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Which Are The Best 4k 43 Inches LED Android Smart TVs Of 2019?

With the festive season around the corner, and, moods all set to for shopping, you must be eager to know the best budget TVs of 2019, so that you can select the right one for you. Here, I have listed the best 43 inches Budget TVs of 2019 that are giving a tough competition to even the higher brand TVs.

We will start with the 5th rank and gradually proceed to the top TV. Every now and then, I get to observe that most people are of the opinion that an IPS panel TV has a better picture quality than a TV having a VA panel. This is a myth, which has no base and needs to be busted. Remember, TVs from Sony and Samsung mostly come with VA panel, while LG employs IPS panel. To understand the true difference between the two panels, please watch my video, by clicking on this link


The 5th rank goes to the 43 inches Google certified Android TV from Sanyo.
The built quality of this TV is good and the brushed metallic finish of this TV imparts it a smart look. It comes with 3 HDMI and 2 USB ports out of which one is USB 3.0. You get both HDMI ARC and CEC in it.
This TV comes with IPS panel and the company lays stake to the claim that this TV has super bright high quality LEDs in it. This Sanyo TV comes with 350 Nits brightness and has a static contrast ratio of 1000:1. However, while watching the TV, you will not feel the need for more brightness. Maybe this is due to the presence of high-quality bright LEDs in it.
And, this too, is a fact that big companies don't fabricate the specifications of their products as they are conscious of their brand name, on the other hand, smaller companies, leave no stone unturned to lure customers even if it comes at the cost of forging highly blown on-paper specifications.
The 4k videos on this Sanyo TV look pretty good and the performance of HD channels is also adorable. SD channels on this TV appear lackluster. The black level of this TV is not very good as it has an IPS panel, but its viewing angle is definitely great.
This TV has 1.07 billion colours, which makes its colour reproduction pretty good. It comes with dynamic backlight control and digital noise reduction features. This TV gets HDR10 support too.
The 60 Hz refresh rate coupled with IPS panel fails to stop blurring during fast-paced action scenes. The picture upscaling capability of this TV is more or less nil.
The two 20W total output surround sound speakers come with Dolby Digital, but DTS goes missing in it. Overall the audio of this TV is sufficient for a medium-sized room as the audio is loud and clear on it.
This is a Google-certified TV that comes with built-in Chromecast. Photos and videos, both can be cast smoothly on the big screen of this TV and it also has the option for Bluetooth connectivity in it.
It comes with Android Oreo 8.0 operating system and has 2.5 GB RAM. The internal storage of this TV is 16 GB. You get two remotes along with this TV. In one of the remotes, you even get an option for a mouse. This is an official Android TV, which features Google PlayStore. You can download apps and games from there. On this Sanyo TV, you will be able to play Youtube, Hotstar, Netflix, but Amazon Prime goes unsupported.
As this is an Android TV, you can also side-load apps on it. This TV comes with voice command feature which is pretty responsive. The maximum power consumption of this TV is 95 Watts.
Sanyo is a subsidiary of Panasonic. The after-sales services, though not very prompt are definitely trustworthy.
The 4k picture quality of this TV gets 8 out of 10, HD channels get 7.5 and SD channels deserve 5.5. Audio is worth 6.5 while motion handling capacity will get 5.5 out of 10. Picture upscaling gets 3 out of 10 and smartness can be rated at 7.


The fourth rank is occupied by the newly launched Samsung TV, NU6100, which has been launched by the company to carve a niche of its own in the budget segment. However, in true sense, it is not a budget offering, its price is pretty high in comparision to other TVs in this segment. I have included it here, for the sake of those people who are brand conscious and are searching for a budget TV in the branded category.
However, if you ask me a budget TV that should get this ranking, I would point towards Shinco 43-inch 2018 TV that has pretty good picture quality, though it lags behind in RAM and ROM. If you wish to watch its review, click here.

