Blitzwolf BW-VP13 Review| Best Budget Projector Under 12k

Blitzwolf BW-VP13 Projector Review: A Visual Treat At An Affordable Price

If you are searching for a very good projector in the affordable category, then you have landed at the right place. Even if your budget is less, you need not settle for an HD projector, as the Blitzwolf BW-VP13 projector is a pretty good FHD projector that comes at the price of an HD projector. At the price it is being sold, you will not find any other projector with this great performance. In performance, this projector beats even the costly projectors that are being sold in India at a much higher price. Apart from being sufficiently bright, it is pretty compact and can be carried along with you anywhere.

I have got this projector from Banggood and it reached me within 16 days. I didn't have to pay any customs duty on it, just remember to include the tariff insurance on the product at the time of checkout. On Banggood, you also get a 30-day return and replacement guarantee on this projector. If you face any problem you can always return it, and your entire money will be credited into your bank account. You just need to return the product to the address provided by them. The purchase link of this projector along with its discount coupon is there at the end of this article.

Some readers had requested me to give them a tutorial on how to purchase products from Banggood, so, at the end of this article, I will give you a quick tutorial of the purchase process.

This is a native 1080p projector, which gives you excellent picture quality at a very low price. It is my sincere advice that instead of going for a low-resolution HD projector, you should opt for native 1080p projectors. This Blitzwolf projector and the Xiaomi projector, which I reviewed earlier, both come with a native 1080p resolution. Indian sellers are selling even HD projectors at a higher price than these two FHD projectors.

The Blitzwolf BW-VP13 projector as usual comes in a company-branded white and green box.
Inside the Box, apart from the projector, there is a power cord, an HDMI cable, a mini AV cable, one height adjusting screw, a remote and a user manual guide. The remote is simple whose built quality is decent.

Apart from being compact, the projector is well-built too. In an all matt Black finish, it looks pretty attractive. To cover the lens, there is a proper plastic cover, which has a knob too. On the extreme right of the lens, there is a Blitzwolf branding. This projector has IR Blasters on the front as well as on the rear. Above the lens, there is a focus wheel and a keystone correction ring. All physical buttons are located on the rear edge of the upper surface. On the backside, there is a power port and a VGA port. On the right side, there are two HDMI ports, 1 USB port, 1 AV port, 1 headphone jack and an SD card slot. On the lower surface of the projector, apart from the Blitzwolf branding, complete details of this projector are given. You can mount this projector on a tripod as well as on the ceiling. There are multiple vents for proper heat dissipation.

 Features & Specifications
This projector has a native 1080p resolution. The brightness according to the company is 6000 Lumens and the contrast ratio is 3500:1. It comes with a manual vertical 15-degree keystone correction and you get a 16.7 million colours on it. This Blitzwolf projector comes with a Bluetooth v5.0 along with dual-band Wi-Fi. It has two 3 Watts stereo speakers and it supports wireless mirroring.

Real Performance
Now let's talk about its real performance. At this price point, none of the projectors gives you this much brightness, which you get on this projector. Apart from excellent colour reproduction you get to see superb picture clarity on it. The pictures appear sharp and well-defined so that you get to enjoy all sorts of content on it. On the retractable ALR Inlight screen hung in my Bedroom, its performance is outstanding. You will really enjoy movies as well as other programs on it. It can form a screen of 150 inches, too, but for good clarity, it would be better if you keep the screen size limited from 100 to 120 inches. None of the budget projectors, give you a good performance above 120 inches. When this projector reaches you it supports only 1080p@50 Hz, however, on the Banggood website the procedure to install the firmware update is given, following which, you can upgrade it to 1080p@60Hz. Right now, even in the sub-18k category, this is the best projector that gives you a Cinema Hall-like genuine viewing experience.

Miracast works smoothly on this projector; you can watch your phone contents on a huge screen by wirelessly connecting it with the projector. You can also cast the contents of the OTT platform through your phone on the big screen projected by this projector.

Coming to the audio; it is fairly good for a small to medium-sized room. Apart from dialogues, music too can be heard clearly, but for a Cinematic experience, you need to connect it to a sound bar as sometimes the audio of a few programs gets too low.

You can connect this projector wirelessly to a Bluetooth speaker, gaming controller, keyboard and mouse. This projector is fully compatible with all android TV boxes, Set-top boxes, DVD player, PlayStation, etc. 

Performance on Different Screens
The performance of this projector is pretty good on all screens, including a White screen.

How to Place Order on Banggood
Now, I will tell you how to purchase products from the Banggood website. First of all, click on the link provided in the description box. It will take you to the product page on the Banggood website. Now, click on EU plug and select shipping from CN/China. Then, Add To Cart. After that click on View Cart & Checkout. In the order summary you will be able to see the total, now, click on Proceed to Checkout. Then a page exhibiting your shipping address will be displayed. If you have given only one address while making the account, it will be displayed as default. Shipping and tariff insurance will already be ticked. If it is not, then tick both these options. In the Discount section, put the discount coupon code, which I have provided you in the description box. Remember during the Flash sales, my discount code will not work as during Flash Sales the prices are already at their lowest. After applying the discount coupon code, your Total will be displayed on the page. Now, you just need to make the online payment. Payment can be made through the credit or debit card related to Visa or Master card. Apart from this, you also get the option for Net banking, UPI and PayPal. When you purchase any product from Bangggood you get points for it. When a number of points get accumulated you can use them to obtain further discounts on the products that you purchase later on.

In the end, I would only say that this Blitzwolf's projector gives you a very good picture quality at an affordable price. Its picture quality is even better than some other costly projectors and its performance on all screens is pretty good.

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