Huawei P10 Beats iPhone 7 In Camera Quality | DxOMark Camera Test

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Huawei P10 Not Far Behind Google Pixel   


By Shahina Mulk                                                    
With the World turning Smart, camera quality has become the basic parameter for most users, while contemplating buying a smartphone. A phone's release stirs speculations and debates in all circles whether the high end on-paper specifications would live up to their expectations or not.
Huawei has reasons to cheer as its flagship smartphone P10, which was announced at MWC 2017, has come out with flying colours in a test, conducted by DxOMark.
Huawei P10 Scored Higher Points Than iPhone 7 In DxOMark Camera Test

Huawei's P10 has beaten Apple’s iPhone 7 and 7 Plus in picture quality. It scored overall 87 points out of 100, while the premium phones from the giant tech, Apple, trailed at 86 points.
With the picture quality being termed as on par with Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, Sony Xperia XZ, Sony Xperia Z5, Samsung Galaxy S7 and Moto Z Force Droid, Huawei earns browny points and has reasons to rejoice. On the DxOMark's scale, P10 only falls a bit short of devices such as the HTC 10 (88) and Pixel (89). The top position is occupied by Google Pixel with a score of 89.While sharing the test results officially, DxOMark stated that in terms of clicking pictures, the device offered good exposure even in extreme low light along with providing an accurate and repeatable autofocus. According to their inference, in outdoor conditions, P10 managed to preserve details excellently with clearly visible tiny details even in 100% crops.According to it, the cons comprise a slight color shading noticeable in low-light conditions, while in outdoor shots, details were sometimes lost in darker parts.
Regarding its video-shooting capabilities, though DxOMark found the stills more impressive than its videos, it said,  P10 provided good target exposures and dynamic range along with preserving excellent details.  One of the more impressive features in video capturing is the detail preservation in low-light conditions.
It said,  the cons included visible jello effect during walking movements in outdoor conditions and strong luminance noise visible in all conditions.
For smartphone video enthusiasts, DxOMark attests that the smartphone can record full-HD videos at 60fps and 4K videos at 30fps. Here too, it achieves a good video sub-score of 84 points.
The Huawei's proud flagship offering P10 sports a dual-sensor Leica camera with 20 MP RGB sensor and 12MP monochrome one with f/2.2 aperture along with an 8MP front-camera with f/1.9 aperture, laser autofocus and OIS.

Top Rated Cameras

1. Google Pixel (89) 
2. HTC 10 (88) ,  Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (88) 
Sony Xperia X Performance (88) 
3. Huawei P10 (87) , Moto Z Force Droid (87) 
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus (87),  Sony Xperia XZ (87),  Sony Xperia Z5 (87) 
4. Apple iPhone 7 (86) 
5. iPhone 7 Plus (85) 

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