Top 5 40 Inches Best Budget Smart TVs Under 20k | 2019

Which Are The Best Budget TVs Under 20K?

With festivals around the corner, you must be ready with your shopping list and excited to go ahead with the purchase during the big sale on Amazon and Flipkart. To help you make the right choice, I have brought here the list of top 5 best 40 inches TVs that you can get under 20000.
The refresh rate of all these TVs is 60 Hz, however, you will not observe much blur during fast-moving action scenes as a blur on small screen is not much evident. And, one thing more, please do purchase extended warranty with your TV as it will give you complete peace of mind for at least three years.
So now, let's get started:

1. On the top is the 40 inches UD9 series 4k TV from Thomson, which despite being a 4k TV, is being sold at a very low price. In fact, its performance is better than their Android models as it gets Samsung zero bright dot A+ grade VA panel.
This TV has ELED backlighting and its brightness is 350 Nits, while the contrast ratio is 400000:1.

It has HDMI ARC so that you can also connect your home theatre with it. The 4k picture quality of this TV is impressive. 4k videos have good colour reproduction and details display with much clarity on this TV. The blacks are deep and colours look natural. The brightness does full justice to a 40-inch screen.
Despite being a 4k TV, the HD channels look pretty good on it. In the Picture settings, you get the option to enable HDR and 4k enhancement feature.
The SD channels though not very good look better than many other 4k TVs. Despite having a VA panel, the viewing angle of this TV is good.
It has two stereo speakers having a power output of 20 Watts. The sound of this TV is loud and crystal clear.
This is a smart Android-based TV, which has 1 GB RAM and 8 GB ROM. Apart from an Ethernet port you also get Wi-Fi connectivity.
Its Operating system is Android 7.0.
Applications like Hotstar, Amazon Prime, Netflix, YouTube come preloaded on it and the applications that you don't get on it can be side-loaded. This TV doesn't have a Google Play Store, but, there is an App store, where you get many more apps and games. This TV comes with My Wall User Interface, which is pretty attractive. To know more about this TV, you can watch its detailed review, on my YouTube Channel Techiebeez India, by clicking here.
Casting works smoothly on this TV, both pictures and videos get cast smoothly.
However, the picture upscaling capability of this TV is weak and you will not get Bluetooth on it.

1-Thomson UD9

2.The second position is occupied by Vu Ultra Smart 40 inch FHD TV. Its built quality is pretty good and look-wise it is elegant. Apart from HDMI ARC, you get Wi-Fi on it. It has DLED backlighting and ultra-smart high bright VA panel. The brightness is 400 Nits and the dynamic contrast ratio is 1000000:1.
According to the company, this TV gets a processor that up-scales both picture and sound. It has digital noise reduction feature too.
The picture quality of this TV is very good. HD channels look pretty good and SD channels, too, play with decent clarity.
The brightness and contrast, both, are good, blacks are deep, due to which the overall colour reproduction is very good. You get good clarity in the dark and bright parts of the scenes. Despite having a VA panel, the viewing angle is pretty good.
For audio, this TV gets two box speakers having a total power output of 20 Watts. It has Dolby Digital and if you tweak its audio settings rightly, the sound will be pretty good, which can be rated as above average.
However, this TV lags in smartness as it has Linux Operating System. Its RAM is 1GB and ROM is 4GB. You can play Netflix, YouTube , and Amazon Prime on it, but you will not be able to sideload any app or play Hotstar.

2- Vu Ultra Smart

3. The third rank is occupied by the 40 inches FHD smart TV from Shinco. Its built quality is good and it is pretty smart in looks. HDMI ARC and CEC both are present on it. And, apart from Ethernet port it also gets Wi-Fi.
This TV comes with DLED backlighting and A-plus grade VA panel. The brightness is 300 Nits and its static contrast ratio is 4000:1.
The colours on this TV appear vivid and bright. The colour reproduction is accurate and details in scenes display with much clarity. Though its brightness is only 300 Nits, pictures turn out pretty good that do not leave you craving for more brightness.
HD and SD channels both look good on this TV.
The audio of this TV is good. Though you get only two 8 Watts speakers, the audio is loud and clear with deep bass.
This is an Android TV with 1 GB RAM and 8 GB ROM. The operating system is Android 5.1. Apart from some other apps, Hotstar, Amazon Prime, Netflix, and YouTube come preloaded on it. You can also side-load apps on it. The Miracast feature works well on this TV.
3- Shinco

4. On the fourth rank is Thomson B9 Pro 40 inches FHD TV. This TV is a good option for budget customers. It comes with 4k support too. 4k videos get converted to FHD on this TV and play with good clarity.
The built quality is okay and it is pretty lightweight. You get both HDMI ARC and CEC in it along with Wi-Fi. The brightness of this TV is 350 Nits and its Dynamic contrast ratio is 300000:1. It gets A+ grade VA panel from Samsung.
Overall the picture quality of this TV is pretty good. Colour reproduction is natural and details have clarity in them. HD channels look good on it and SD channels, too, will also not irritate you.
You get 20 watts output two free-edge speakers on it, whose sound is not very good, but can be termed as above average.
This is an Android-based TV, with 1 GB RAM and 8 GB ROM. Apart from some other apps, you get YouTube, Hotstar, Netflix and VLC preloaded on it. For mirroring it has Miracast, which works smoothly. This TV, too, comes with My Wall User Interface.
4-Thomson B9 Pro  

5. The fifth rank goes to the 40 inches FHD Sansui TV. Its built quality is good and it comes with 320 Nits brightness and 3000:1 static contrast ratio. You get single-band Wi-Fi on it. This TV comes with protection from dust, heat, moisture, voltage fluctuations and lightning.
Its picture quality is pretty good. Colour reproduction is accurate and there is a clarity in details.
The viewing angle of this TV is good, you can watch it from any corner of your room.
Both HD channels and FHD videos play in good clarity on this TV. SD channels don't look that good, still they are watchable.
It gets two 20 Watts down-firing box speakers. However, when you wall-mount this TV, the audio appears low. The audio of this TV is just average.
This is an Android-based TV with 1GB RAM and 8 GB ROM. You can watch applications like YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, SonyLiv and Hungama on it.
I have not included MarQ here because its brightness is very low and low brightness equates to lesser number of LEDs. This brings its durability under a scanner.
And, the smartness, too, is Linux-based, so you will not be able to side-load apps on it.
5-Sansui Pro View

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