Best Budget Projector 2019 | AUN M18: Unboxing & In-depth Review

A Budget Projector That Beats Even Costly Projectors | Make Your Home A Cinema Hall

Shahina Mulk
The performance of the projector that I have chosen here for review is sure to blow you off your feet. Previously too, I have reviewed a number of projectors on my Hindi channel Techiebeez India, but believe me this projector is the best out of the lot. Watching a movie through it will give you a Cinema Hall like immersive experience. Leaving aside

BenQ 1090, which costs around 75000, this projector is far better than all other budget projectors that I have reviewed in the past.

However, this is also a fact, that if I would have got this projector before, then maybe, I would not have invested 75000 in the BenQ projector as the performance of this budget projector well meets my expectations.

In my video I have also provided information related to the best picture and sound settings for this projector. You can watch that video review for its live performance.

Now, without keeping you in further suspense, let me reveal you the name of this amazing budget projector. This is Aun M18 full HD projector.

Though, nowhere on the box, you get Aun printed, on the underneath of the actual unit the name Aun is mentioned. The native resolution of this projector is 1080p, you will get this on Banggood for around Rs 20000. However, after applying the coupon code that I have left for you in the description box below the video, the price will decrease by 31%.

Here I have reviewed the basic model, but if you want to purchase the Android version that comes with Bluetooth, you can purchase the UP model, whose purchase link along with the discount coupon is also there in the description box of video on our channel Techiebeez India. To purchase this projector, you need to choose India Direct Mail and remember that only EU plug is compatible with Indian switches. Banggood has introduced a number of payment options and it is also relatively safer than other foreign shopping sites, so purchasing from there should not be a concern. Whichever method suits you, you can opt for that. This projector should reach you within 20-22 days. This projector reached me without any customs duty so most probably you will also not be charged anything extra apart from the initial payment that you make.

The M18 projector comes beautifully and securely packed in a black cardboard box with M18 printed on it. Inside the box, there is another box, in which you get some accessories, like

an HDMI cable, a power cable, AV cable, a remote control, and a manual guide.

The projector has a plastic body but appears to be metallic as it gets an attractive brushed metal finish.

Before too, I have reviewed a full HD projector of AUN, whose model number was AUN AKEY5. That projector had a fully metallic body, due to which it was much heavier than this one. M18 has an edge over the previous model as it is lightweight, which makes it portable too.

For heat dissipation, M18 has a number of vents, due to which it does not heat up abnormally. On the front, for focus and keystone correction, you get a wheel and ring. All useful buttons are aligned on the top in a straight line.

On the rear you get an AC input port, one VGA port to connect computer or laptop with this projector.

These are two HDMI ports, two USB ports, out of which one is USB out port. Through this USB port, you can also charge your phone

On the rear you are provided with an speaker, where you also get an IR receiver, so that you can also control the projector from the rear.

On the side you get a slot for SD card, a 3.5 mm AV input port and an audio jack.

You can connect this projector to your home theatre, TV box, PS4 gaming console, DVD player, wired headphone and pendrive.

Underneath it you are provided with four screw threads so that you can mount this projector on the ceiling of your room.

Out of all the budget projectors that I had reviewed earlier

Aun Akey 5 gave the best performance, however, it still left me yearning for more brightness. Here, I would like to tell you that the budget projectors lag behind good projectors in brightness and accurate colour reproduction. But, surprisingly, this projector races far ahead of all other budget projectors in giving a performance that to a large extent matches with the costly projectors out there.

Projectors that have low brightness leave a strain on our eyes because of which we cannot watch them for long hours. However, this projector displays no such problem as its brightness and contrast is up to the mark.

In cheap budget projectors you also don't get to see accurate colour reproduction, however, in this projector you get to see natural colour reproduction, that looks realistic and appears closest to real life images as seen through naked eyes. Even after watching three movies continuously, my eyes did not feel a bit strained out. The picture quality of AKEY5 was good too, but this projector beats even its elder sibling in picture performance.

The company claims that this projector has a brightness of 5500 lumens, which seems to be very high in comparison to the costly projectors sold over here in India. I cannot endorse the claim of the company regarding this value, but I have no reason to deny it either, as its brightness stands only next to the costly projectors being sold for around Rs 50000 to Rs 60000.

This projector comes with 30000 hours of lamp life and 2000:1 contrast ratio. The company lays stake to the claim that even if you use this projector for 8 hours daily, its lamp will last for around 10 years. The wattage of the lamp fitted in this projector is 150 Watts. You also need to understand that higher Wattage results in more brightness. Aun AKEY5 projector had a lamp of 105 Watts because of which its brightness was low in comparison to M18.

This projector has the capability to project a screen varying from 50 inch to 300 inch, however, for best performance you need to keep it at around 120 inches. The projection technology used in this projector is LCD and the light source is LED.

In comparison to other Chinese projectors, it is easier to set up this projector. You can just keep it on any table and easily project the screen. However, if you don't adjust the focus properly you might face some difficulty reading the text that is displayed on the edges, so it is advisable to carry out the settings properly.

Though this is not a short throw projector, you can project a screen of 80 inches from a distance of just 2.6 m because of this feature it is suitable even for smaller rooms.

In the past many had asked me about a projector that performs well even in an illuminated room, so this projector is the answer to that query of theirs as it performs well even when lights are turned on.

The picture quality of this projector is amazingly superb. when I played the Bollywood movie, Thugs of Hindustan, it appeared as if I was watching it in a cinema hall.

In my studio, I have got an electronically controlled screen from Inlight, which can be operated just through the mere touch of a button on the remote control that comes along with it. This screen enhances your viewing experience making movies more enjoyable. It is available on for around Rs 12000. I have left its purchase link in the description box of the video on my YouTube Channel Techiebeez India, along with the links of some other cheaper screens of the ratio 16:9.

You can also connect this projector to your set top box or Android box and enjoy shows and programmes through them.

This projector has been graced with a 5W Hi Fi Dolby Digital speaker whose audio is surprisingly loud and crystal clear. You will face no difficulty in listening to dialogues even in a big room. However, for a cinema like experience, you will certainly need a home theatre with it.

I have connected this with a F&D home theatre whose model number is F3000X worth Rs 6000 that gives you a decent performance at less. It is good, especially for bass lovers, as you can hear the heavy thumping in scenes that make movies more enjoyable. If you are on a strict budget this home theatre is one of the good options for you. I have given its link too in the description box below my video.

This projector works more or less silently and if you have attached it to any home theatre, the sound of the fan will not be audible at all.

The picture quality of this projector is stunning and none of the budget projectors that I have reviewed till now, can even stand next to it. If you are seeking a projector that gives you an immersive cinema hall like experience in less, then this is the ultimate FHD projector that is a bang for your buck.

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