Aun Akey6 vs Tonzo LS-418 ⚡ Side By Side Comparison

A side by side comparison of Aun Akey6 with Tonzo LS 418. 

Both these screens, which you are seeing are approximately 55-55 inches, which have been projected from a distance of approximately 6-7 ft. Both these projectors project the same-sized screen from the same distance. For a 120-inch screen, both require a distance of 14-15 ft. The best purchase links of these projectors are there in the description box below this video, from where you can buy them at their lowest price.

On this channel of ours, we keep on bringing the best home projectors one after the other and we also show a side-by-side comparison to make it easier for you to decide, so please subscribe to this channel and press the bell icon so that you get instant info regarding the release of our next video. So now, let's start with this video. I am showing you the detailed performance of these projectors, both are really good. In fact, Aun Akey6 has been one of my favourite projectors till now. So as of now, you watch this video. In this, I have also shown the performance of both these projectors in light, apart from playing their audio. I will give my opinion later on in this video.

This video is not too long, so if you are desirous of buying any of these projectors, then watch this video carefully without skipping. This will help you a lot in making your purchasing decision.

Guys, both these projectors are very good ones, however, I found the picture quality of Tonzo LS 418 better than Aun Akey6. Tonzo LS418 has better brightness than this Aun AKEY6 projector. Apart from this, in Tonzo, you get to see more details as well as sharpness. The images of AUN AKEY6 display lesser details, are softer and are not as well-defined as those in Tonzo.

The dynamic range of Tonzo LS418 is pretty good. In Aun AKEY6 the Blacks are deeper, however, the details get veiled behind the Blacks. Aun AKEY6 struggles while producing bright colours, whereas, the colours produced by Tonzo are vibrant and punchy. On your screens, right now, you can see the performance of these projectors in a lighted room. Talking about their Audio performance; Both these projectors come with very good sound. However, in Tonzo, you get a better bass as well as sound clarity.
However, both these projectors are the best ones in Home Cinema. I have given my opinion, it is not necessary that you too agree with my point of view, so whichever appeals to you, go for that one.

A side by side comparison of Aun Akey6 with Tonzo LS 418. 

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