AUN D60 Projector Review | Best Budget Projector In India 2021 | Under 10k

 The Best Budget Projector In India Under 10k | AUN D60 Projector Review

When it comes to budget projectors, AUN is one of the leading brands that has come up with fairly good projectors in all categories. In this article, I will be reviewing a very good budget Home Cinema projector that comes from the brand AUN. The foremost thing about this Aun D60 HD projector is that it is pretty brighter than other HD projectors of its category. You can buy this projector, here in India, only. I have provided a reliable purchase link to this projector, you can purchase it from there. The seller promises a 1-yr doorstep aftersales services for this projector, here in India. There are many sellers on Amazon, who are selling projectors by this name, purchase only that one, whose link I have provided, so that you get a genuine product at a fair price. 

Aun D60 Review
Aun D60

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Basic Version 

  ₹ 9,549 



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 ₹ 12,574




To watch the video performance of this projector CLICK HERE

This projector comes in two variants, the basic and Android version. You can purchase any out of them. However, I recommend buying the basic variant and purchasing an Android TV box with it. This way, not only will you get the latest Android OS, but you will also get support for 4k videos. Though this AUN D60 projector has a resolution of 720p, its performance is far beyond the other HD projectors in its category. The best thing is that the performance of this projector is pretty good even on a white screen. In the video, on my YouTube channel Techiebeez India, I have shown its performance on both grey and white screens. 

 Box Packing AUN D60 Projector 

Aun d60 box
Aun D60 Box

The projector comes packed in a small cardboard box. On the box, the brand name and model number has also been printed, apart from the projector's highlights. There is a handle on the top, which makes it easier to carry the projector. Unboxing Inside the box, apart from the projector, you get a power cord, an AV cable, a remote, a height adjusting 6mm screw, two red and blue cardboard glasses to watch 3D contents and a user manual guide. 

 Design AUN D60 Projector 

The projector, despite being pretty compact, and portable feels solid in hand. The built quality is good and it looks pretty elegant in white. On the left-hand side, in the front, there is a glass lens that has been provided with a cap for protection. On the right side, there is an IR sensor. On the upper surface, above the lens, there is a focus wheel behind which, is the manual keystone correction ring. Apart from manual keystone correction, this projector also comes with a 2D electronic keystone correction. On the left rear side of the upper surface, all physical buttons have been provided and the brand name AUN is mentioned on the right side. On the right side, there are 2 USB, 1 HDMI, 1 3.5 mm headphone jack, a TF card slot, an AV port and a VGA port, through which you can connect this projector to a laptop. On the backside, there is a speaker and an IR sensor, apart from a power adapter port. For heat dissipation, a lot of vents have been provided on this projector. Underneath, there are rubber stands, apart from a thread, where you can fix the 6 mm screw (that comes with this projector) and use it to increase the projection height. The model number and brand name have again been mentioned, on the underneath too. 

 Features AUN D60 Projector 

aun d60 picture quality demo

This is an HD projector that supports FHD videos, too. It comes with 2800 lumens brightness and a 2000:1 contrast ratio. However, the peak brightness of this projector goes up to 3800 lumens. According to the company, the LED lamp life, of this projector is 30,000 hours. Though this projector can project a screen size up to a maximum of 120 inches, the best performance is got at around 100 inches. Its lamp should last around 10 years, even if you use this projector daily for 8 hours. You can connect this projector to almost all devices, like, an Android TV box, PS4 PlayStation, Amazon Fire TV stick, laptop, PC, or a set-top box. It also has the option to play movies or other contents through the USB port. Though this projector plays 3D videos, it only supports red and blue glasses. The lens has a multi-layer coating for enhanced lens protection so that with time its performance doesn't get affected. This projector is power efficient as it consumes only 60W. You can project it from any tripod or tabletop. Apart from this, it can also be hung from the ceiling.

 Performance AUN D60 Projector 

aun d60 picture performace

Friends, don't underestimate the performance of this budget projector. All AUN projectors are the best in their category. Going by its price and category, this is an excellent projector, whose picture quality can be termed as "superb". The pictures appear pretty sharp and the colour reproduction is also very good that imparts a cinema-hall-like feel. The best thing about this projector is that its brightness is one of the best in its category. Whether it is a phone's brightness, TV's or a projector's, brightness plays a vital role in shaping the overall picture quality. If the brightness is low, even the best colour reproduction would appear lacklustre. On a Grey screen, its brightness increases considerably, and you get the optimum performance of this projector. However, there is also a drawback of any grey screen, which you can consider as a VA panel TV, with very poor viewing angles. The viewing angles of a grey screen are not good. They are inferior to even a VA panel TV. If you will watch the contents, sitting directly in the front of it, the performance will be excellent, however, watching the screen from the sides will diminish the brightness, thus making the pictures dull. But as the brightness of this projector is good, so even if you watch it from the sides, not much of a deterioration in picture quality is observed. The white screen performance of this projector is also pretty good.

 Audio AUN D60 Projector 

There is nothing much to talk about its audio, as it is pretty low. However, this hardly matters as you need to connect a home theatre with any projector that you buy.  

 Heat Dissipation Fan Noise  AUN D60 Projector 

For heat dissipation, sufficient vents have been provided that continuously keep on throwing the warm air outside, in order to keep the projector cool. The noise of this projector is negligible, which is not audible at all when you connect this projector to any home theatre. 


If you are using a grey screen, you can use this projector even in a partially lighted room, where it still gives a pretty good performance. While projecting it on a white screen, the utmost would be to keep the room's light at its dimmest mode. I can recommend this projector for teaching purpose, too. However, the best performance can be got on a grey screen. If you are using a white screen, then lights need to be dimmed off. I don't think any budget projector would be suitable for Outdoor purpose. This projector comes with all these setting, you can fine-tune the picture and sound settings according to your liking. In my opinion, this is a pretty good budget projector, which you can buy without any hesitation. People, who are desirous of buying a 32 or 40 inches TV, and have space at home, for them, this AUN projector would be a better option as in very less they would be able to enjoy contents on a huge screen. Through this projector, they can get a Miniplex-like experience at home.

Aun projector hd

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