Best Budget 55 inches 4k HDR TV 2019 | Vu Premium Android 4k HDR TVs: Unboxing & Review

Vu Premium Android 4k TVs: A Real Treat For Your Eyes | With Superb Picture Upscaling

Vu Premium range 4k TVs with Dolby Vision come in 43, 50, 55, 65 and 75 inches. We will be reviewing the 55-inch variant here.

VU 55 inches Premium Android TV 

They come professionally packed in cardboard boxes with Vu California and Premium Android printed on them. The size is mentioned on the top of the box.

                                                   VU premium android tv 55 inches packaging
Inside the box, along with the TV you get two sleek pieces of metallic grey table top stand, this is VESA compliant wall mount, a sturdily built remote that comes with voice command feature, two remote batteries, power cord, some screws to fix the table top stand, and a user manual guide along with the warranty card.

The built quality and design of the TV are pretty impressive that nowhere even give a hint that the TV belongs to the budget category.

The ultra slim design and quality construction of this TV make it stand apart from other TVs in its category.

None of the TVs in the budget category can compete with the built quality of this TV.

The Titanium Grey ultra-slim bezel of this TV maximizes the viewing area to enhance your viewing experience.

The remote comes with Google assistant and it also gives you direct access to YouTube and Google Play. Through Setting button, you can make settings in any mode, even if you are watching movies through pen-drive or hard drive.

This TV comes with 3 HDMI and 2 USB ports, out of which one is USB 3.0.

It has HDMI ARC so you can connect your home theatre with this TV. Through HDMI CEC you can operate multiple compatible devices via a single remote. It has multiple connectivity options including digital audio output port, headphone jack, SPDIF port, AV input port, Ethernet port & DLNA. The most sought after feature, Bluetooth, is also available in this TV. You can easily connect your Bluetooth headphones, keyboard and mouse with it.

Along with inbuilt Wi-Fi you are also provided with dual band Wi-Fi in this TV.

The boot time of this TV is 28 secs and its UI is simple.

This TV comes with A+ grade VA 8-bit panel and DLED backlighting. Its response time is 8ms.

According to the company, its static contrast ratio is 10000000:1 and brightness 450 Nits and it comes with high dynamic contrast. Here, I will not be able to endorse the claim of the company to a staggering figure related to the static contrast ratio, but I can definitely say that the brightness and contrast of this TV is very good.

This TV has a refresh rate of 60 Hz. The ultra-smooth motion software tries to smoothen out the transition by inserting extra frames, but, still it is unsuccessful in stopping the blur completely.

However, I can assert with conviction that the motion blur in this TV is not in any way more than the budget TVs of higher brands.

The picture upscaling capability of this TV is superb. If you are like me, who downloads movies in 720p and then watches on TVs through USB or hard drive then this TV is a boon for you as the pictures play in much better resolution than the original ones. I have not observed this level of picture upscaling in even costly branded TVs that cost around 1 Lakh.

The videos on demand that you watch on this TV, also get upscaled and play in a very fine quality.

MPEG noise reduction, gamma correction and adaptive contrast certainly have a major role to play in this TV as the picture quality itself spells it out boldly.

The colour reproduction of this TV is vivid, but accurate. You get to see natural colours that look true to life. And, above all, the blacks are deep.

This is the only TV in the budget category that lays stake to the claim of having Dolby Vision along with HDR10. I do not know whether this TV really has Dolby Vision in it or not, but I definitely can say that details in the dark and bright parts of the scenes are displayed with amazing clarity.

The optimum brightness needed for a TV to play HDR, HDR10 and Dolby Vision videos at their best is very high, much higher than the brightness value of 450 nts, which the company has given. However, here, to justify the HDR and Dolby Vision presence in its TV, the company lays stake to the claim of having graced its TV with a technology that upscales the brightness and contrast manifold.
Apart from user mode you get seven other picture modes in this TV.

