Motorola ZX Pro Vs Motorola Revou | Which One Is Better?

Motorola ZX Pro Vs Motorola Revou: A side by side comparison

Recently we carried out a side by side comparison of the Motorola ZX Pro and Motorola Revou TVs and the results that we got can be seen in my video on my YouTube channel Techiebeez India. Both these TVs are excellent performers, you can choose any out of the two. Both the TVs have good viewing angles, however, Motorola ZX Pro gives a little better viewing angles, as it comes with an IPS panel, whereas, Motorola Revou has an ADS panel. In Motorola Revou, you get to see deeper Blacks than Motorola ZX Pro.

If we talk about the colour reproduction of the two TVs; Motorola Revou displays better colours than Motorola ZX Pro. You get to see bright colours on Revou, whereas, Motorola ZX Pro reproduces a bit of dark and deep colours. However, the colour reproduction of Motorola ZX Pro can be termed as the best amongst IPS panel TVs. On IPS panel TVs, mostly the colour reproduction is not so punchy as you get on Motorola ZX Pro.

The brightness of both these TVs can be termed as one of the best in the budget category. However, if we talk about these two TVs, then Motorola Revou is a little brighter than ZX Pro. As brightness is more on Motorola Revou, colours appear brighter on it, which in turn make details more visible on it than the Motorola ZX Pro TV. Coming to the design; I like Motorola ZX Pro's design a little better than Revou. Motorola ZX Pro comes with a metallic mesh, whereas, in Revou, the speakers get a fabric covering. Apart from this, the audio on Motorola ZX Pro appealed me a little more than Revou.

Overall the picture quality of Motorola Revou is better than the picture quality of Motorola ZX Pro. However, if you purchase Motorola ZX Pro 50 inches, then you will find its colour reproduction more vibrant than the 55 and 43 inches' variants as it comes with a VA panel.

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