Samsung The Frame QLED SMART TV 2020 In-Depth Review

 Samsung The Frame Ultra HD QLED SMART TV 2020: A Laudable Member Of The QLED Family?

Samsung The Frame 2020 Vs Samsung Q70R Vs Samsung Q80T Vs Samsung Q70T | Samsung QLED TV

Is Samsung, The Frame, Ultra HD QLED SMART TV 2020 a real upgrade over the 2019 QLED model? In this article, we will be doing an in-depth review of the 55-inch 2020 model and will also discuss how it fares amongst other QLED TVs.

Samsung, The Frame is a QLED TV that was launched for the first time in the year 2017. Later on, every year, an upgraded version of it was launched in the market. The latest one is the 2020 model.

This TV, which is available in 50, 55, 65 and 75-inch variants, derives its charm from its excellent slim and innovative design.

The TV has a thin charcoal black bezel and has been constructed in a way that when it is wall mounted it appears very close to it without any gap, thanks to its no-gap wall-mount and wall-mount spacers that hide the little gap between the wall and TV, and, gives a box-like feeling when seen from the side. From the front, this TV looks exactly like a big frame, especially when you display pictures on it in the Ambient Mode.

Despite being constructed out of plastic, the built quality looks premium. The TV also comes with a blade-design table-top stand, which is a pleasant upgrade from its last year's cylindrical design.

The back is almost flat with a horizontal textured black finish. You don't get any port on the back, which houses only a single cable running out of the TV. With grooves on the back, a provision has been provided to conceal the cable and bring it down from the TV to the One Connect box that is shipped along with the TV.

The One Connect Box is sturdily built and it houses 4 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports along with an Ethernet port, 1 Optical Digital port and an Antenna port. The 2019 model had an additional USB port. This TV comes with HDMI eARC along with HDMI CEC. It also has dual-band Wi-Fi support, though the AV port goes missing on it. The HDMI ports get HDCP version 2.2.

By increasing the bandwidth and speed, HDMI eARC gives better audio output than any ordinary HDMI ARC, when connected to a home theatre. The 2019 model did not have an HDMI eARC in it, which is a significant point while considering the 2020 model. This TV comes with Bluetooth v4.2.

According to your convenience, you can place the One Connect Box at any distance from the TV. It is just that the cable from the TV needs to be connected to the One Connect Box.

This TV comes with a smart elegant looking voice-enabled remote that gets direct buttons to Amazon Prime, Netflix and Zee 5.

Samsung, The Frame TV comes with support for HDR, HDR10+ and HLG. Its picture quality index is 3400, whereas, the 2019 model had a PQI of only 3000.

Samsung hardly reveals the real value of the brightness and contrast ratio in its TVs, it just terms it as "Mega Contrast", which is too ambiguous, a word. Apart from this, it claims its TVs to be graced with contrast enhancer.

This TV comes with ELED backlighting along with an A+ grade VA panel.

The contrast ratio of this TV is superb. The Blacks are very deep and Black uniformity too is excellent. The Gray uniformity is good, however, some minute dirty screen effect can be spotted here and there on the edges of the screen. A good grey uniformity helps while watching sports. During sports, you get to see vast stretches of green colour and when the camera pans hastily to keep pace with the ball, a dirty screen effect can affect the watching experience by making the field not too clean as to spot the ball clearly. This can be annoying for many sports lovers who would never want to miss any action on the field.

The contrast ratio and peak brightness have largely been improved in this model, due to which the overall HDR performance, too, has improved. This TV does not display Local Dimming, there is Frame dimming in it.

Despite this, the performance is very good. Darkroom performance of this TV is excellent, however, in bright room, the performance does weaken, but still, it looks good. The TV has semi-gloss filter due to which it can decently handle lights falling on its screen. Its high peak brightness around 500 Nits allows it to give a good performance even in a bright room.

Wide colour gamut and high peak brightness make it a fairly decent TV for viewing HDR contents. In this regards, it even beats the 2019 model as the HDR peak brightness of that TV was low. HDR contents look great when watched in a dimly-lit room, where one can clearly differentiate between HDR and SDR contents, but in bright light, this difference marginalizes and SDR contents don't look much different from HDR ones.

The reality is that only those TVs that have a minimum brightness of 1500 Nits can excellently handle HDR videos even in a fully-illuminated room, alike last year model, Samsung Q7F.

The wide colour gamut in Samsung, The Frame, makes its color reproduction pretty good. The TV has very good coverage of DCI P3 and the colour coverage of Rec 2020 is also great, because of which the colours in this TV are vivid and bright with much accuracy. The capacity of this TV to handle colour gradient is decent because of which banding is minimal in this TV.

The 4k videos look astoundingly great and FHD videos, too, turn out to be very good. In fact, the FHD Blue-Ray videos look at par with 4k videos, with only a minimal difference, which is hardly perceivable to human eyes.

The picture upscaling capability of this TV is good, 720p videos play in a higher resolution with clarity.

