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Make Your Home A Cinema Hall

In the absence of good audio experience, even the best visuals fail to leave the desired impact. So here, I bring to you the review of a 5.1 surround sound speaker system that falls in the sub 20k category, still it gives you more or less a Multiplex like experience.

I have purchased this audio system for my projector-based mini theatre at my residence. Before this, I had experimented with two Sony and one Yamaha home theatres, but the audio quality of those surround sound systems did not meet my expectations. If you have the requisite space for setting up a projector, these speakers have the power to turn your home into a Cinema Hall. I have carried out its detailed review on my YouTube Channel Techiebeez India, you can watch that video of mine to hear its audio. This is a surround sound system from Logitech, whose model number is Z-906. In the box, you get five satellite speakers, along with a subwoofer, a control console, remote, three A+++ batteries, a user manual guide and three connecting cables.
For connectivity, all these speakers come with 6-ft cables. The subwoofer comes with an 8-inch driver.
This console provides you with the flexibility to connect 6 input devices to this system. For stereo sound, it has three options, i.e., 3D, 4.1 and 2.1.
The remote is pretty small but quite responsive. On it, you are provided with mute, volume, effects, level, input and on-off buttons.

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You can connect these speakers with your computer, TV, gaming console, Blue-Ray Player & DVD Player. This surround sound system comes with two digital optical ports, one digital coaxial port, and it has options for 3.5 mm aux and RCA audio cables. It also comes with a headphone jack. However, you don't get the option for HDMI ARC in this system.
This speaker system comes with both Dolby Digital and DTS decoding. The satellite speakers of this audio system are graced with 3D stereo surround sound.
The most important aspect associated with this music system is that it is THX certified. THX certification is a quality assurance certificate, which is granted to an audio system after rigorous testing. It gives a surety that that particular surround sound system or speaker creates an audio effect, which a filmmaker actually intended while making that movie. In simple words, THX certificate is a guarantee that that surround sound system will give you a cinema hall like experience.
This system produces 1000 Watts peak power, which is pretty powerful, to give you a theatre-like premium surround sound experience.

Don't even think of drawing a parallel between these speakers and those cheap ones that come labelled as having 2000 Watts power. They do not even come anywhere close to this one. In the sub-30k category, there is no speaker system that can beat this one in performance.
This premium surround sound system is a beautiful amalgamation of power and audio clarity. The acoustic of this system stands very close to the one experienced in Cinema Halls or multiplex.
The size of my mini-theatre is 22ft x 21ft. The width near the screen is 10ft. There, almost daily, I watch movies. I had purchased BenQ W1090 projector, for this purpose, but as it is pretty costly and its viewing hours, too, are limited to only 7000 hours, I use it only when I have to watch some very exceptional movie. Otherwise, my all-time favorite is Aun M18 Full HD projector, on which I watch movies frequently. The performance of this projector is pretty good and you hardly feel that anything is missing. I have reviewed this amazing, but budget projector from Aun, you can watch its review on my channel Techiebeez India.
I have connected this surround sound system from Logitech with the Aun projector and the outcome is amazing. For the first time, I have come to realize that a brilliant speaker system can totally change your visual experience to make it complete.
Watching a movie in this mini-theatre gives me a feel of being in a multiplex.


Before finalizing upon this Logitech surround sound system, I had experimented with Yamaha 1840, Sony HT-IV300 and Sony HT-RT3, but none of them was successful in giving me the feel of being in a movie hall.
This surround sound system is very powerful and its bass is pretty deep. While watching a movie, even if you are sitting on your couch or bed, you will experience an Earthquake like juddering. Many a time, I feel the need for lowering the volume as the audio seems to be pretty loud for my theatre size. The dialogue delivery of this surround sound system is superb, you will not skip any audio detail after connecting this system to your projector or TV.
Even while playing 3D games, the powerful audio of this system gives you a fully-immersive experience. You will feel as if you yourself are present there in the game.
The con of this surround sound system is that you don't get Bluetooth connectivity in it. Because of which you will be unable to connect it wirelessly to your phone or any other device.
If you want a music system for your projector, gaming console, Blue Ray player or TV, this is an excellent choice, but if you are looking for a speaker system just to enjoy music, then you can opt for Sony HT-IV300 as that gives you the option for Bluetooth connectivity too, and, musical experience is a little better on that.

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