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Best Light Setup For Professionals & Amateurs

Huma Mulk

If you have recently switched over to a DSLR but are not happy with its indoor performance and think your smartphone clicks better photos, then you have landed at the right place. Even the best DSLRs would not give you a good performance if there is insufficient light in the room. For, best result, it is necessary that your subject is fully illuminated.

Whether you are a professional photographer or an amateur, who loves shooting videos or clicking photographs, a good light setup is the basic requirement for you to flaunt your skills.

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A good light that fully illuminates your subject can bring a dramatic change in your photos and videos. When you click photos or shoot videos indoor through your smartphones or DSLRs, you do not get the desired result as indoor lights do not give an even exposure to your subject.
Increasing the ISO levels make your videos and photos grainy and reduce their charm.

However, when a bright, but diffused light falls directly on your subject, it fully illuminates it, leaving no scope for imperfection. For example, even the most beautiful face, when shot in improper lighting conditions might appear below ordinary, due to lack of light, while on the other hand, a very ordinary face when filmed under good light can create ripples.
Searching for a good and cheap light landed me at, where I found this extremely budget LED light that mimics the performance of a soft box light.

While soft box lights are bulky and require much space for setup and storage, this LED photo-video fill light from Tolifo is light weight and highly portable and it fixes well on the top of your DSLRs or tripod.
The lights that are being sold on Amazon India come with LED strips, but this light uses high quality LED bulbs that have a light span of 50000 hours. Being sold on for Rs 1800 ($27.99), this light comes with 176 LED bulbs that have the capability to illuminate your subjects brightly.

With this light, you get a hot shoe mount that attaches easily to the top of your DSLR or tripod. In case you are shooting with your smartphone, you can fix this light to a tripod in front of your subject. Along with this light, you get two filters of good quality. One is frosted, while the other is Amber.
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