Vu Pixelight 2019 model | Unboxing & In-depth Review

Is Vu Pixelight 2019 Better Than The Pixelight 2017 model?

The 2017 Pixelight series of Vu has been the most successful model launched by the company till date. So today I have come up with the review of their newly launched Pixelight 2 series.

Let's find out whether this new Pixelight series of TVs keeps up to our expectations or not.

I will be reviewing the 55 inches model of the Pixelight 2019 series. This series also has 43, 50 and 65 inches variants, whose picture quality and features are just like this model.

Vu Pixelight range of TVs come packed in cardboard boxes with Vu California & Pixelight Printed on them.

Inside the box you get these two pieces of Titanium Grey table top stand, one wall mount unit, a remote, two remote batteries, some screws and a user manual guide.

The built quality of the TV is pretty impressive, which is a rare occurrence in the budget category. The bezel of the TV is ultra-slim that apart from enhancing the aesthetics, also maximizes the viewing area giving you almost a bezel-less display.

The back has been molded out of a single sheet of high grade Premium ABS plastic and you will not find any joint here, like most TVs in the budget category. The edges on the back have been rounded off which enhance the looks of this TV.

This Pixelight series is also special as for the first time any company has graced the TV's remote with direct button of Amazon Prime, apart from that of YouTube, Netflix and Applications list.

The built quality of the remote is also very good and these four direct buttons make it even more attractive. Almost all useful buttons have been provided on the remote itself.

Through the settings button you can adjust the values in any mode.

In this TV you get 3 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports. It has both HDMI ARC and HDMI CEC. Through HDMI ARC, you can connect your home theatre with this TV, while HDMI CEC gives you the liberty to operate multiple compatible devices with a single remote.

This TV has digital audio output port, headphone jack, SPDIF port, AV input port and an Ethernet port along with dual band Wifi.

The Pixelight range of TVs come with high bright A+ grade 4k VA panel and DLED backlighting.

Those who are unaware of DLED backlighting, I would like to brief them that DLED TVs have LEDs distributed on the back surface of the screen, rather than on the edges as seen on ELED TVs.

The dynamic contrast ratio of this TV is 1000000:1 and brightness is 450 Nits.

The company says that the Adaptive Contrast, with which they have graced this TV, plays a major role in making details clearer. According to the company, this TV also has Digital MPEG Noise Reduction feature, which minimizes visual disturbance to display images with more clarity.

I did not find any contradiction in this regard. These claims of the company get justified when you play videos on demand while watching Netflix, Amazon Prime & YouTube videos as they are displayed with amazing clarity.

The brightness & contrast of this TV is very good, which is hardly seen in any TV belonging to the budget category.

The company says it has graced this TV with software that upscale the brightness and contrast too. I totally agree with their claim. You will not find this level of brightness even in the lower models of Sony, Samsung and LG. These companies grace only their higher range models with good brightness, contrast and features, whereas, their lower models are only average or below average that get sold because of their brand name.

The colour reproduction of this TV is good, colours are natural and you get to see deep blacks in the images as it has a VA panel. Wide colour gamut goes missing on this TV and there is an absence of local dimming too.

However, in both bright and dark scenes, you get to see all details with decent clarity. MPEG noise reduction, gamma correction and adaptive contrast all work in cohesion to make details clearer, thus enhancing the overall picture quality.

The most important feature that make this series special is that it has a very good picture upscaling capability.

Even 720p videos play with amazing clarity on this TV. While watching videos on demand through Netflix, Amazon Prime or YouTube you get to see very good picture upscaling. None of the TVs in the budget category, whether it belongs to Sony, Samsung or LG can compete with the picture upscaling capability of this TV. The picture upscaling feature of this TV is even better than its older sibling Pixelight 2017 model.

In this TV you get umpteen options of picture settings too, you can tune the picture according to your liking.

There are four picture modes in it, Standard, Cinema Day, Cinema Night and Dynamic mode.

Like other budget TVs, in this too, you get 60 Hz refresh rate, which alike other budget TVs is unable to completely prevent motion blur in fast action scenes. But, this motion blur problem is typical to every budget TV, whether it is of Sony, Samsung or LG that are sold at twice or thrice the price of this TV.

Thus expecting a blur-free performance from a budget TV would be unrealistic.

Now, coming to its performance through set top box, HD channels look good on this TV, and SD channels though not the best, look better than many other 4k TVs.

Despite having a VA panel, viewing angles of this TV are pretty good. Though you can watch this TV from any corner of your room, there will be minute loss in colour saturation, when viewed from side angles.

Coming to its audio, this TV has a total sound output of 24 Watts and it supports Dolby Digital Plus. And, it also comes with DTS TruSurround Technology. TruDialog Technology ensures that you get to hear even those dialogues that are hardly audible. In Late Night mode you can hear dialogues with clarity even on low volume.

The audio of this TV is pretty loud and crystal clear. You don't need any external speaker with this TV.

In advanced settings you are provided with equalizer. After making proper settings of equalizer, you can get best audio experience.

This TV has Standard, Late Night, Speech, Theatre and Music mode.

Through Vu's Anyway Cast you can watch the contents of your phone or other device on this TV's big screen, however, I found casting a bit laggy.

Now coming to its smartness, this is a smart TV, but its smartness is Linux based. Till now, the TVs coming with Linux OS had limited smartness, but this TV allows you to view almost all your favourite applications in high resolution. Many amongst you who are desirous of owning a smart TV, but at the same time are skeptical of Android platform slowing down their TVs in long run, can go for this TV as it is Linux based.

This TV has dual core processor and its graphic processor is also dual core. It has 1 GB RAM and 4 GB internal storage.

Amongst others, you can play Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, Zee5, Eros Now, Hungama Play videos on this TV. You will not get Google Playstore on this TV, however, there is one Vewd App Store where you get many more applications and shows.

4k video play smoothly in high quality on this TV. And you get to see details in the pictures with much clarity.

You can play Netflix videos in up to 4k resolution.The picture quality of Netflix videos is very good. All details are displayed with clarity even in the dark and bright scenes.

You can play Amazon Prime videos in up to full HD resolution. All videos get displayed with amazing clarity.

Though, this is not an Android TV, it has a game center too, where you can find many low-end games.

The picture upscaling capability of this TV is brilliant. I can say with conviction that this level of picture upscaling is hardly seen even in higher models of bigger brands. I did not find any picture upscaling capability in the lower models, of bigger brands like Samsung NU6100, NU7100, and LG UK6360PTE. Even RU7100 did not display any noticeable picture upscaling.

Not only in motion blur handling, but in brightness and overall picture quality too, this TV is better than these TVs of bigger brands.

Many viewers have asked me regarding Vu's after sales services so I would like to tell you that the services of the company are good and could be termed as the best in budget category. If there is any genuine problem in your TV they give you the option of refund or replacement in most of the cases. Just remember to not to take the services of Jeeves apart from installation. In case of any problem, directly approach the company.

Now coming to its cons, as I already told you, the Anyview cast feature is laggy. Wide colour gamut and local dimming is absent in this TV.

Absence of Bluetooth might act as a dampener for some.

And, here, I would like to put forward a suggestion to Vu to bring some TVs with higher refresh rate in the budget category too, so that we get blur-free pictures even during fast action scenes. This would also be an added attraction for the gamers, who are always in search of a TV with higher refresh rate.

However, we too need to understand that to keep prices low, the company needs to compromise on some features. I am happy that at least it has not compromised with the built quality or picture performance. This is not insignificant that we are getting a TV in the budget that gives us a picture quality, which is not at all inferior to Sony, Samsung, and LG.

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