New TV Launch 2021| Blaupunkt Launches 4k Smart TVs in India | Blaupunkt 43CSA7070 In-depth Review

Blaupunkt TV: A good IPS panel TV with Superb Audio

Blaupunkt has launched a new series of Smart TVs in India. In the 4k resolution category, this series comes in two sizes, 43 inches, and 55 inches. Apart from this, this series has a 32 inches HD Ready TV and another 42 inches FHD TV. All these TVs are being manufactured in India by Super Plastronics Private limited, (SPPL), which has purchased the license to use the brand name. SPPL also manufactures Thomson and Kodak TVs. Here, we will be reviewing the 43 inches 4k Smart TV.


The Blaupunkt 43 inches Smart TV comes packed in a cardboard box, on which the highlights of the TV are mentioned. Inside this box apart from the TV, there is a remote, two triple-A batteries, a two-piece tabletop stand, a wall-mount, an AV cable, and a user manual guide. Though this TV is fully constructed out of plastic, it is stylish and premium in looks. It is almost bezel-less from three sides, and on the lower side is a thin silver-grey colored bezel on the center of which the brand name Blaupunkt is mentioned. Though made out of plastic, the lower bezel gets a metallic silver finish that matches perfectly with the silver metallic finished tabletop stand. The tabletop stand imparts a tall look to this TV. You can easily place a soundbar of any make underneath it. On the rear, the TV gets a decent designing and all the ports are placed on the right-hand side. Apart from 3 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports, the TV has an optical input port, an Antenna port, and an Ethernet port. The remote gets an elongated design and is similar to the one that comes with the Motorola TV. The only difference is that instead of the silver contrast it gets a black glossy finish. The built quality of the remote is pretty decent, and, it has direct buttons to Netflix, Prime video, media and YouTube. The remote also houses a Google Assistant button.

Features & Specifications

According to the company, this 4k TV has an IPS panel and DLED backlighting, apart from this, HDR 10+ and HLG support are given on it. The refresh rate of this TV is 60 Hz and to control motion blur, the company has incorporated MEMC Technology in it. The TV gets dual-band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth v5.0, and a built-in Chromecast. The company says this TV comes with a brightness of 450 Nits and for Audio there are four 50 Watts output speakers that come with certified support of Dolby Digital Plus, DTS True Surround Sound, and Dolby MS12. This is an Android TV, which runs on the latest Android 10.0 OS. The TV comes fitted with a Quad-core ARM Cortex A53 processor and for graphics, there is Mali 450 Quad-Core processor. It has 2 GB RAM and 8 GB storage.


Real Performance

Now let's talk about its real performance. First of all, I will tell you about its set-top box performance, later we will discuss its performance through the Internet. The set-top box performance of this 4K TV is very good. The colours appear pretty accurate and vivid and even the brightness seems pretty good. And, when you play any low-resolution content through the USB port, it gets played in a better resolution on this TV. The digital noise reduction feature seems to play a very effective role in reducing digital noise. Because of this, the digital noise in pictures is almost negligible. 4k videos play beautifully through the USB port. Sharpness, detail clarity, and colour reproduction, all, look pretty good on this TV. This is probably one of the best 4k TVs when it comes to watching Set-top-box content. 

Blaupunkt 43CSA7070 review
Blaupunkt 43CSA7070

Now, coming to its performance through the Internet; SDR content looks pretty good on this TV.
As it is an IPS panel TV, though, you don't get to see bright and punchy colours like a VA panel TV, still, its colour reproduction is pretty good. You get to see natural colours on this TV. Even the picture clarity and sharpness are good. The only thing is that as it is an IPS panel TV its contrast ratio is low, and you don't get to see deep blacks like a VA panel TV. The best performance of this TV can be seen in bright or moderately lit rooms. In a dark room, Blacks tend to give a grey appearance. Apart from this, the overall picture performance of this TV is pretty good. In the IPS panel category its performance is fairly good. The brightness of the TV, though, not as high as claimed by the company, is sufficient to watch SDR content in good quality. SDR content looks pretty attractive on this TV, but, while watching HDR videos, the brightness does fall short of viewing the content in optimum quality. This TV exhibit good viewing angles, which makes it appropriate for big families. Talking about the motion blur on this TV; Motion blur doesn't create a problem while watching normal content, but, it gets visible during the fast action scenes. MEMC hardly seems to play any role in stopping it.


Coming to its Audio, it is the USP of this TV. The audio is very good, which is rare in this sized TV.
The sound apart from being loud is very clear. Dialogues are crystal clear on it. The bass, though not very heavy, is good enough for a TV. You don't need any soundbar with it. Rather, the audio of this TV enhances your viewing experience, making it enjoyable.


This is an Android Smart TV, which runs on Android 10.0 OS. On this TV, you get Google Play Store from where you can download apps and games. And, on this TV you can even sideload outside apps. Though the company needed to give more storage on this TV, I did not find any problem while switching between applications or playing videos. Talking about its casting ability; This TV plays the contents of your phone with a much delay, however, despite this, the video gets played continuously without any lag. And, the most interesting thing is that even when you stop playing the video on your phone, it continues playing on the TV screen for a while. Coming to the gaming on this TV: It displays decent graphics and you can play low-end games smoothly on it. For playing high-end games, you will need a PlayStation. You can even use this TV as a monitor. As a monitor its performance is decent.



  • This TV comes in a stylish design, which imparts a premium feel to it.
  • The viewing angles are pretty good, which is suitable for big families.
  • The audio quality of this TV is superb, which you will hardly find in a TV of this size.
  • The set-top box performance of this TV is excellent, which in combination with its excellent audio imparts a very good viewing experience.
  • The upscaling capability of the TV is pretty good. Low-resolution videos played through a USB port get upscaled and play in high quality and through USB the sound in movies does not get muffled.


  • Dolby Vision goes missing on this TV.  and the TV comes with low internal storage.



In my opinion, due to its good picture quality and superb audio, this TV is an all-round package. It is a good option amongst 4k TVs, for people who watch content through a set-top box, or, use the USB port to watch downloaded movies.

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