Previously, when I reviewed the 43 inches TV, I had used Airtel set top box, through which SD channels did not look good. But, after I switched over to TataSky, my thinking changed as SD channels look good and pretty watchable on this TV. However, you need to keep in mind that for perfect viewing experience, you need to be at least at a distance of 10-11 fts from the TV.

HD channels look very good on this TV. The quality of HD channels is super fine that make images appear realistic. 

Despite having a VA panel, this TV has good viewing angle. There is very minute loss in picture accuracy even when seen from the sides.

This TV comes with a total sound output of 24 Watts. The two inbuilt box speakers in this TV give you a very good audio experience. Dolby MS12 audio along with DBx TV technology imparts cinematic audio quality. You get both Dolby digital and Dolby Digital Plus in this TV, though DTS is absent in it. The company also lays stake to the claim of having graced this TV with audio upscalers.

If you are watching any late night programme on low volume, even then, all dialogues will be clearly audible to you if you switch on Total Sonics. In advanced settings, you can play with the equalizer settings to get best audio experience.

Apart from Sports mode, you get seven other audio modes on this TV.

For the gamers, this TV is a perfect companion in budget. You can play 3D 4k HDR games smoothly through your PS4 and get amazing clarity. Through PS4 even the motion blur gets reduced, so 60 Hz refresh rate of this TV would not dampen your gaming spirit.

You get Google Chromecast in this TV that allows you to cast the contents of your phone or any other compatible device on this TV's big screen. However, I found a little lag while casting videos. 

Coming to its smartness, this is an Android TV that according to the company comes with a hi-end Quadcore processor, whose clocking speed is 1.1 GHz. For graphics, it has 450 MP2 processor. This TV comes with 1.75 GB RAM and 16 GB internal storage. The operating system of this TV is 8.0 Oreo. It has an optimized Google Playstore from where you can download applications. I have downloaded Netflix from there only. The Netflix application will show you error code but this will not create any problem in viewing Netflix. You just need to sign in and start watching your favourite shows.

Netflix videos play on this TV in up to 4k resolution. 4k HDR10 and Dolby Vision videos play beautifully on this TV, with amazing clarity.

You can also sideload apps on this TV, like I have sideloaded Amazon Prime and Jio TV apps. In the description box below my YouTube video, on Techiebeez India, you will get the links to sideload these applications.

Amazon Prime plays in up to FHD resolution. Even 720p videos of Amazon Prime play in amazing clarity on this TV. The picture upscaling software certainly works fabulously on this TV. 

4k videos from YouTube also play with high clarity on this TV without any buffering even on 16 mbps Internet connection.

Apart from Hotstar, Jio TV App too works smoothly on this TV.

The voice command feature of this TV is highly responsive which you can use with ease. It takes almost all your commands instantly.

The con that I observed in this TV is that when you connect a pendrive through its USB port, it shows as being corrupted. However, you can still play videos through it. But, then too, this irritates you. When I apprised the company of this problem, they said that people need to register a complaint after which an engineer would visit their place and rectify this error through a software update.

The performance of this TV is highly impressive. Not only 4K and FHD videos but even HD videos get played with utmost clarity. Apart from this, its picture upscaling capability is superb, which is rare even in higher brand TVs.

The smartness of this TV has impressed me a lot. On this, you get the playability of almost all favourite Indian applications and that too in very good picture quality.

You can watch both Netflix and YouTube videos in up to 4k resolution.

Whether it is Bluetooth or voice command feature, you get both on this TV. Through TataSky set top box you get very good picture quality of HD channels and SD channels too are not annoying at all, rather you can enjoy watching them. Pictures look realistic on this TV as if you were viewing some scene outside your window.

To get this level of performance from a TV of the budget category is a rare thing. If it had a higher refresh rate, this could have easily beaten many TVs of higher brands that are being sold for more than a lakh.
But, then too, this TV gives a tough competition in picture quality to even higher range TVs of bigger brands, like Sony and Samsung.

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