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Is Apple MacBook Air 13.3 inches Core i5 5th Gen still a good deal? | A Review | The joy of owning a MacBook

A Rendezvous with Apple MacBook Air | The joy of owning a MacBook

When recently, I purchased a 13.3 inches Apple MacBook Air Core i5 5th Generation at its current highest price of Rs 57,990, many of my colleagues questioned my prudence in going for it now, when I could have got it at a much-discounted price during the Big Billion Sale of Flipkart around the end of this year. They argued that when I had kept myself aloof from this laptop for so long, then what was the logic behind rushing for it now! To tell you the truth, initially, I too was reluctant to buy it at this price, now, when others have been able to set hands on it at around Rs 40,000 only.

Despite having two desktops and the same numbers of laptops, I wanted one that was light in weight and had a good battery backup as I was fed up with a charging adapter being attached to my laptops most of the time. For few days, I contemplated going in with the latest series of HP laptop that comes with touchscreen and FHD…

Xiaomi Mi 55 inches 4k HDR LED TV 4 Full Review | Vu 55 inch 4k TV vs Mi 55 inch 4k TV 4 | Should you buy Xiaomi’s Mi 55 inch 4k TV 4?


Mi 55-inch 4k TV 4: An In-depth  ReviewAfter displacing Samsung from the number 1 position in the Indian market of smartphones, Xiaomi is all set to disrupt the Indian television market by its cheap, but high-end TVs. It has kicked off this revolution by, recently, launching in India, its very first 55 inches 4k HDR TV.

With the launch of this TV, the lower brands that were selling high-end TVs in a budget are likely  to be the ones who will be affected the most, especially brands like Vu and TCL.

No doubt Vu gives us good picture quality on a budget, but Xiaomi has kept the price of its TV even much below than Vu. Not only is its TV beautiful in looks, but it has promised regular software updates to enhance the viewing experience of its TVs. In the long run, the foray of Xiaomi in the Indian market is likely to cast a negative spell on the sales of bigger brands too, like Sony, Samsung and LG, who sell their TVs at 5 times the cost of Mi TV. Even if we accept that TVs of …

Best Budget True 4k HDR Android TV Box | MX10 RK3328 Full Review| Make A Normal TV Smart

TECHIEBEEZ INDIAMX10 RK3328: Cheapest Android TV Box with true 4K HDR capability
Shahina Mulk
In this age, when the entire world is marching ahead towards digital smartness, you might be dissatisfied with the slackness in smartness or complete absence of smartness in your old TV. I believe when purchasing a TV, we need to focus more on its picture quality rather than its smartness, as making a TV fully smart is only a matter of few thousands, while, the picture performance is inbuilt and cannot be enhanced much through any external measure. You can also save money by going in for any normal TV that performs brilliantly, and later, augment its smartness by connecting it to a good Android TV Box.

Advancement in technology has made it possible to convert any normal TV into a fully-smart Android TV without having to spend much out of your pocket.
However, the Amazon firestick and Google Chromecast that are currently being sold in India are devoid of 4k HDR capabilities,  which make them lacklus…