Best Portable Bluetooth Speaker 2021 | Sony SRS-XB13 Review

Sony SRS-XB13: Key To A Musical Treat

Sony SRS-XB13 review
Sony SRS-XB13

Sony SRS-XB13 Bluetooth speaker, despite coming in a small form factor, is a big musical bomb, whose performance has surprised me. It is an amazing Bluetooth speaker, which gives you a pretty good audio experience with deep bass. Its audio quality is better than many big soundbars out there in the market.

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The speaker comes in a small box on which apart from the features, the model number of the speaker is mentioned. Inside the box, apart from the speaker, there is a user manual guide, a warranty card and a USB charging cable.

Build & design SONY SRS-XB13

The Sony SRS-XB13 Bluetooth speaker comes in a Black cylindrical design. The speaker feels pretty solid in hands and in looks it is stylish & premium. The speaker is well-built. It has been constructed out of high-grade ABS plastic material. On left side, there is a White Sony logo, which has been vertically embossed on this Black speaker. The Sony logo has been crafted out of white plastic material and the word Sony is slightly raised, which you can feel through your fingers. This white Sony logo on a Black body makes this wireless speaker pretty stylish and elegant in looks. On one side, there is a sturdily built high-quality strap, through which you can tie it to your backpack while travelling. The entire upper surface is covered by a black metallic mesh, inside which the speaker has been enclosed.

Towards the bottom, there is a horizontal rubberized panel on which the Play/Pause, Volume, Bluetooth and power on/off buttons have been embedded. Through the Play/Pause button, you can attend to your phone calls. Below the Play/Pause button, there is a microphone.

The rubberized panel gets an extension even beyond the volume button to facilitate a flap, underneath which the charging port has been concealed. Underneath the speaker, the model number, brand name and serial number has been mentioned on a round metallic sheet. The entire base is rubberized, which grants stability to this speaker during musical vibrations. On the bottom of this speaker, you get to see a design, which creates a sort of hollow space between the bottom and the speaker. Overall, the speaker is pretty stylish, premium and elegant.

 Features & Specifications Sony SRS XB13 

Coming to its features & specifications, this Sony wireless speaker comes with an IP67 rating. Apart from being waterproof, it is dustproof too. It has Bluetooth v4.2. The connectivity of this Speaker is hassle-free and really fast. This Sony speaker comes with a passive radiator along with a full-range speaker. It gets a Sound Diffusion Processor, too. This speaker comes with the facility of hands-free calling. For charging it has a USB type C port and the battery backup of this speaker is 15-16 hours.

 Audio Performance Sony SRS - XB13  

Coming to the audio quality of this speaker, it is just amazing. Despite having a compact design, the audio is pretty loud. On this speaker, you get a pretty good balance of Highs, Mids and lows. The foremost thing about this portable Bluetooth speaker is that it is one of the foremost options for bass lovers. The passive radiator of this speaker in combination with its full-range speaker produces an excellent true bass effect. On this speaker, you will not get to hear any unnecessary irritating bass, instead, you get a true bass, just as intended during the original musical composition. Despite being deep, the bass doesn't affect the vocal clarity, which is pretty clear on this speaker. In simple words, on this speaker, you get to hear treble, bass, and vocals just as intended during the actual music creation.


None of the frequencies overpowers each other, all play a balanced role in churning out the best audio quality and making this speaker a virtual treat for music lovers. Listening to music on this speaker is a delightful experience in itself. The sound diffusion processor plays an effective role in creating a decent surround sound experience. The speaker's sound is loud enough to fill a big-sized hall and leave a powerful impact. Even at full volume, you don't get to hear any distortion. This speaker gives you crystal clear quality during hands-free calling.

And, if you pair another unit of this speaker, with this one, you get an excellent stereo sound experience along with enhanced surround sound effect.

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