Coming to its Set-Top-Box performance, HD channels look very good, SD channels though not that good can be watched comfortably without any irritation.

This TV comes with VA panel so its viewing angles are not that good. The TV looks excellent when watched from the front, but with a gradual shift in angles, the colours tend to get washed off.

This TV comes with two speakers rendering a 40 Watts power output and having decoders for Dolby Digital Plus. However, DTS goes missing on it. The sound of this TV is sufficient even for a big-sized room. The bass has much punch in it and dialogue clarity is awesome. However, don't expect the bass to give you the window-rattling experience that only a home theatre can offer.

The audio of this TV is balanced and even at high frequency, it remains clean. This TV comes with Active voice amplifier and Adaptive Sound Plus, which works on a mechanism that makes it easy to listen to dialogues even in noisy condition. 

In this TV you also get Dolby Atmos pass-through through HDMI eARC. HDMI ARC and Optical Digital Port, both support 5.1 channel speakers.

Samsung, The Frame 2020, is pretty good for gaming as its native refresh rate is 120 Hz. Please note here, that the 50-inch model, has a native refresh rate of only 60 Hz.

The response time of this 55-inch TV is very good and its input lag is very low. Apart from this, it comes with FreeSyn support and Variable Refresh Rate. The VRR feature makes this TV a perfect companion for X Box One X. This TV is future-ready for PS5 gaming too, as it comes with HDMI 2.1. The HDMI 4 is 2.1 compliant.

The motion handling capacity of this TV is very good. Apart from the good 120 Hz native refresh rate, this TV comes with Game Motion Plus setting, which helps further to bring the motion blur under total control. It has a black frame insertion feature, which improves motion clarity by inserting extra frames between fast action scenes.

According to the company through HDMI 4 input, this TV is capable of giving the proper Chroma ratio of 4:4:4 with 10-bit colour depth and 4k@120 fps. This makes it significantly good even for using as a monitor.

The motion handling capacity of this model has improved a lot from the 2019 model.

This Samsung TV comes with 2.5 GB RAM and 8 GB storage. The Operating System is Tizen 5.5. Though you get a number of favourite applications like Amazon Prime, Netflix, YouTube and Hotstar preinstalled on it, you will not be able to side-load outside applications on this TV.

The remote comes with an AmbientOne Feature, which allows you the liberty to use it as a universal remote. With this remote, you can even control those devices, like your set-top box, which are not CEC compatible. Voice command feature also allows you to control many other compatible smart devices.

You can also control this TV with Google Dot and Alexa.

This TV comes with a built-in Chromecast and its casting ability is very good. By just tapping this TV with your phone you will be able to cast its contents on the big screen. For Apple users, there is Airplay 2.

The ambient mode button on the remote allows you access to the Art Mode, through which you can convert your TV into a big photo frame and display personal photos or pictures from the collection already preloaded on it. You also get the option to buy more such paintings or pictures, from the huge collection displayed online. In Ambient Mode, you also get the option of choosing a background that best matches your photos. This TV has motion and brightness sensors. In the dark and when nobody is present in the room, the Ambient Mode is automatically turned off to prevent unwarranted power consumption. During the Ambient Mode, the TV also regulates the brightness according to the room's environment.

The maximum power consumption of this TV is 165 Watts and in Ambient Mode, the power consumption of this TV will be approximately 40 Watts.  However, it has an ECO Mode, activating which, power can be saved.

This TV falls somewhere between the Samsung Q70T and Q80T. Samsung, The Frame 2020 gets a place above Samsung Q70T. In performance, Samsung, The Frame 2020 model, is almost similar to Q60R, and marginally inferior to Samsung Q70R.  However, it is feature-rich than Q70R as it gets all the latest features that Samsung has graced its 2020 models. HDMI 2.1 and eARC goes missing on the Samsung Q70R.

Coming to its overall performance, this TV performs outstandingly in a dimly lit room, however, in a bright fully-illuminated room, its performance gets affected to some extent, which can still be summed up as good. It is somewhat an ideal QLED TV for gaming and can be comfortably used as a monitor too.

On the downside are old Bluetooth v4.2 and the absence of Dolby Vision. Full-Array backlighting with local dimming was what most people would have craved for in such a good looking TV, but, being almost an entry-level QLED TV, these expectations are not much justified.

Apart from very good picture quality, the 2020 model of Samsung The Frame, comes with a plethora of highly useful features that go missing in the previous models, so don't get lured if any shopkeeper or shopping site offers you the earlier models at a lucrative price as then you might have to regret your decision later on.


1. Excellent Contrast Ratio

2. Wide Color Gamut

3. Deep Blacks, Accurate & Very Good Color Reproduction


5. HDMI 2.1

6. Very Good For Gaming

7. Ideal To Be Used As A Monitor


1. No DLED Full-Array Backlighting

2. Old Bluetooth v4.2

3. No Dolby Vision

4. No Dolby Atmos

5. Poor Viewing Angles

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