Wanbo T6 Max Projector 2022 | In-Depth Review

Is Wanbo T6 Max The Best Branded Projector In The Affordable Category?

Wanbo T6 Max is a beautifully crafted projector that comes from a trusted brand. It is, now, officially available in India and is marketed, here, by the Wzatco company. This native 1080p projector comes with the latest innovative features, not seen in any other projector being sold here by other brands.

 UNBOXING Wanbo T6 Max 

Xiaomi Wanbo T6 Max projector comes in a premium quality box, on which the highlights of this projector are mentioned. Inside the box, apart from the projector, there is a remote, a power cord, a 2.0-ampere power adapter, a warranty card, and an instruction manual. 

Draped in all white, this projector looks very premium and stylish. It is definitely heavier than the Wanbo T2 Max projector, but, much lighter than other projectors, and, is portable too. The built quality of this projector is premium. Inbuilt quality, it beats all other projectors that I have reviewed till date. High-quality ABS material has been used in its construction. People tend to get drawn towards this projector instantly as its compact form factor and classy design is captivating.

The lens is located at a height on this Projector. A chrome lining has been given around the lens. Here, underneath the lens is the fan outlet, which too, gets a chrome lining. This Chrome lining greatly accentuates the overall looks of this projector. On the upper surface, there is a sole on/off push button. On the rear are 2 USB ports, 1 HDMI port, an AV port, a headphone jack and a power port. Speakers are located on the back and the speakers' grill covers the entire back surface.

Underneath this projector, all its details are given, and, there is also a screw thread through which you can mount this projector on any tripod. The remote looks pretty elegant & premium in white. Its black buttons stand in a striking contrast thus making the remote appear stylish. The button for electronic focus is there on this remote. And, it also comes with a voice command feature. As it is a compact, portable projector, it can be carried anywhere. On the top, there is a leather handle, which is securely attached to this projector with steel buttons. Overall in looks, this projector is a killer, which has the power to greatly enhance the aesthetics of your room.

 Features & Specifications Wanbo T6 Max 

This FHD native projector by Xiaomi comes with 550 ANSI brightness. It can project a screen size between 40 inches and 200 inches. It comes with a built-in Android 9.0 OS and has a Google Play Store on it. It comes fitted with an Amlogic T972 A55 Quadcore processor, which is also seen on Mijia 2 Pro and Xiaomi's Laser projectors. It has 2GB DDR4 RAM and 16 GB eMMC high-speed flash memory. Apart from Bluetooth v5.0, there is a built-in dual-band Wi-Fi and Chromecast. In addition to an electronic focus, there is a 4-point electronic keystone correction on this projector.

Now let's come to the most important part: Its durability. Projectors tend to go out of order, sooner than expected, if there is overheating in them when used for long hours or if dust enters their optical path. However, in this projector, there is a fully-closed dust-proof optical chamber. All three, LED, LCD and Lens, have been placed in a fully-sealed chamber so that the chances of dust entering into it are minimal. For cooling, there are 3 big fans, intake fan, exhaust fan and controller fan. Because of this, heat dissipation on this projector is very effective and even after being in use for long hours, it doesn't heat up much. The Lens has been fully constructed with glass and has been provided with multiple layers of coatings. Despite having an electronic focus, the defocusing problem does not arise on this projector. Focusing is reasonably good on all four corners of the screen.

It comes with two 5W stereo speakers, which are accompanied by individual digital power amplifiers. You can connect your Bluetooth speakers wirelessly with this projector. In addition to this, you can also wirelessly connect your gaming controller, keyboard and mouse with this projector. According to the company, the projector's noise is limited to 36 dB. You can easily connect this projector to all your devices, like, PlayStation, set-top box, Android TV box and DVD player. According to the company, apart from supporting 4k videos, this projector also supports HDR10+ and the lamp life of this projector is 20,000 hours. It is pretty easy to set up this projector. Even if you are using a projector for the first time, you will not face any problem. Through this button on the remote, you can easily adjust the focus, and, through the keystone correction, given in the settings, get a perfectly rectangular screen.
Out of the box, the picture and the sound settings are already tuned to their best. In fact, this portable projector has been given a quick set-up, so that you can start using it instantly.

