till 10-11 pm only. Take a good nap so that next day early morning you start afresh.
4. Based on the pattern of the last years' question papers, go through those chapters in a more thorough way from which most of the questions are asked.
5. Don't waste a single moment during gaps between the examinations.
6. When you get the examination paper don't panic. Keep yourself calm. Close you eyes and pray. Then start your paper.
First attempt the questions you are sure of

7. Don't waste time over the questions you don't know. First of all attempt all the questions that you are sure of.
8. Revise the answers of all the questions that you know well.
9. Later, attempt the questions which you don't know well.
10. If you don"t understand a certain question, read it multiple times. You might be knowing the answer, but as the question has been twisted you could be confused. Sometimes repeatedly reading a difficult question flashes your memory with its answer.
11. Eat healthy and light during your exams' period as heavy eating would make you feel drowsy and might also upset your stomach making you feel weak.
If you follow the above mentioned tips you will fare much better in all your exams.
And, remember after these exams always take your studies seriously. Study the entire year to stay calm during exams and score good marks. Don't repeat the mistake that you did last year. The diligence that you invest today, will reward you handsomely after a few years.

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