iFfalcon K31 By TCL: An AI Powered TV | An In-Depth Review | What Is AI In iFfalcon K31?

Is iFfalcon K31, A Worthy Successor To iFfalcon K2A?

Recently, iffalcon launched its new series of TV, K31, which gets Artificial Intelligence as a new feature in it. This series of TVs come in three sizes, 43, 50 & 55 inches. Here we will be reviewing the 55-inch variant of the series. iFfalcon K31 is a 4k TV, which is Google certified Android TV.

The built quality of K31 is decent and it is pretty smart to look at. In this TV, you get 3 HDMI, 2 USB, 1 SPDIF, and 1 Ethernet port. For connecting your home theatre, you also get HDMI ARC in it. This TV also has Bluetooth connectivity as well as an AV-In port, but it comes with only single-band Wi-Fi.

This TV comes with DLED backlighting and A+ grade IPS panel whose brightness rests at 270 Nits and its static contrast ratio is 4500:1. Though you get HLG and HDR10 support on this TV, don't expect it to work flawlessly as the brightness and contrast of this TV is nowhere even next to the minimum values required for optimum HDR 10 performance. But, unless you see this TV side by side any good TV, you will not have any problem with its brightness and contrast. The colour reproduction of this TV is decent but blacks are not very deep.

The 4k picture quality of this TV is good, but SD channels when seen through set-top box will not appeal to you. However, when you watch applications, especially Netflix, through your Internet connection, the picture quality will look pretty good. 4k HDR videos, when played through YouTube, don't play in the same clarity as Netflix, but they definitely look good. The viewing angle of this TV is pretty good so watching it from varied angles would not be a problem. This TV comes with Micro dimming, that unlike Local Dimming, does not seem to play any major role in enhancing the picture quality. It only works minutely towards improving the colour, brightness, and details. Details on this TV get played with decent clarity.

The picture upscaling capability of this TV is poor. 720p videos hardly get up-scaled on this TV. Even 1080p videos play in their native resolution.

The 60 Hz refresh rate of this TV fails to stop blurring during action scenes, which is somewhat more visible than some other good budget TVs.

This TV comes with 2 GB RAM and 16 GB internal storage. It is an Android TV that comes with the latest Android Pie 9 and on this TV, you get the liberty to side-load applications.

On this TV, you will be able to watch applications like Netflix, YouTube, Hotstar, Eros Now, Jio Cinema and Zee5 etc. According to the company, from October 2019, you will also be able to watch Amazon Prime on it. The remote of this TV has buttons to Netflix and Google Assistant. This TV comes with Farfield voice support, but it will not work right now. September onwards, you will be able to purchase a dongle for it that would allow you to interact with your TV through your voice without any remote.

This TV comes with Artificial Intelligence. You can operate many of your compatible smart devices through this TV. To lure customers, this time, iFfalcon, too, has come up with LG like Artificial Intelligence system in its TV. However, in my opinion, LG's Web OS is far advanced than this one.

This TV has a built-in Chromecast, which works pretty smoothly.
This TV is graced with two stereo box speakers having a total sound output of 20 Watts. This TV comes with Dolby Audio MS 12. The audio of the 2019 model is definitely better than their last year's model, K2A. However, for a cinema Hall like experience, you will still need external speakers with it.

Now coming to the after-sales services of TCL, they are definitely not good. People have been complaining a lot in this regard. The unresponsiveness of the company can create problems for you.

So overall, the picture quality of the 2019 model is more or less similar to its 2018 model, K2A. Honestly speaking, I found the 2018 model a little better than this new model. Not only in looks but in picture quality too, K2A was better. The blacks were deeper on the 2018 K2A model. Artificial Intelligence picture engine hardly seems to play a major role in enhancing the picture quality of this TV. The brightness, contrast and RAM of this year's model are lower than the 2018 model. Even one HDMI port goes missing in the 2019 model. K2A had dual-band Wi-Fi, while this new model supports only single-band Wi-Fi.
However, the 2019 model gets somewhat better smartness and augmentation in its audio quality.

So, if you are the smarter one who prefers advanced technology, you can definitely go for it. The picture quality of this TV is above average and audio too is pretty good. Overall, this TV is a good offering from TCL that gives you a decent package at a low price.

I will rate the 4k picture quality of this TV as 8 out of 10, SD channels get 5 out of 10, the picture quality of HD channels can be rated as 7, the audio gets 8 and smartness can be rated as 8.5. In picture upscaling this TV gets only 3 out of 10 and motion handling capacity can be rated as 5 out of 10.

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iFFALCON K31 55" - http://fkrt.it/F50zM~uuuN
iFFALCON K31 50" - http://fkrt.it/XeaoAQNNNN
iFFALCON K31 43" - http://fkrt.it/Fh6iJ~uuuN

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