Vu Premium Android 2019 Vs Vu Pixelight 2019 | Best Budget 4k HDR TV 2019

Vu Premium Android 4k TV Vs Vu Pixelight 4k HDR TV | Which Is The Best?

Techiebeez India

This year, both Vu Premium Android & Pixelight TVs are undoubtedly the bestsellers that give you an equivalent or even better picture performance than the higher brands like Sony and Samsung.                     

Today, this video of mine will certainly help you in buying one out of these TVs so that you can make your choice according to your requirements.

On your huge demand, I have brought to you a side by side comparision of both these models on my YouTube channel Techiebeez India.

In my YouTube video, I have pointed out the minutest difference between these two TVs that only a technical expert can make out.

The built quality of both these TVs is very good. Finding this quality of construction in a budget TV is a rare occurrence.

In Premium Android TV you get a metallic stand, while Pixelight comes with a metallic finish plastic stand. Bezel of both these TVs is ultra slim. However, in overall design and style Premium Android has an edge over the Pixelight model.

The boot up time of Pixelight is less in comparison to the Premium Android that takes 28 secs to start.

Now, talking about the quality of 4k videos on these TVs. Both of these TVs perform brilliantly in this section.

However, the Premium Android has an advantage over the Pixelight as it plays almost all file formats.

And, as Pixelight is Linux based, I found its processing a bit slow. This does not mean in any way that this TV is slow. This I am saying on the basis of my observation. Actually, when I started playing the same 4k video on both the TVs through the respective USBs of the TVs, there was a difference in their timing. The video on Pixelight played a bit slower than that on Premium Android.

Now coming to the colour reproduction of both the TVs, Pixelight displays a bit darker shade of every colour, whereas, the colours of Premium Android are vibrant and brighter.

Blacks are very good in both these TVs, however, Premium Android has deeper blacks.

Talking about clarity in details; Both exhibit very good clarity in picture details, however, here too, Premium Android displays better clarity in the darker scenes. This might be due to the presence of Dolby Vision in it, which goes missing in the Pixelight model.

Both the TVs have superb picture upscaling and have no competitor in the budget category. However, if we watch the picture performance of Premium Android very minutely, we get to see a smoothness in its pictures, which enhances our viewing experience.

The videos of Amazon Prime & Netflix both get displayed with amazing clarity on both these TVs, however, Premium Android gets an edge over the Pixelight model as the clarity in details are even better on it.

Talking about the overall brightness and contrast, both TVs perform equally good in this regard.

The audio quality of both these TVs is equally good, you don't need any external speaker with these TVs.

Pixelight does not play Jio TV and Hotstar and you don't get Google PlayStore in it. While on the other hand, Premium Android is able to play both these apps very smoothly. It also features an optimized Google PlayStore.

Premium Android comes with voice command feature, which again goes missing in the Pixelight model.

Premium Android also has Bluetooth which is not there in the Pixelight model.

The performance of HD and SD channels on both these TVs is equally good, but, images appear smoother on the Premium Android TV, which make the overall picture quality pretty realistic.

These differences in picture performance, which I have spoken about become evident only if you minutely observe both these TVs side by side. Otherwise, both TVs have superb picture quality, which cannot be beaten by any TV in the budget category irrespective of it being from a bigger brand.

If you can extend your budget, go for the Premium Android as it has an edge over the Pixelight model in having many additional features. But, if your budget is tight, Pixelight would be the most appropriate choice for you as it can easily beat any other TV in the budget category.

Watch this video comparison for more info

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  1. which is better the QUANTum pixelight? or the premium android? thanks