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Is Vu Cinema TV The Best Budget 4k Android Smart TV? 

Shahina Mulk

Recently Vu launched the Vu Cinema 4k series of TVs at a function in Mumbai. This series comes in 3 variants, 55, 50 and 43 inches. The 50-inch 4k model is different from the 55 and 43 inches’ variants as it comes with a VA panel, while the other two have IPS panels.
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Vu Cinema TV review

4k Android Smart TV

Here, I will be reviewing the 50 inches Vu Cinema TV that comes securely packed in Vu's branded box. Inside the box, you get to see two stylish metallic pieces of tabletop stand that have been given a rose gold finish. Apart from this, there are two triple AAA batteries, a Bluetooth cum IR remote, an audio-video cable, a power cord and a wall mount. 

On the remote, there are direct buttons to Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime and Google Play. It also has a Google Assistant button on it. The built quality of the Remote is decent. It looks pretty attractive in the dual-tone, black and gold finish. On the bottom, there is a Vu branding on it. 
The built quality of the TV is pretty good. The back is constructed out of black high-grade ABS plastic. On the front, the bezels are ultra-slim on three sides, while on the lower side a slim soundbar has been fused-in.
While designing the soundbar, the utmost care has been taken not to make the TV look antiquated as some other TVs with soundbars in the market. The soundbar is not at all broad, it is pretty slim with a golden lining on the top as well as on its mid-portion. On the left bottom, there is a Vu logo in gold, while a Dolby Audio logo has been stuck on the right side.

When placed on its Rose Gold metallic tabletop stylish stand, the TV looks pretty stylish as well as modern and premium. 
This TV comes with 3 HDMI ports and two USB ports. Both, HDMI ARC and CEC are there on this TV. You will be able to connect your HDMI compatible Home theatre with it. Apart from this, there is an AV port, a headphone jack, an Ethernet port and an antenna port. DLNA connectivity is also present on this TV.
To make this TV ultra-slim, this time, the company has undertaken 100% robotic assembly, due to which, the brightness on all parts of the screen is almost uniform.

The brightness of this TV is 500 Nits. This is the first TV in the budget category that has been graced with this high brightness. This breakthrough in brightness is attributed to Vu's own Pixelium Glass Technology, which increases the light reflection by up to 40%, without increasing your electricity bill. This is certainly one of the reasons to go with this TV as high brightness is seen only in the higher range TVs of bigger brands. Companies do lay stake to the claim of gracing their budget TVs with HDR10 and Dolby Vision, but these features are more of an eyewash as very high brightness is needed to exploit the full potential of Dolby Vision and HDR10 on a TV. 
This TV supports Dolby Vision, HDR10 and HLG videos. And as the brightness is pretty high all videos in these three categories play beautifully with much clarity.
This TV comes with DLED backlighting and VA panel. Despite having a VA panel the viewing angles of this TV are decent. Colour distortion, do exist to some extent, but it is limited to a bare minimum.
The performance of all 4k, FHD and HD videos is very good. Its Colour reproduction is natural and accurate. All different shades of any particular colour can be easily differentiated. The clarity in the dark and bright scenes is amazing. Black is adequately deep and it turns out to be uniform on the entire screen. Digital noise reduction works beautifully on this TV. 
HD channels look very good on this TV and the performance of SD channels, though not the best, is satisfactory. 
The most important thing is that all format videos, whether they be TS, WebM or MP4, all play smoothly on it. 4k videos at 60 fps also play beautifully on this TV without displaying any lag. 
This TV gives umpteen options for picture and sound settings. There is also a Cricket Mode, which gives the liberty to watch cricket with less blur, during fast movements of the ball.
For varied requirements, it also has a Game Mode and PC Mode. 
This TV comes with VOD upscaler, and, there is also an option in the settings to switch it on manually. The picture upscaling capability of this TV is very good. Even low-resolution videos turn up pretty good. 

The refresh rate of this TV like any other budget TV is 60 Hz. During normal television viewing, you will not see any motion blur, but definitely, during very fast action scenes you cannot escape the blur. 
Now coming to its audio, this TV is graced with 40 Watts multidirectional front-firing speakers and tweeters. It comes with Dolby decoders and Surround-Sound. Including Game and Stadium Modes, it has 7 sound modes. With a dedicated soundbar, the audio of this TV is pretty loud and clear. There is an amazing clarity in the dialogue delivery, for which there is an option in the settings to enhance it further.
It will not be an exaggeration to say that this TV is an amalgamation of very good picture quality as well as audio. The overall experience that you get on this TV is wonderful.
It comes with Bluetooth 5 whose connectivity with other Bluetooth devices is pretty fast. You can connect your headphone, keyboard or gaming pad with it wirelessly.

The voice command feature of this TV is highly responsive that understands your commands effortlessly.
There is also a built-in Chromecast in this TV, which supports Android, iPhone, Macbook and Windows. Casting is pretty smooth without any lag. However, during Miracast, videos did display considerable lag.
This is an official Android TV that comes with Android Pie operating system. And, the company has also promised OTA updates for this TV. So the next Android 10 update will definitely come to it. 
You can play Netflix and YouTube on this TV in 4k resolution.
This TV comes with a single band Wi-Fi, but surprisingly, I did not face any issue while connecting it to any Wi-Fi Network. In fact, it was able to catch long distant networks too.
The 1.5GB RAM and 8GB ROM is definitely low, but despite it, all applications played smoothly on it in 1080p, even when connected to a Jio sim.

However, you need to keep in mind that to play 4k videos, a broadband connection with high Internet speed is definitely required otherwise, the TV will hang.
Low-end games can be played smoothly on it, but, for playing high-end games you will require a gaming console. 
For the first time, this series gets a dedicated help centre, where you will get a solution to all your TV-related queries. 
Talking about the Vu's after-sales services, it can be termed as the best in budget category as the company itself provides doorstep services rather than allocating it to a third party. 
At this price, this TV is a steal as its picture quality and audio are comparable to the higher range TVs of Sony and Samsung.
It certainly has some cons like low RAM and ROM and single-band Wi-Fi, but these cons seem too small in front of its excellent performance.
We do hope that in future Vu will bring a TV in the budget category that would constitute a complete package with a higher refresh rate and more RAM and ROM.

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  1. Mam in the video of unboxing 50 inchs vu Cinema tv
    You said that vu Cinema tv have three different sizes 43 inch , 50 inch and 55 inches
    My question is
    Only 50inches have VA panel ?
    But in company website and Amazon
    Given details about product they said that's all three sizes have led panel
    Please help me to understand this doubts
    Thank you

  2. Why so much of emphasis on vu tvs?.
    Can u review tcl c8