 Picture Performance 

Now, let's talk about its picture quality. But before that, I would like to have a word with you. Some influencers misguide people by projecting a screen size between 200 and 300 inches! Which is a technical blasphemy! The BenQ company, whose projectors are very bright, too, recommends a screen size of 100 inches even for its FHD DLP projectors. And, to remind you all, DLP projectors are the brightest ones. This year, Samsung launched its Freestyle projector at CES, which is a bright projector, still, the company prescribed a maximum screen size formation of 100-inches for it. If I want, I too can show you a screen size of 200-300 inches, but, what is the logic behind projecting a screen size beyond which its clarity diminishes! The best performance of all these home projectors is limited to a maximum screen size of 120 inches. Through this projector, you can comfortably project a 120-inch screen and enjoy its content thoroughly. This compact projector, which comes from a big reputed brand is a premium offering, whose built quality, is much better than the budget projectors. The closed optical path of this projector keeps it safe from dust and the cooling of 3 fans prevent it from heating up abnormally. Because of this, the life of this Wanbo projector is expected to be better than other projectors. Now, coming to its picture quality; Even in a dimly-lit room, the performance of this projector is pretty good. If you project a screen size between 100 and 120 inches, the brightness, colour reproduction and picture clarity, all will look amazing.


The colour reproduction of this projector is very good. Pictures appear very sharp and clarity, too, looks good. Not only the built quality, but the picture quality of this projector is also great. Though the company has specified it as a projector with HDR10+ support, I do not agree with them. nWhen you watch HDR content directly on this projector, it tends to darken. On the other hand, when the same content is played through the Mi TV box, which supports HDR 10, all HDR videos play nicely. This is a 120-inch white screen on which you are watching its performance.

If you will project it on a 100-inch white screen, in a dimly-lit room, its performance will be close to that of a TV screen. This projector, apart from giving you a good cinematic experience in high-resolution grants portability. this is your entertainment on the go, which you can carry with you anywhere you travel. It can also be used for presentations in a dimly-lit room. From a 10 feet distance, this projector can form a big screen of 95 inches. Though out of the box, the settings of this projector are good, the absence of picture and sound settings even in the HDMI mode disappoints a little. Surprisingly, their T2 Max projector had the option for picture & sound settings in the HDMI mode, I am clueless why it is missing on this upgraded version. However, the company does say that this problem will be resolved through future updates.

Meanwhile, you will continue getting updates on this projector. Even when it comes to you, there will be a new update. Coming to its sound; Its audio is superb. It appears as if you have connected a soundbar to this projector. The audio, apart from being loud, is quality rich. I have not seen this level of audio performance in any projector that I have reviewed earlier. This small projector is a complete package, which you can take along with you anywhere where you go. You can use it comfortably even without a home theatre.


The Wi-Fi connectivity of this projector is very good, all applications play smoothly on it. This projector comes with Android 9.0 OS, in which you mostly get all the applications, however, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video will have the smartphone UI. As I have been telling you repeatedly in most of my previous videos, use the applications of a projector only when you are on a move, because, none of the Android projectors plays applications in high resolution. To watch content in high quality, you will need an Android TV box or Amazon Fire TV Stick. Through these devices, you will be able to play Netflix and other applications in 1080p resolution. However, do remember that this projector doesn't support the audio of the Mecool box, so, you need to buy a Mi Android TV box or Amazon Fire TV Stick. I have left the purchase links to some great screens in the description box, this projector gives good performance on all of them.


Concluding this video, I would just say that in my opinion, this is a very good portable projector that gives you an overall enjoyable Cinema-like experience. You will not get this level of good performance on any other projector of its size, and then, it comes from a reliable company, which has created this product keeping durability in mind. This in a way assures to give the best value for your buck.

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