Sony Vs Samsung Vs LG: Whose TVs Are The Best?

 Sony Vs Samsung Vs LG: Which Is The Winner?

Going through this highly researched article will give you an insight into the best Sony, Samsung and LG TVs of 2021 in all categories. If you are desirous of buying a higher brand TV, you have landed at the right place.

In this article, I will also tell how the lower-range TVs of the higher brands fare in front of the budget category TVs.

After this article ends, you will find the purchase links of all these TVs ranked according to their performance.

Sony is generally ranked above Samsung & LG because even its low refresh rate TVs come with MotionFlow Technology, which unlike Samsung & LG TVs, works towards minimizing motion blur.

Amongst these three brands, motion blur is most visible in those models of LG, which have a refresh rate of only 50 Hz. Though Samsung TVs with 60 Hz refresh rate also display motion blur, it is lesser than the LG TVs.

Generally, in Sony TVs, even the brightness is more! On the other hand, LG TVs have the lowest brightness. Samsung QLED TVs have greater brightness than most of the 4k TVs.

Sony X9500H is the highest-ranked TV, but, if its high cost, is a damper, you can opt for X9500G, which has Full Array backlighting that makes its picture quality superb. In comparison to these two TVs, the picture quality of Sony X9000H is a bit inferior. But, it is perfect for gamers as it comes with latest features required for gaming. However, if you aren't a hardcore gamer & just want the best picture quality, then go for Sony X9500H or X9500G.

The picture quality of Samsung Q90T & Q80T is also exceptional. You can equate the picture quality of Samsung Q90T with Sony X9500H, but remember that the best performance of QLED TVs can only be had in high-resolution videos, i.e., 4K. Low-resolution videos do not look that good on a QLED TV.

If we talk about the performance through a Set-Top box, then a good 4K TV will display better picture quality than any QLED TV. In comparison to a QLED TV, a good 4k TV gives you a better all-round performance.

However, if you generally watch OTT contents, then you can comfortably go ahead with a QLED TV.

If your budget is less and you get to lay hands-on Sony X8500G, then you can certainly go for it as it is ranked closely after Sony X9500H, Samsung Q90T, Q80T, Sony X9500G, X9000h & Samsung Q70T.

Samsung Q70T is also a superb TV, whose picture performance is rated above Samsung The Frame.

Right now, Samsung The Frame is the best looking TV whose picture quality is very good. But, like any other QLED TV, its performance through a set-top box is a tad inferior to a good 4k TV. On the other hand, 4K videos will look more attractive on Samsung The frame than any other 4k TV.

Samsung Q60T is ranked lower in picture quality than Samsung The Frame.

Sony X8000H is a mid-range very good TV from Sony. It is ranked after Sony X8500G. X8000H has better brightness & viewing angles than Samsung TU8000 & TU8570. Samsung TU8570 is marginally superior in picture quality than Samsung TU8000.

Through its technologies, Sony has managed to bring its picture quality more or less at par with a VA panel TV. So in Sony X8000H, you get a VA-level picture performance, apart from getting good viewing angles that are the characteristic of an IPS panel TV. This TV is a beautiful fusion of IPS & VA panel.

The picture quality of the Samsung TU8570 is also pretty good, but it is more suitable to be watched directly from the front as its viewing angles are not good. Samsung TU8000, too, is a good TV, but it has less brightness and its picture quality, too, is a bit inferior to TU8570.

Samsung TUE60AKXXL is an entry-level model of the company, so expecting a high-quality performance from it would be unjustified. However, if your budget is low & you are searching for a TV that comes with good aftersales services then you can certainly opt for it. Its picture quality can definitely be termed as decent.

If you talk of the lower range models of the higher brands, then, Sony X7002G is the best model, followed by LG UM7300. The picture quality of LG UM7300 is very good & its brightness, too, is better than many other LG models.

The 50-inch variant of LG UM7300 comes with a VA panel, whereas, the 43, 55 & 65-inch variants have IPS panels. The 50-inch model has better colour reproduction than the other variants having IPS panel, but its viewing angle is not good.

If your requirement is for a TV having good viewing angles, then go with the IPS variants, otherwise, prefer the 50-inch model of LG UM7300.

The picture quality of LG UM7290 is almost at par with LG UM7300, the only difference is in some extra features that are there on UM7300. If your budget is less, you can also opt for LG UM7290.

In the 43-inch category, LG UM7780, with best picture & audio quality is a very good TV. These are only a few LG models that have good brightness, otherwise, if you leave aside the OLEDs & some Nano Cell TVs, most of them come with low brightness. However, LG Nano Cell TVs, too, are inferior in rank to the Samsung QLED TVs up to the rank of Q70T. Low brightness & much noticeable motion blur, give reasons not to buy LG TVs with 50 Hz refresh rate.

