Is OnePlus LED Smart TV Worth Buying? | OnePlus 32Y1Android SMart TV In-Depth Review

Should You Buy OnePlus TV?

Oneplus Y1

OnePlus 32Y1 In-Depth Review

A few days back, we got the opportunity to set hands on the 32-inch variant of the Y1 series of the OnePlus recently launched TVs. We spent three days with this TV and this in-depth review comes after that.

The OnePlus 32Y1 TV comes in a plain cardboard unit. On the one side of which "Never Settle" is written in big, while a small built-in Chromecast is mentioned on the left bottom. On the other side, "One Plus TV" comes printed. The Box also mentions some other highlights of this TV.

Inside the box, along with the LED TV, there are two pieces of a black table-top stand, a remote control, two A+++ batteries, a power cord, a warranty card and a user manual guide. No wall mount is provided with this TV.

OnePlus Y1 accessories

The built quality of the remote though decent gives a slippery feel and more or less reminds us of the Mi box remote. However, the lower part of the remote has been rounded off, and the OnePlus logo has been printed in the centre. For convenience sake, it has direct buttons to YouTube, Prime Video and Netflix. The remote also features a Google Assistant button, and, thankfully a mute button too.

Remote OnePlus TV y1
32Y1 Remote

Now, coming to the built quality of this TV, it is very lightweight as it has been fully constructed with plastic material. The TV is almost bezel-less from three sides. The screen to body ratio of this TV is 91.4%, which is highly appealing as it maximizes the viewing area to enhance the overall viewing experience. The lower bezel of this TV has the OnePlus logo in the centre and the IR sensor of the remote is placed on the right-hand side behind the bezel. The side profile of the TV is ultra-slim. Overall in looks, this bezel-less TV is elegant and fairly smart. Going by the standards of a 32-inch TV, the built quality is decent and the TV surely looks like a branded product. Coming to the rear of this TV, on the right-hand side, there is a 2.0 USB port along with an HDMI ARC port and an antenna port. Another USB 2.0 port, along with an HDMI port, an Ethernet port, an Optical port and audio-video ports, has been placed on the lower side of the TV.

Oneplus 32y1 Build Quality
Oneplus 32y1 Build Quality

In the 32-inch category, this is certainly not a very power-efficient TV as it comes with only a 3-star BEE rating.

The TV boasts of a built-in Chromecast along with a single band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, through which you can wirelessly connect your gaming controller, keyboard, mouse and headphones with this TV.

However, we had to face a lot of problems while setting up this TV, as on arrival, the IR function in the remote was non-functional. We had to use the physical power button of the TV to switch it on. After which, it led us to a blank screen with "NO Signal" flashing on it. Thereafter, we were left wondering how to reach the home screen without a functional remote.  Fortunately, we had a universal USB remote with us, which helped us reach the home screen and carry out the Bluetooth pairing of the defective remote. After that, though, we were able to use the remote in its Bluetooth mode, still, the IR functions did not work.

Now after all this, the screen keyboard refused to open, because of which we had to remove our Wi-Fi password and make it open for all. Then only, we were finally able to connect this TV to the Internet.

After reviewing TVs for so long, this is the first TV that has irritated me so much, leaving me wondering about its durability in the long run.

Leaving aside these problems, we continued with the testing! After switching on the TV for the first time it is necessary to update its software and other preloaded applications.

The dynamic contrast ratio of this TV is 5000:1 and the resolution is 720p. The panel is VA and the backlighting is DLED.

This TV is blessed to have a high colour range of DCI P3 93%, which is its USP! This means in this TV you get a wide colour gamut. The company also lays stake to the claim of granting this TV with a Gamma Engine whose function according to them is to boost the picture quality.

Coming to the actual picture performance of this TV, the colour reproduction is incredibly amazing for a 32 inches HD Ready TV. The wide colour gamut in this TV means more accuracy in colours. When there are more colours, the formation of different shades relating to a particular colour is more precise, due to which you get to see life-like real images. In addition to the colours being true to life, they are vivid and bright too. On this TV, you get to witness, more or less cinematic colours.  

Oneplus 32y1 Picture Quality
Oneplus 32y1 Picture Quality 

The Blacks in this TV are also very deep, though, at many a time details tend to get lost in scenes where blacks predominate. However, this is a normal thing in VA panel TVs having deep blacks. The picture quality of this TV is so good that you tend to forget that it is an HD Ready TV. The pictures are clear and sharp. This TV gives you a cinematic experience while watching movies.

Now listening to this, you all must be excited and all set to lay your hand on this TV during its next sale. But wait, here is a big dampener too! This TV is marred by motion blur during fast-moving scenes, which is much visible on this TV in comparison to many others in its category. The 60 Hz refresh rate fails to keep the motion blur in check even on this small screen. In fact, it is even visible when anybody moves hands or head with a slightly fast pace.

The brightness of this TV is not very good, but it is sufficient for a small screen TV. If you keep the backlight at 100% the picture quality will look amazingly good, but it is not advisable to do so, as it reduces the durability of a TV. Backlight must always be set to less than 50%. However, at 50% too, in a bit dark lighting condition, this TV performs great.

Oneplus 32y1 720P Quality
Oneplus 32y1 Picture Quality 

Now, coming to its audio, it has 20 Watts box speakers that come with Dolby support. The sound, apart from being loud, is clear and comes with deep bass. Going by the standards of a 32 inches TV, the audio is pretty good.

The voice command feature of this TV works smoothly as it follows all your command instantly.

According to the company, the built-in Chromecast of this TV has connectivity with all Android and even iPhones, however, when we tried connecting a Samsung Note 10 Plus with this TV, the Chromecast function turned out to be pretty laggy. The casting of pictures and videos were delayed and sluggish. The colours of the photos, too, looked unrealistic.

This TV comes with multiple picture and sound settings, which can be tuned according to one's liking.

SD channels and 720p videos play beautifully on this HD Ready TV. Here, I would like to point out that an HD Ready TV is an ideal option for those amongst you, who are desirous of watching mostly SD channels. This TV also comes with support for 1080p videos, which you can certainly watch on it.

This is an Android TV with the latest 9.0 Pie operating system. Applications like Netflix, Amazon Prime and YouTube come preloaded on it, while there is always a scope for downloading more applications from its Google PlayStore. You also get the liberty of sideloading outside applications, like Oreo TV, on it.

Oneplus Android Operating System 

As this TV comes with 1 GB RAM and 8 GB storage it is not meant for playing high-end games. However, you can still play high-end games on this TV by connecting it to your PS4, Xbox, CPU or Android TV box. These external devices even tend to reduce motion blur to some extent. The Mali 470 Triple Core graphic processor of this TV, though, does not render very good graphics, definitely give you a satisfactory performance. While playing games through CPU, I observed a reduction in Motion blur, though, it was still evident at multiple instances. If you are a serious gamer, I will not advise this TV to you.

Coming to a conclusion, I would say that this TV gives you a wonderful picture and audio performance, but motion blur is a big dampener that can irritate you many times.

Incompatibility of Chromecast functionality with many phones, too, can disappoint many

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