Lemfo LEM X In-Depth Review | The Best Smartwatch 2019?

The Smartwatch With A Difference | Lemfo LEM X Review

Shahina Mulk

Today, I am going to review Lemfo LEM X smartwatch cum fitness tracker that has a superb resolution, which can be termed as one of the best amongst all Android smartwatches. And it comes with a large dial which makes it comfortable to read and type on. Apart from this, it has multiple attractive features that would leave your friends craving for it.

I have made a full-length video on it, you can go to my channel Techiebeez India to watch that review in both English and Hindi.

The purchase link of the smartwatch is there in the description box below that video along with a 29% discount coupon that would make it much cheaper than its running price.

However, do remember that the discount is valid for a limited period and only for the first few lucky ones who get the opportunity to lay their hands upon it. So, if you really like it, go for it early before it's too late.

Lemfo LEM X watch comes with a soft silicone strap, which you can use casually, while the spare leather strap that comes with this watch goes well with any formal wear. The quality of the leather strap is pretty good. The user manual guide that comes with it carries instructions even in English. In the box, there is also a photo instruction leaf that teaches you how to change the strap or insert your sim cards into this watch. And, lastly, in the box, there is a USB magnetic charger.

Lemfo LEM X smartwatch is stylish and it stands apart from other smartwatches in its league due to its big dial and high resolution. It is sure to grab the attention of onlookers wherever you go.

The diameter of this watch is 60 mm and its thickness is 50 mm. In my video, I have placed this smartwatch side by side Zeeblaze Thor, you can see for yourself how tiny it appears in front of the 2.03-inch screen of this Lemfo LEM X.

The large screen of this watch makes it convenient to operate, read and type.

The LED screen resolution of this smartwatch is 640x590, which has not been seen in any Android smartwatch till now. The screen resolution of this smartwatch is so good that if you compare it with the screen of any Amoled smartwatch, you will find Lemfo LEM X better than that.

On the front, there is an 8 MP camera, whose performance is decent. Through this camera you can also shoot a video, though it will not be that good.

You get all these attractive watch faces preloaded, apart from these, you can download many others.

This watch comes with a 1.1 GHz Quadcore MTK6739 processor. It gets 1 GB RAM and internal storage of 16 GB. The Android 7.1 OS of this smartwatch supports most of the Android applications. You get a Play Store on this watch, from where you can download games or applications.

There are two modes for the applications styles in this watch, one is bubble mode which is the default style and this is the list mode. Apart from file manager and voice recorder, you get all these apps preloaded.

Even if you keep the brightness of this watch at 50%, then too the screen appears pretty good. You get plenty of storage in this smartwatch to save your MP3 music files. The audio is loud and crystal clear, so you can definitely enjoy music on it.

This watch has two slots for Nano sims and it supports 4G LTE. The call quality of this watch is loud and clear, you will have no problem calling through it.

Unlike other smaller smartwatches, the big dial of this smartwatch is really helpful while surfing and typing. You can also watch YouTube videos on it.

This watch supports dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0v has been provided in it. However, you do not get the facility of Bluetooth calls in it.

This watch comes with IP67 waterproofing; you can keep wearing it during showers or even when swimming.

This watch has multiple options for tracking any of your sports activity whether it is badminton, cycling, outdoor running, indoor running, skipping, basketball or football. The tracking of nearly all physical activities is covered in this watch.

The heart rate monitor of this watch is more or less accurate.

For steps count, it has a pedometer and it also displays the calories burnt during the entire day.

You get the feature of automatic switching on of the screen on raising your hand, and it does work pretty well.

This smartwatch comes with the voice search feature. Apart from Google assistant, you also get Google translator in it. Through this watch, you can converse with people from all around the world.

You get the full version of Google map on this watch. As this watch remain tied to your wrist it comes handy during driving as it helps you in finding your destination with ease.

Gaming in a smartwatch is not what I fancy, as the battery drains out too fast, however, if you want to play games sometimes to ward off a boring session, this might prove helpful. The powerful CPU of this smartwatch makes your gaming experience pretty smooth.

During normal usage, the 900mAh battery of this smartwatch keeps it powered on for almost an entire day. But if you are using it continuously, it will last only 4-5 hours. The standby time of this watch is 24 hours and for charging, it requires around 2-and-a-half-hour. The magnetic charger is quite powerful, which provides a strong magnetic connection with the watch during charging.

In my opinion, this is a pretty good watch, which is comfortable to wear even though it is large in size. As its screen size is big you can type on it with ease. The screen resolution of this watch is very good, which is a delight to use. It has a powerful CPU whose performance is pretty smooth.
Now, coming to its con; Though this watch has a big 900 mAh battery, it is unable to keep this watch powered on for a much longer period than other smartwatches that have a smaller battery. This is because this battery has to provide juice to a larger display. So we cannot term its battery as one of the best.

Overall it is a good watch, better than many others being sold under bigger brands too.

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