Best Budget FHD 3D Projector | BenQ TH585: An In-depth Review | The Cheapest FHD 3D Projector In India

The Most Affordable FHD 3D Projector That Excels | BenQ TH585

BenQ TH585 is a

branded FHD real 3D projector with high brightness that not only comes at a reasonable price but also carries a valid warranty, here in India. It is a visual delight for movie lovers who get to establish a Cinema Hall within the confines of their homes. We have reviewed it in detail on our YouTube channel Techiebeez India. To watch its video CLICK HERE.


BenQ TH585 is a DLP projector from BenQ, which is the lowest-priced FHD 3D projector in the branded category.

Here, it would not be out of place to tell you that all the budget projectors that you are getting in India are Chinese Rebranded products, which are being sold here with a different name. These Chinese companies term even their low brightness projectors as that having high lumens, while on the other hand, branded companies give realistic values of their projectors.

BenQ TH585
BenQ TH585

This is the reason why even the 3500 Lumens' projector of a branded company has twice or thrice the brightness of the so-called 6000 lumens' Chinese projector.

The Chinese projectors being sold in India hardly come with authentic aftersales services, which you can get only on the branded projectors. This BenQ projector comes with a 2-year onsite warranty. To confirm this, I spoke to their customer care where my call got picked up within 30 seconds and assurance was given that barring any physical damage the projector carries a 2-year on-site warranty.

The experience that you get on this BenQ projector is more or less like a Cinema Hall. You can also say that this projector has the power to replace even your televisions. Its brightness is extremely good. Even if you watch it in an illuminated room, like a TV, you can comfortably enjoy programs on it. 

Even in an illuminated room, the images of this projector look bright and vivid. This projector that comes at a price of around Rs 64000 gives you a performance that can outperform even a higher-range Sony TVs in FHD performance. If you buy the biggest sized TV of Sony, i.e., an 85-inch screen, its price will be around 5 lakhs, but with this projector, you can comfortably project a screen of even more than 150 inches.

And, with the ongoing offer, right now, along with this, you get an FHD Amazon Fire TV stick, through which, you will be able to enjoy your favorite content on a giant screen.

So now, let's get started with the unboxing of this projector.

This BenQ 3D DLP projector that has a native resolution of 1080p comes in cardboard packaging. Inside the box along with the projector, there is a power cord, a VGA cable, a remote control, an FHD Fire TV stick, two triple-A batteries & a user manual guide. The built quality of the remote is pretty good. It gets soft push silicon buttons of almost all important functions.

The built quality of the projector is premium. All-clad in white, it looks pretty elegant. On the upper surface, you get a focus wheel and zoom-in & zoom-out ring. With the help of these three, you can adjust the picture according to your screen size.

On this projector, you get an automatic vertical keystone correction. All physical buttons have been provided on the upper surface. IR blaster is there on the front as well as the rear.

On the left-hand side, the BenQ logo has been provided in Grey letters. This projector also comes with a digital lens shift feature that allows you to project it from any height. In comparison to Chinese projectors, it is very easy to set up this projector.

Connectivity Ports In BenQ TH585

On the rear, you get 2 HDMI ports out of which, the second one is MHL, i.e., mobile hi-definition link, compatible, through which, you can connect your phones and tablets with this projector and project their content on a big screen in a lag-free manner, at the same time, retaining the high audio & video quality. However, for this, you will need an MHL adapter.

Connectivity Ports In BenQ TH585

Apart from this, there is a power port and a VGA port, through which you can connect your laptop or computer with this projector. Audio in & out ports have also been provided on this projector. There is a USB type-A port, which supplies power to external devices such as the Fire TV stick. And, then, there are the PC-in and Monitor-out ports, too.

This projector also comes with an RS232-in port, which is used during data transmission.

On the underside of the projector, there are adjustable legs, and, screw threads have been provided to mount the projector from the ceiling.

On the right-hand side, there are two big fans to prevent overheating during operation. Apart from this, multiple vents have been provided for ventilation.