The built quality of Samsung NU6100 is pretty good. It comes with DLED backlighting and VA panel. It has 2 HDMI and 1 USB port. HDMI ARC is present in it. This TV comes with HDR 10 support. Its refresh rate is 60 Hz, so in very fast action scenes blur is noticeable, though it is lesser than some other budget TVs.
The 4k and HD performance of this TV is good, but SD channels lack sheen. Till the time I was watching it alone, I really liked it, but when I saw it side by side Vu Pixelight TV, its flaws became glaring.
The colour reproduction of this TV seems a tad unnatural especially where blue is the dominating colour. The brightness too seemed low in front of Vu Pixelight.
The biggest con of this TV is its viewing angle, which is really bad. If you are sitting directly in the front, the picture will look good, but with an increase in the viewing angle, the colour saturation level tends to decrease and pictures appear washed out.
The picture upscaling capability of this TV is nil, 720p videos hardly show any upscaling in resolution.
This TV of Samsung is graced with two 20 Watts channel speakers whose audio is decent. In normal usage, you will not need any external speaker.
The operating system of this TV is Tizen and in it you don't get Google PlayStore. You cannot even side-load apps on it. You will get to play only those apps that come preloaded on it or are available on its Samsung Store. On this TV, you get to play applications like Amazon Prime, Netflix, YouTube, Google Play Movies, Eros Now, Sony Liv, Hotstar and Jio Cinema.
Bluetooth connectivity is absent in it, nor you get voice command remote with it. The maximum power consumption of this TV is 125 Watts.
Here, I would like to put forward a suggestion, if you can shell out an extra 5000 rupees then better go with Samsung RU7100, whose refresh rate is 100 Hz. This will give you a blur-free performance while watching fast action scenes and simultaneously make it perfect for gaming too. 
The after-sales service network of Samsung is strong, however, you only get the option for repairs rather than replacement or refund.
The 4k picture quality of this TV can be rated at 8. HD channels get 7.5 and SD channels deserve 6.5 out of 10. Audio gets 7 and its smartness can be rated as 7. In picture upscaling this TV gets 4 out of 10 while Motion handling can be rated as 6.


The third rank goes to Vu Pixelight 2019 TV. If we go by its picture quality, it deserves the second slot in this countdown, but I have placed it on the third as it is Linux based and it comes with many limitations. There is no Google Playstore in it and we cannot even side-load applications on it. You can play only those applications on this TV, which come pre-loaded or are available in its Vewd Store.
Recently I had told you about an application which grants you the liberty to play more than 400 channels and latest movies without any extra payment. For playing that application, you don't even need any set-top box. But, in this TV, you cannot side-load that app.
The built quality of Vu Pixelight 2019 model TV is pretty good. It has a high brightness A+ grade 4k VA panel along with DLED backlighting. The brightness and contrast of this TV is good and you get HDR10 support on it. According to the company, they have employed an innovative technology in it, which upscales the 450 Nits brightness and 1000000:1 static contrast ratio manifold.
This is the only TV that gives you one-button access to amazon Prime apart from YouTube and Netflix. However, Bluetooth connectivity and voice command feature goes missing on it.
The colour reproduction of this TV is pretty good. The colours are punchy, but natural and you get to see deep blacks on it.
The most useful feature of this TV is its picture upscaling capability, which is very effective. 720p videos get up-scaled and play in a much higher resolution.
While playing applications too, this upscaling comes into effect, thus enhancing your viewing experience.
The 60 Hz refresh rate of this TV fails to stop motion blur during fast action scenes, but still, the blur is less than some other budget TVs.
HD channels look pretty good on this TV, and, SD channels, too, play with decent clarity.
Despite having a VA panel, the viewing angles of this TV are decent.
This TV has a total power output of 20 Watts. Apart from Dolby Digital Plus, you also get DTS TruSurround Technology in it. The audio of this TV is loud and crystal clear.
The Anyview Cast feature of this TV failed to impress me as I observed some lag while mirroring videos on it.
This TV is Linux based, you get 1 GB RAM and 4 GB internal storage on it. 
Apart from some other applications, you can play Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, Zee5, Eros Now and Hungama Play, but it does not support Hotstar. The maximum power consumption of this TV is 110 Watts.
The after-sales services of Vu are satisfactory that can be termed as good in the budget category.
Its 4k picture quality gets 8.5 out of 10. HD channels are rated at 8. SD channels' transmission gets 7 out of 10. Audio stands at 8 and smartness gets 6. Picture upscaling fetches this TV, 9 out of 10 and motion handling gets 6.
 As Vu Pixelight slips down in this countdown due to its lackluster smartness


