Which is the best 4k Smart TV in 2021? | Best Budget 4k Android Smart TV| Are Low-cost TVs Of Higher Brands Better Than Budget TVs?

 Which TV You Should Buy In 2021?

Which are the best 4k Smart TVs in the budget & branded category in 2021? This article of ours will give you an insight into this topic. I have also included the mid-range TVs of higher brands, here in this article, as there are many who get confused between the low-cost TVs of higher brands & budget category TVs.

Though, on our YouTube Channel, Techiebeez India, 
we have reviewed almost all good TVs in the


budget & branded categories, many are still confused regarding which TV to buy. Going through this article will arm you with enough knowledge to enable you to take your final decision. This recommendation of ours is purely based on the actual performance of the TVs mentioned here, which have been thoroughly tested by us in our studio.

Here, I would also like to apprise you of a newly launched TV series from Sony, X80J, whose specifications look pretty promising. However, right now, I will not be able to tell you about its real performance as we still need to review it. The 65 inches TV of this series is expected to get a price tag of Rs 1.30 lakh, which is close its existing model X8000H. This new series appears to be an upgraded version of Sony X8000H as it comes with Triluminos Pro, HDMI eARC & Motion Flow XR200 Technology, which according to the company, quadruples the 50 Hz native refresh rate of the TV in order to minimize the Motion Blur. These features are not there on Sony X8000H. So if you are looking forward to buying Sony X8000H, you can wait a little longer to give Sony X80J a try. It certainly should be better than Sony X8000H. This TV also looks like a good option for gaming.

So now, let's discuss the best 75 inches TVs. In the branded category, Sony X8000H is the best performing TV. However, I would suggest you buy it from the market as its online price is much higher than the market rate. In the market, you can get it at around Rs 1.70 lakh.

If your budget is less, you get two other options, Thomson & iFfalcon. I will not suggest you iFfalcon as its 350 Nits brightness is too low for a huge 75-inch screen and then, the aftersales services of TCL are pathetic. The company's claim to 120 Hz refresh rate, too, falls flat as the motion blur handling capacity of this TV does not seems to surpass other TVs of the budget category. In fast action scenes, motion blur is evident on this TV too.

So if your budget is low, you can opt for Kodak or Thomson TVs, which come at around Rs 1 lakh. The picture quality, viewing angles as well as brightness of both these TVs are good.

If you are interested in a 65 inches TV in the higher brands, then you have two good options, Sony X8000H and Samsung The Frame. Right now, they are the best TVs at around Rs 1.20 lakh.

Now, you must be confused about which TV to buy between these two! This depends on your usage requirement. If you are not using a set-top box, and watch programmes mostly on the OTT platforms, then you can definitely opt for Samsung the Frame. High-resolution videos are a treat to watch on it. 4k videos look much better on Samsung The Frame than Sony X8000H. However, low-resolution 720p videos will look better on Sony. The picture upscaling capability of Samsung The Frame is not up to the mark. This is the case with all real QLED TVs, where you don't get good picture upscaling. Performance through a Set-top box will also be better on Sony X8000H. And, on Sony X8000H, you also get a wider viewing angle, which goes missing on the Samsung TV. Samsung The Frame looks best when viewed directly from the front. From extreme angles, colors appear washed out, which makes it a not-so-good option for bigger rooms, where people will watch it from varied angles. But, if you are a gamer, then opt for Samsung The frame as its 120 Hz refresh rate keeps motion blur under control. Sony X8000H has MotionFlow XR Technology, which does restrict motion blur, to some extent, while watching normal contents, but, it too, fails to prevent motion blur during fast-paced action scenes.

In the budget category TVs, 65-inches Vu Cinema Action TV is undisputedly the best. In this TV, apart from superb picture quality, you get a very good audio experience. The picture upscaling capability of this TV is also very good, which I found to be even better than Sony X8000h. On this Vu TV, the 720p videos get upscaled nicely and play in a much higher resolution.

You can also go for Hisense Tornado, however, its picture quality is marginally inferior to Vu Cinema Action TV. The brightness & picture upscaling of Vu is a tad better than Hisense. The audio quality of both these TVs are almost at par with each other. Both, Vu Cinema Action TV and Hisense Tornado, give better performance than the Samsung Wondertainment TV and LG UM7290.

If your budget is even lower, you can go for Nokia or Vu Premium Android TVs, both are very good TVs. The aftersales services of Vu are pretty good, where ever they are being delivered, over there, you will get doorstep services. On the other hand, Nokia is a product of Flipkart whose services are looked after by Jeeves.