You can connect this projector to an Android TV box, Amazon Fire TV stick, gaming consoles, Chromecast, set-top box, Blue-Ray DVD player, laptop, computers and Roku devices.

According to the company, this is a short-throw projector that comes with 3500 ANSI lumens and a contrast ratio of 10000:1. This projector gives a 95% coverage of the Rec 709. If you play this projector in its lamp save mode, it will give you a lamp life of 15000 hours. If you play it for 4 hours daily, the lamp should last you approximately 10 years. And likewise, if you play it for 8 hours daily, its lamp will last for 5 years.

This is a DLP projector, which uses a chip to create images. DLP projectors comprise microscopic mirrors and a spinning colour wheel. The sharpness of DLP projectors is pretty good and there is no need for filters in them.

The response time of DLP projectors along with their 3D performance is pretty good.

On this projector, you get a true 3D experience through active shutter glasses.

This BenQ projector comes with a 1.1x zoom feature, it is a kind of short throw projector as it allows you to project a screen size of 100-inch from a distance of 3 meters. I projected it from a distance of 10-ft on an electronically controlled 120-ft white screen.

For playing content, I used my Mi TV Box as it had all passwords to various applications pre-saved on it. However, you can use the Amazon Fire TV stick that comes along with it to play all your favorite 


Here, I would like to apprise you of the fact that projectors with low brightness leave a strain on the eyes even if you watch a single movie on them, whereas, on this projector, even after watching content for long hours your eyes hardly get strained. It is even softer to the eyes than any TV.

There is brilliance in the picture quality of this projector. I can just say that its performance is more or less equivalent to the screen of a Multiplex theatre.

When I projected its picture on a special grey screen that I procured after rejecting many others, the contrast, colors, sharpness and brightness, all got enhanced manifold.

It appeared as if I was watching a giant-sized TV. I will be reviewing this superb screen from Banggood very soon. It is the ultimate one despite being cost-effective.

Now coming to the minutest details of its picture quality! The blacks are deep and the wide color gamut of this projector makes its color reproduction superb. The colors that you get through this projector are more of that which a filmmaker intended to show to his audience.

BenQ TH585 Picture Performance
BenQ TH585 Picture Performance 

Most of the low-cost projectors give their best performance only in complete darkness, but this projector gives you a pretty good performance even in an illuminated room.

The images appear bright and vibrant and the colors look realistic.

This projector has been designed to keep the gaming community in mind. It comes with a fairly fast response time of 16-ms. Its low input lag makes this projector a good option for console gaming. It comes with an enhanced game mode, which gives you a good gaming experience. It is also appropriate for 3D Gaming. You can enjoy 3D games through your PS4 or PS5 gaming console on a big screen.

This is the best cost-effective option for watching any sports event Live. During Live matches, the realistic picture quality of this projector transports you to the center of the action. 

Natural skin tones and lush green grass takes your viewing experience to a next level. Honestly speaking, the viewing experience that you get on this big screen surpasses that of a television.

The audio quality of its 10 Watts single speaker is decent, which is clearly audible in a small room. But it is too low, and, you will definitely need a home theatre with it to give you a Cinema-Hall-like experience.

Watch BenQ Th585 Picture Performance 👇

At 35-decibel, the noise of this projector is almost negligible, when using a home theatre, even that will become inaudible. This projector does not heat up much as plenty of vents have been provided on it.

If you want to increase the lamp life of this projector, set it on the Lamp Save Mode. This mode also gives you a good picture performance.

In my opinion, at this price point, this is the best FHD 3D projector, which offers you superb picture quality along with real 3D experience. Through its realistic cinematic colors, this projector has the potential to convert your house into a cinema hall.

At a time when due to the Corona pandemic, lockdown is imminent, this projector can become an exciting reason for you to stay indoors as it will keep you fully entertained all day round, even during these depressing times.

Despite all its Pros, I have some suggestions for the company, which should have included 3D glasses with it. It should also have made a provision to connect a pen-drive directly with this projector. A lens cover with this projector would have been a great addition, which could protect it from dust & moisture.

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