The second slot goes to Thomson 43-inch TV OATH 1000. The built quality of this TV is okay and look-wise it is decent. You get 3 HDMI and 2 USB ports on it. It comes with single-band Wi-Fi and HDMI ARC goes missing on it. According to Flipkart, its brightness is 500 Nits and its dynamic contrast ratio is 500000:1. But I strongly doubt it, as when I reviewed their 40 inches UD9 series TV, then the specification chart sent to me stated the brightness as 350 Nits, whereas, on Flipkart it is still given as 550 Nits.
I highly regret this fact that to lure customers, budget companies do bring forward highly blown on-paper specifications, though the reality stands otherwise. That is why, just going by the specifications on any shopping site, you cannot guess the performance of a product.
This Android TV from Thomson gets an IPS panel along with DLED backlighting. The 60 Hz refresh rate fails to stop motion blur during fast-action scenes. As it has an IPS panel, the viewing angle is good, but, the blacks on this TV are not deep. The picture quality of this TV is good, but it cannot compete with a good TV that has a VA panel. The company has not mentioned the support of HDR10 on this TV, which comes as a big disappointment for Netflix enthusiasts and gamers.
To activate the Google Assistant feature on your remote, initially you need to pair it with your TV.
Google Chromecast works smoothly on this TV and Bluetooth connectivity too gets a thumbs up. The quality of 4k videos is good and HD channels too look pretty good. SD channels are just passable.
The picture upscaling capability of this TV is not good, 720p videos hardly get up-scaled on it.
It has two 30 Watts total power output speakers that come with both Dolby Digital and DTS. The audio of this TV is loud, but sometimes you will miss clarity in the audio.
Netflix comes preloaded on it. As it is an Android TV, you also get Google Playstore on it. This TV also leaves scope for side-loading applications from outside.
Amazon Prime is officially missing on it, but you can side-load it from outside.
This TV come with 2.5 GB RAM and 16 GB ROM. From smartness point of view, this TV is pretty good and the picture quality, too, is decent. The maximum power consumption of this TV is 100 Watts.
Here, I would like to give you one very important information. Please don't compare this TV with the Thomson CRT TV that used to be sold in India, long-time back. Those TVs were directly manufactured by the French company, Thomson, and all its parts were imported from the parent country.  These Thomson TVs, are locally assembled in Noida, by a company SPPL, which has purchased the license for manufacturing Kodak and Thomson TVs.
And, as Thomson company is not directly involved in it, the after-sales services of Thomson TVs will depend on Jeeves or this local company. I have received many complaints regarding the unresponsiveness of the company. Some people have also complained that the company was using unscrupulous methods to enhance its TVs' ratings. It is luring purchasers into writing good reviews in return for extended warranty. So never get swayed by good reviews of any product.
The 4k picture quality of this TV gets 8 out of 10. HD channels are rated at 7 and SD channels get 6 out of 10. Smartness gets 8.5, while audio stands at 7.
Picture upscaling of this TV gets 3 out of 10 and motion handling capacity fetches it 5.5.


The top slot is strongly held by the Vu Premium Android 43 inches TV. This TV is definitely a tad costlier than other budget TVs, but, remember that none of the TVs in the budget category or mid-range category of the higher brands can beat it in picture quality. The features that you get in this TV are hardly there even in TVs being sold for around 1 lakh.
This Vu TV comes with an ultra-slim design and premium built quality.
It has 3 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports. You get both HDMI ARC and CEC on it. Along with Bluetooth connectivity, you get dual-band Wi-Fi in it.
This TV comes with A+ grade VA panel and DLED backlighting. Despite having a VA panel, the viewing angle of this TV is pretty decent.
The most important aspect of this TV is the presence of Dolby Vision in it, which goes missing in even higher brand TVs worth more than a lakh.
Technically speaking, the brightness of this TV is 450 Nits and its dynamic contrast ratio is 10000000:1, but the company lays stake to the claim of having graced this TV with an innovative technology that up-scales its brightness and contrast manifold.
Dolby Vision is granted only to those TVs that pass a certain picture quality standard set by Dolby. Such TVs, play HDR10 and Dolby Vision videos with much clarity.
Like other budget TVs, this too has a refresh rate of 60 Hz, which fails to stop motion blur during very fast action scenes.
This TV comes with 4X picture upscaling. None of the TVs in sub 1-lakh category can beat it in this field. 720p videos get up-scaled and play with much clarity on this TV.
The colour reproduction is accurate and very good. All images appear realistic. Clarity of details in the dark and bright scenes are pretty good.
4k Videos play in amazing clarity. HD channels look very good and SD channels too are pretty watchable.
It comes with two speakers having a 20 Watts total output whose audio is loud and crystal clear.
This TV comes with Google Chromecast along with Google assistant. Casting on this TV is smooth and the voice command feature is pretty responsive.
This is an official Android TV, which has 8.0 Oreo operating system. It has 1.75 GB RAM and 16 GB of internal storage. You get a Google PlayStore on it, from where you can download applications and games. You can also side-load apps on it.
Netflix, you get in its PlayStore, whereas, you need to side-load Amazon Prime. I have already made a video on side-loading Amazon Prime on this TV, you can watch it by clicking here. All apps play in high resolution on this TV.
This TV is fully apt for playing games through PS4 or other gaming consoles.
You can use it as a monitor too.
The maximum power consumption of this TV is 110 Watts.
The 4k picture quality of this TV gets 9 out of 10, HD channels' picture quality is rated as 8.5. SD channels get 7 out of 10. Its picture upscaling can be rated as 9.5 and audio gets 8.2 out of 10. Its motion handling capacity stands at 6 and smartness gets 8.5 out of 10.

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