Now coming to the 55-inch category, here too, Sony X8000h and Samsung The Frame are the best TVs that fall within the 1 lakh price bracket. Though Samsung TU8000 and Samsung TU8570 are doing fairly well in the market, their picture quality and brightness are inferior to the above-mentioned TVs. If your budget is less you can go for Samsung TU8570 as its picture quality is better than Samsung TU8000. Now, which will be more apt for you, out of Sony X8000H & Samsung The Frame, depends on the same requirement parameters, which I cited earlier while discussing the best 65 inches TVs.

If your budget is further limited, you can opt for Sony X7500H, but here it would not be out of place to mention that its picture quality is much inferior to Sony X8000H.

Sony X8000H gives you much better details, sharpness, brightness & audio quality. So if budget is not a constraint for you, go for Sony X8000H instead of Sony X7500H. The picture quality of Sony X7400H is inferior to all the TVs mentioned here in this category, so go with it only if your budget is strictly limited & you are not interested in buying 2019 model TV.

Sony X7002G is a very good TV, which is being sold at a very low price as it is a 2019 model TV. Its picture quality stands next to Sony X8000H. Sony X7500H & Sony X7400H, both are inferior to it in brightness & picture quality. However, Sony X7002G too comes with its con! Its colors appear washed out when viewed from extreme angles.

In the budget category 55 inches TVs, the best ones right now, are Toshiba, Nokia, Vu & Hisense.

Vu Cinema Action TV & Hisense Tornado, both, come with very good picture and audio quality. Though, the 65-inch variant of this model outperforms the 55-inch variant, the 55 inches TVs, too, give a pretty good performance.

After these TVs, comes the 55-inch Toshiba TV. Apart from its superb color reproduction, its Dolby Vision performance is outstanding amongst the budget category TVs. On these two fronts, it also leaves behind Vu Cinema Action TV.

The brightness & picture quality of the Nokia TV is also very good. However, the absence of Dolby Vision & Dolby Atmos is a huge disadvantage for this TV. Keeping a brilliant TV devoid of the latest features is highly disappointing. If it had these two features, Nokia would have been the best TV in its category.

Effective picture upscaling, good brightness & picture quality apart from satisfactory audio experience makes Vu Premium Android, also a very good package. However, its Dolby Vision performance lacks the punch that Toshiba has. In Hisense TV, too, the Dolby Vision hardly makes its presence felt.

In my opinion, you can opt for any out of Toshiba & Vu Premium Android. If the Vidaa Operating system of Toshiba is a dampener for you, go for the Android OS of Vu TV.

Opt for Redmi XL only if you are a gamer looking for a TV to pair with PS5. The picture quality of Redmi XL is not that good, neither its audio is something to boast about. The only attraction of this TV is its HDMI 2.1 port, which prima facie, makes it look like an ideal partner for PS5 gaming. However, the limited 60 Hz refresh rate of this TV makes it a not-so-good option for a high-level PlayStation, like PS5. In the absence of Variable Refresh Rate, HDMI 2.1 appears more of a marketing gimmickry as you will not be able to exploit the full potential of your expensive Play Station.

If you want to go for a cheap QLED TV, instead of a 4k, Mi QLED TV is certainly one of the options in this category. Though the colors of Mi QLED TV appear vibrant in high-resolution videos, many a time, I felt that the TV tends to produce unnatural color reproduction, which certainly would not attract a person who has been viewing Samsung QLED TVs. For the first-time user, it certainly is an attractive package at this low price.

In the 50 & 49-inch size, Sony X8000H, Samsung The Frame, Sony X7500H & LG UM7290 are considered the best in the mid-range branded category. Out of these, Samsung The Frame & Sony X8000H top the list. If you watch content mostly through a set-top box, go for Sony X8000H, but if you watch programmes through the Internet, Samsung The frame would be a better option. Sony X8000H is fully suitable for big halls, too, as its viewing angle is wider.

If you cannot afford any of these two TVs, you can go for Sony X7500H & if your budget is further constrained, you can go for LG UM7290 in the branded category. The overall performance of LG UM7290 is a tad better than the Samsung Wondertainment TV.

Now, coming to the budget category, the best TVs are Toshiba & Vu. Nokia is also a superb TV, but when watching Dolby Vision videos, the picture quality appears lackluster.

The Dolby Vision performance of Toshiba is the most effective one & its Dolby Atmos pass-through feature, too, makes it a very attractive package. Amongst all the Vu variants, the 50-inch model gets the best picture quality, brightness, and audio. It certainly is one of the best TVs in this category. Moreover, the Vidaa OS of Toshiba gives a valid reason to opt for Vu that comes with an Android operating system, where you get the liberty to play all favorite applications, apart from the flexibility to sideload applications from outside.

The low-cost Thomson TV is also a very good performer. It comes with a good picture & audio quality. Its wide viewing angle makes it suitable for even a large family. However, the aftersales service of Thomson & Kodak is not satisfactory, which might prove a dampener.