LG UN7300 is also a good TV, but its picture quality is a tad inferior to LG UM7300, however, it has the latest features that go missing on UM7300. So, if you want to go for the latest budget model LG TV, then you can certainly opt for UN7300.

Now, you must be eager to know how the budget category TVs, like Nokia, Vu, Toshiba, Motorola & Hisense fare in front of the lower range TVs of the higher brands. So here, I would like to remind that the good aftersales service of the higher brands is certainly a major reason to opt for them.

The notion that the TVs of higher brands are more durable is a myth. The durability of none of the brands can be predicted. Even a budget category TV can last 6-7 years & it might be that a higher brand TV goes out of order within 2-3 years.

On the basis of picture quality, you can rank the higher brands TVs, like, LG UM7300, LG 7780, Sony X8000H, Sony X8500G & Samsung TU8570, a little better or at par with some of the very good budget TVs.

In comparison to Samsung's lower-range models like the Wondertainment series, many budget TVs like Vu, Nokia, Toshiba, Motorola & Hisense give better picture performance. But still, you will find more dirty screen effect & banding on budget TVs than the lower-range TVs of higher brands.

65 inches 4k Smart TVs (Ranked according to performance) 1. Sony X9500H & Samsung Q90T 2. Samsung Q80T 3. Sony X9500G Rs 1,61,990 Out Of Stock 4. Sony X9000H Rs 1,51,900 Flipkart Rs 1,52,490 5. Samsung Q70R Rs 1,89,999 6. Samsung QLED Q70T Rs 1,88,900 7. LG Nano91 Rs 2,13,999 8. LG Nanocell SM9000 Rs 1,64,999 9. Samsung The Frame 65 inches Rs 1,24,999 10. Sony X8500G Not Available online 11. LG Nano86 Rs 1,75,999 12. Samsung Q60T Rs 134900 13. Sony X8000H Amazon Rs 1,21,900 Flipkart Rs 1,22,490 14. LG Nano80 Rs 1,28,770 15. LG UM7300 Rs 96,550 16. Samsung RU8000 Rs 99,999 17. Samsung TU8570 18. Sony X7500H 19. LG UN7300 Rs 96,550 Flipkart Rs 94,995 20. Samsung TU8000 Rs 1,11,800 21. Sony X7400H Rs 1,04,990 22. LG UM7290 Rs 82,990 23. LG Nanocell SM8100 Rs 1,24,752 24. Samsung Wondertainment TV Rs 87,990 Top 55 inches 4k TVs 1. Sony X9500H & Samsung Q90T 2. Samsung Q80T 3. Sony X9500G Rs 1,11,590 4. Sony X9000H Rs 1,04,990 5. Samsung Q70R 6. Samsung Q70T 7. LG Nano 91 Rs 1,66,990 8. LG Nanocell SM9000 Rs 79,999 9. Samsung The Frame Rs 78,999 10. Sony X8500g 11. Sony X8000H Flipkart Rs 92,900 Amazon Rs 95,900 12. Samsung TU8570 Rs 76300 13. LG UM7300 Rs 66,299 14. Sony X7500H Rs 71,290 Flipkart Rs 72,990 15. Sony X7002G Rs 63,999 16. LG UN7300 Rs 62,250!Oz7NNNN Amazon Rs 64,480 17. Samsung TU8000 Rs 65,490 Flipkart Rs 66,900 18. Sony X7400H Rs 66,999 19. LG UM7290 Rs 49,999 20. Samsung Wondertainment TV Rs 49,999 Best 49/50 inches 4k TVs 1. Sony X8000H Rs 76,990 Amazon Flipkart 2. Samsung The Frame 50-inch Rs 66,999 3. Sony X7500H Rs 69,490 Flipkart Rs 69,490 4. LG UM7300 Rs 55,000 5. LG UN7290 Flipkart Rs 44,999 Amazon Rs 43,990 Top 43 inches TVs 1. Sony X8000H Rs 62,999 Flipkart Amazon Rs 68,900 2. LG UM7780 Rs 43,299 3. LG UM7300 Rs 40,525 4. Samsung TU8570 Rs 52,200 5. LG UN7300 Rs 39,999 6. Sony X7002G Rs 42,999 7. Sony X7500H Amazon Rs 53,999 Flipkart Rs 57,690 8. Samsung TU8000 Rs 42,839 Flipkart Rs 46,900f 9. Sony X7400H Rs 49,990 10. LG UN7190 Rs 37,959 11. LG UM7290 Rs 34,999 Amazon Rs 34,999 12. Samsung Wondertainment TV Rs 35,999 Top 43-inch FHD TVs 1. Sony W672G Rs 40,910 2. Sony W6600 Rs 38,680 3. Sony W6603 Rs 34,990

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