Vu The Masterpiece QLED Glo Series 55QMP 55 inch Ultra HD 4K Android Smart QLED TV

Vu The Masterpiece QLED Glo Series 55QMP 55 inch Ultra HD 4K Android Smart QLED TV 

By releasing this TV, Vu has thrown a real challenge to the higher brand companies like Sony, Samsung and LG and has reserved a space for it in that Elite club. According to the company, this Vu The Masterpiece is the world's first QLED TV that comes with an IPS panel because of which the viewing angle of this TV is much better than other QLED TVs. All the specifications that have been given in this Vu TV are only found in the higher range TVs of the bigger brands, which come at a very high cost. Some of the features that have been given in this TV are a rare find even in the higher range TVs. This Vu Masterpiece TV is available in the 55, 65, 75 Inches and 85 inches variants. 

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Vu Masterpiece Glo Vu Masterpiece Glo Vu 139 cm (55 inches) The Masterpiece Glo Series 4K Ultra HD Smart Android QLED TV 55QMP (Armani Gold)
  • Price:₹74,990.00
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 Box Contents 

Inside the box, apart from the TV, there are two pieces of a metallic tabletop stand, a remote, 2 AAA batteries, a wall mount, an AV cable, a power cord, and, this user manual guide.

The built quality of the TV is superb. From three sides, the TV is bezel-less and only a metal frame has been provided. On the lower side, there is a slim metallic bezel in the centre of which Vu branding is given. The side profile of the TV is also very slim. The tabletop stand comes in a scalene triangle design on which like the bezel and frame, an Armani gold finish is given. The bezel and the stands, both, have been crafted out of an aluminium alloy and an Armani gold polishing is given on them, which grants this TV an expensive look like any piece of jewellery. The stand of the TV is uniquely designed, which enhances the looks of this TV. In the construction of this TV, the same aluminium alloy has been employed which is used in the crafting of luxury cars and smartwatches. On the rear, high-grade ABS plastic has been used on which checkerboard texture has been given. On the backside of the TV, there is also a dedicated subwoofer.  Overall this TV comes with a rich premium look in whose construction high-quality material has been used.

Armani gold finish
Armani gold finish

The remote of this TV is sleek and looks pretty premium. The remote is also constructed out of an aluminium alloy and the battery compartment opens with the push of a button in the same manner as you load a magazine in a revolver. I really liked this feature in this remote. The remote has both IR and Bluetooth functionalities. On it, apart from Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube and Google Play direct buttons you get buttons for Cricket, AI and Cinema modes. It also has a direct button to Spotify, using which, you can turn your TV into a speaker and enjoy music over it.

The Masterpiece Remote

If we talk about the connectivity options on this TV, then there are 4 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, 1 Optical Digital port, an AV port, 1 headphone jack and an Ethernet port. On this TV you get HDMI 2.1 ports that support 4K @120 Hz with a variable refresh rate. This TV supports HDMI eARC, HDMI ARC, and HDMI CEC. The HDCP version of the HDMI on this TV is 2.3. On this TV, apart from dual-band Wi-Fi, you get Bluetooth v5.O and Chromecast.


Now let's talk about the company given specifications of this 4K QLED TV. 

  • This TV comes with a 10-bit 120 Hz IPS panel. 
  • It has DLED backlighting and it exhibits Full Array Local Dimming.
  • This TV has 800 Nits peak brightness and a 1000000:1 contrast ratio. 
  • It has a Quantum dot film, which enhances the colours, contrast and brightness of this TV. 
  • It has MEMC Technology along with a 240 Hz Vu Motion Rate, which means that this TV has a technology that doubles its 120 Hz native refresh rate so that motion blur can be kept well under control.
  • This TV comes with support for Dolby vision IQ, HDR 10+ and HLG, Apart from this, it has 100% colour volume 
  •  Fractal Vu Technology makes blacks deeper and colours natural.
  • Apart from AI 4K upscaling, this TV comes with an AI picture engine
  • The TV has a filmmaker mode, which is only found in the higher brands of TVs. 
  • According to the company, the filmmaker mode on this TV gives the same picture quality as that intended by a Hollywood creator.
  • This VU TV has an AI mode, which reduces the digital noise through artificial intelligence and carries out other optimisation to give the best picture quality.
  • The response time of this TV is 6.5 milliseconds
  • This QLED TV also has a light sensor, which adjusts the brightness of the TV according to the room lighting conditions.
  • For audio, this TV has a 100 Watts 4.1 channel speakers system, which includes a built-in subwoofer. 
  • This TV supports MS 12, Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus and Dolby Atmos
  • The TV has an advanced CPU and GPU and it comes with 3GB Ram and 16GB storage
  • It has an official Android along with a Google Play Store. You can play all the applications on this TV, and, even sideload apps from outside. 
  • On the remote, there is a Google Assistant button, but without the remote, too, you can operate this TV through your voice command, as it comes with a far-field microphone. 
  • You can give a command to this TV in both English and Hindi languages. 
  • For gaming, there is a game mode, apart from support for 120 Hz variable refresh rate, AMD FreeSync, auto low latency mode and HDR gaming.

