Indian prices for the PlayStation 5 and it's accessories announced by sony

Finally, prices for the PlayStation 5 announced by sony in India

The new PS5 console will cost you ₹49,990 for the normal edition and ₹39,990 for the digital edition. The Sony PS5 costs exactly the same as the Microsoft Xbox Series X, which is already open for preorders and is set to go on sale in India from November 10 at Rs 49,990. Sony PS5 features a new octa-core processor based on the AMD Zen 2 core architecture and feature a custom AMD RDNA 2 graphics processor with 16GB GDDR6 memory. Overall performance of PS5 is almost the same as the Xbox Series X.

Prices for PS5 accessories

DualSense Charging Station is for ₹2,590.
DualSense Wireless Controller will cost you ₹5,990
The HD camera comes for a ₹5,190
The Pulse 3D Wireless Headset is for ₹8,590
Media remote is for ₹2,590

Sony also released the price details of some of the PS5 games

Demon's Soul ₹4,999
Destruction Allstars ₹4,999
Marvel Spiderman Miles Morales: Ultimate Edition cost ₹4,999
Sackboy A Big Adventure ₹3,999
Marvel Spiderman: Miles Morales will cost you ₹3,999.

The release date for the console is not confirmed yet, According to Sony local import regulations is the reason for the delay in announcing a date. Earlier Sony mentioned the release date on the Indian website – November 19, 2020. some users spotted on Twitter We will share an update on the launch date for India as soon as we get an update from the company.

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