The Best IPS Panel Android Smart TV 2021? | Motorola ZX Pro Review

The Motorola ZX Pro 55-inches TV can be said to be the best IPS panel TV in the budget category.

This Motorola TV, through its very good performance, beats not only many budget category TVs but also many mid-range TVs of the higher brands.

Motorola ZX Pro 55 inch 4k tv


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The built quality of the 55 inches Motorola ZX Pro TV is pretty good. Apart from being well-built, it comes in a premium and stylish design. It looks more of a higher brand TV than that of a budget category. It gets a bezel-less design from three sides, and, on the lower bezel, a soundbar with a grey coloured metallic mesh has been integrated with this TV. The two-piece metallic table-top stand matches perfectly with the bezel of this TV. Overall in looks, this TV is super-stylish, which has the power to enhance the aesthetics of the room where it is kept.

 Connectivity Options 

This Motorola TV has 3 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, 1 Ethernet port, an optical port, 1 RF input port and an analogue input port. However, the headphone jack goes missing on this TV. The TV has dual-band Wi-Fi along with a two-way Bluetooth v5.0. Apart from this, it comes with a built-in Chromecast and Google Assistant. HDMI CEC and ARC, both, are present on this TV, and, you also get an HDMI 2.1a compliant port. A gamepad comes bundled with this TV.


This Motorola TV support Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, HDR10 and HLG. Apart from IPS panel and DLED backlighting, it comes with smart dimming, AutoTuneX Display Engine, 400 Nits brightness and 60 Hz refresh rate. The company lays stake to the claim that it has fitted a response time compensation engine on this Motorola TV to reduce the motion blur. The TV has a Mediatek CA53 Quad-core processor, whose clocking speed goes up to 1.5 GHz, and, an 850 MHz Mali G52 graphic engine, along with, 2 GB RAM and 32 GB storage. The Operating System is Android 10.0.

Motorola ZX Pro 55 inch 4k tv

 Picture Quality Motorola ZX Pro 

Despite being an IPS panel TV, its picture quality is very good. The colour reproduction can be termed as the best amongst IPS panel TVs. The colours of this TV exhibit a vibrancy, which stands very close to a VA panel TV. This TV occupies a high rank amongst the top TVs of the budget category. The colour accuracy of this TV is very good and clarity is glaring. You can even make out the fabric of the clothes that people are wearing. On this TV, you can easily differentiate the different shades of a single colour. Pictures appear realistic as if they would pop out of the TV screen. Many a time, you get the feel of watching a good QLED TV. This TV comes in the class of the brightest TVs in the budget category. The brightness of this TV is pretty good, which in turn, makes the details in pictures very clear. The details, which you usually miss on other TVs, those you can easily make out on this TV. Its good brightness imparts a glow to the images thus making the picture quality pretty appealing.  Though its Blacks are not as deep as any good VA panel TV, they are the best amongst IPS panel TVs.

Considering that it's a budget category TV, the performance of Dolby Vision videos is pretty good. The picture quality of this Motorola TV stands pretty close to the picture quality of Sony X8000H, however, on Sony, you get better brightness because of which, the HDR performance is a tad better. The set-top box performance of this TV is good and its picture upscaling capacity is also pretty good. This TV upscales low-resolution videos to a much higher quality. The motion blur on this TV is less in comparison to many other TVs having a 60 Hz refresh rate, still, it gets visible during fast action scenes. If we compare it to LG UM7300 & UM7290, then, this Motorola TV easily beats them due to its better picture quality and audio. On this TV you will find better motion handling capacity and brightness than those LG TVs. Upscaling is almost similar for both brands.


This Motorola TV comes with a dedicated AmphisoundX Pro soundbar, which is fitted with 50 Watts output, front-firing speakers. On this TV, a 360-degree surround sound effect along with Dolby Atmos support is given. Apart from this, the TV supports Dolby audio and DTS studio sound. The audio of this TV is remarkable. The dialogues clarity is outstanding, and you can feel a heaviness in them. The TV's bass is decent, which does not interfere with the vocal clarity. This slim-designed soundbar is a delightful addition that augments the USP of this TV. You won't need any external soundbar with this TV unless you are desirous of a super booming bass effect. I feel, the audio quality of this TV is better than the Nokia TV, which comes with Onkyo speakers, and, even the 102 Watts JBL speakers on the Hisense Tornado TV seemed a tad inferior in quality. Though Dolby Atmos is there on this TV, the TV fails to provide any vertical channel to the audio in order to substantiate the Dolby Atmos effect. However, when you connect this TV to any Dolby Atmos soundbar through HDMI ARC, you would definitely get richer audio output than any Dolby Audio TV.

Motorola ZX Pro 55 inch 4k tv
Motorola ZX Pro 55 inch 4k tv


Coming to the Smartness of this TV; it is an Android Smart TV, in which you get a smooth browsing experience, and, you get to play almost all of your favourite applications on this TV. You can download applications and games from its Google Play Store, and, also sideload outside apps on it.

The Google Assistant is prompt in following your voice commands. Casting is smooth on this TV. Through Bluetooth, you can connect your gamepad, keyboard, mouse, headphones, etc., with this TV. In the lower-range category, this TV is a very good option for gaming. It imparts a lag-free gaming experience, along with displaying very good graphics. HDMI 2.1 port is an added attraction that grants it compatibility with PS5 Play Station, however, its 60 Hz refresh rate does not allow a gamer to exploit the full potential of the PS5, which comes with a 120 Hz variable refresh rate.

 Aftersales Services Motorola ZX Pro  

Talking about its aftersales services; It is a Flipkart product like Nokia, so its services are looked after by Jeeves, whose service, though, not very prompt is fair enough to get your job done.

 Conclusion Motorola ZX Pro 

In my opinion, this TV is an all-round package in which apart from good built quality and stylish design, you get fabulous picture quality with very good viewing angles and not to forget the wonderful audio experience that it comes bundled with. You can definitely go with this TV without a second thought, it is a superb TV in the IPS category.

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