Motorola ZX Pro is also a good option, but its brightness is on the lower side than the above-mentioned TVs. Motorola is a Flipkart product, so its services are on the shoulders of Jeeves.

My advice is that you should go for Mi TV only if you are a hard-die Xiaomi fan, as its performance is inferior to all the TVs mentioned here.

It would not be an exaggeration to assert that Toshiba, Nokia, Vu & Hisense TVs perform better than Sony X7500H, LG UM7290, and the Samsung Wondertainment TV. However, in aftersales services, the higher brands score much better due to their wide service network.

Now, coming to the 43-inch category, Sony X8000H is the best, followed by Sony X7500H & Samsung TU8570. If Sony X8000H is beyond your reach, you can opt for any out of these two.

But, remember, in Samsung you will not get wide viewing angles, whereas, the viewing angles of Sony X7500H are better. I do not discourage you from buying Samsung TU8570! You can certainly go for it if you are seeking a TV for closed spaces like your bedroom, where you will watch the TV directly from the front. The picture quality of Samsung TU8570 is better than Sony X7500H.

If you are desirous of buying a TV in the branded category, but your budget is very limited, you can opt for any out of Sony X7002G, LG UM7300, or LG UM7780. In LG UM7780, apart from very good picture quality, you also get excellent audio. LG UM7300 & LG UM7290 don't come with that great audio quality as LG UM7780. The picture quality of LG UM7290 is the least attractive of these three TVs, still, it is a good TV that you can buy at a very reasonable price.

In the 43-inch category, the picture quality of Sony X7002G is the best, but its viewing angles are limited. So if you have a big family, go for any LG TV with an IPS panel.

Sony X7400H is also a pretty decent TV, but it is inferior in picture quality to the TVs that I have already mentioned.

Now coming to the 43-inch budget category, there are many good TVs, but the best ones are Toshiba, Nokia, Hisense, and Vu. As mentioned earlier, Toshiba gives you the best Dolby Vision performance. It is indeed the best TV when it comes to picture quality, however, its linux-based operating system confines it within a limited sphere. To make it a complete package, you need to shell out some extra bucks for buying an Amazon 4k Fire TV stick or an Android TV box. If you pair it with any of these two devices, it will comprise the best package in its category.

As I have said before, the picture quality of Nokia TV is even better than Toshiba as its brightness is the best in its class. Apart from this, the audio of Nokia gives a very good experience. It only lags behind the best TVs, due to the absence of Dolby Vision on it.

Between Vu and Hisense TVs, you can select any, both come with good picture & audio quality apart from effective picture upscaling capability. However, if I need to select one out of these two, I will advise you to go for Vu as it has better picture upscaling along with good aftersales services. But don't go for Vu if it is unjustly priced. Then go for the one that is reasonably priced.

The performance of all these TVs is almost equally good in one or the other way.

And, if a good viewing angle is your priority in the budget category, then it is here, where, Motorola ZX Pro steps in. However, here, you also need to understand the limitations of an IPS panel TV! You won't get very deep Blacks and vivid color reproduction in Motorola ZX Pro as it comes with an IPS panel.

Here, I would also like to mention Shinco 43 inches 4k TV, which comes with superb picture quality & very good audio. Along with it, you also get reliable aftersales services. People know less about this Indian brand as the company despite being a big one does not bother to spend on publicity, unlike Xiaomi & other big Chinese brands that invest a huge amount in advertising.

In the 32-inch category, investing a lot on a TV does not seem prudent to me. In this segment, many budget category TVs outperform the lower range models of Sony, Samsung & LG. You get better picture quality & features in the budget TVs in comparison to higher brands. But, if you are interested only in a branded category TV, then you can opt for 2020 model of Samsung. In this category, Motorola ZX2 is a pretty good TV whose price is almost at par with Samsung. However, in picture quality & features, it is better than Samsung. In this category, Nokia TV can also be termed as one of the best. It has a very good picture quality along with pretty decent audio. And, if your budget is low, you can go with Shinco 32-inch TV without any doubt. It is better in picture quality & audio than even the higher range TVs. I have reviewed this TV recently, on my YouTube channel, Techiebeez India, you can watch it there.

In the 43 & 40 inches FHD category, Nokia, Motorola and OnePlus TVs are pretty good. OnePlus comes with very good picture quality, but it has some connectivity issues, which irritate every now and then.

So friends, in the end, I would like to apprise you of the fact that if your budget is less, you can go for Thomson, Kodak and Shinco TVs without a second thought. All these TVs come with a very good all-round performance. The only con is that the aftersales services of Thomson and Kodak are not satisfactory.


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