 Real Performance 

So all these were the company given specifications, now, let's talk about the real performance of this TV. All other QLED TVs have VA panels in them because of which their viewing angles get compromised, but this QLED TV series can be installed comfortably even in a big illuminated hall. The picture quality of this TV is superior to every TV in the budget category. The picture quality of this Vu TV can be compared to the costly TVs of the higher brands. The thing that I have marked in the higher-range TVs of Sony is that there is a complete absence of digital noise, which makes the scenes appear as if you were watching them directly through your naked eyes, here, on this TV, you get to observe the same. On this TV, you don't get to see any dirty screen effects, and, even the banding is rare. The grey uniformity of the screen is also good because of which you get to see a pretty clear stretch of a single colour like a cricket field or a sky.

In a 25% window, the brightness of this TV is 817.6 Nits, in a 49% window, the brightness measured is 701.4 Nits, whereas, on a 100% screen this brightness comes to 612.9 Nits.

 Dimming Zones 

We counted the dimming zones on this TV. For this, we need to set the contrast at the maximum, local dimming at its highest and the active contrast at high. In the horizontal row, the TV has 4 dimming zones, whereas, in the vertical row, there are 7 dimming zones, which amounts to a total of 28 dimming zones on this TV. The size of the dimming zones is considerably bigger and during the Dimming test we got to see much blooming on the screen, however, while watching content, you don't get to observe any blooming, nor, there is any problem with a black crush on this TV. The details on the highlights of the black portion are easily visible.

Local Dimming 

However, The 1000000:1 contrast ratio cannot be justified, because, it is practically impossible to obtain this much contrast ratio on an IPS panel TV. Still, The contrast ratio of this TV is relatively better than other IPS panel TVs as it comes with a Quantum dot film that enhances the contrast. Apart from this, the TV has full-array local dimming, which also enhances the contrast ratio according to the requirement of a scene. In addition to this, the FractalVu technology also seems to be playing some role on this IPS panel TV, as, in comparison to other IPS panel TVs, this Vu TV displays deeper blacks. Even after switching off the lights, the blacks stay deep, they do not turn into grey. The colour reproduction of this TV is very good, you don't get to see unnatural colours on it. Despite displaying natural shades, the colours exhibit vibrancy. The details hardly get lost in the white and black portions of the scenes. You don't get to see any colour deviation in Whites on this TV.  It displays almost pure colours. The colour accuracy of this TV is pretty good because of which the pictures appear realistic and you get to see pretty good details even in dark scenes. The sharpness of this TV is also very good, the pictures apart from being detailed and vibrant look realistic. Images have a 3D depth in them, which enhances the overall viewing experience.

On this TV, you can also differentiate between the different shades of lipsticks. The filmmaker mode on this TV is similar to the Netflix calibrated mode on the Sony X90J. The sole purpose of giving this Mode on a TV is to make you see that movie with the same colour, contrast, sharpness and brightness settings, which the film creator intended to show you in that Hollywood movie. You can see it yourself that in this mode all those settings automatically get applied, which you get to see in theatres while watching that movie. In many QLED TVs in the name of QLED, you get to see unnatural and saturated colours that contradict the colour reproduction of real-life images. In my opinion, a TV that cannot display real colours is worth nothing. Colours only appeal when they are inspired by real-life, but have a vibrancy in them. 120 Hz refresh rate gives a smooth frame transition and you will not observe any visible motion blur on it. Only while watching the fast action scenes of compressed videos on YouTube you will observe motion blur as these videos are not in pure format. For example, if you will watch the same action scenes in The Avenger movie on YouTube and Disney Plus Hotstar, YouTube, you will observe blur during the fast action scenes, but on Disney Hotstar, all scenes will play very smoothly without any blur.

The cricket mode though not very effective, still seems to be working. In cricket mode, you can trace the ball to some extent because this TV inserts extra frames to reduce motion blur. HD channels look pretty good on this TV. All details get displayed with clarity and the pictures display good colour vibrancy that makes them attractive. The SD channel performance on this TV is better than many other 4K TVs. If you leave aside some very bad SD channels, content playing on others can be watched comfortably. 

 Picture Upscaling 

If we talk about the picture upscaling, the thing that has come to my notice is that though QLED TVs upscale OTT content nicely, they fail to upscale low-resolution content through the USB port. However, this Vu TV nicely upscales low-resolution content even through the USB port. Even this Vu TV supports the latest encodes like HEVC, AV01, &  this TV is handled 4K and 4K HDR10 uncompressed videos and other heavy files very smoothly. Most the TVs fail to play these files. The picture upscaling capability of this TV is pretty good, 1080p videos get upscaled and play in quality near to 4k resolution. And, even 720p content gets upscaled and plays beautifully on it. 


If we talk about its audio, out of the box, the sound is loud and clear but not exceptional. For audio, you get a number of setting options on this TV, along with the equalizer. If you are able to tweak the right audio settings, then you can get a pretty good audio experience on it. Remember the equalizer plays a vital role in the audio performance, so it is important to set it rightly. As Dolby Atmos is there on this TV, the details in its sound are good. However, you don't get to hear any real Dolby Atmos effect on any TV, even if it is a costly TV from Sony! For listening to Dolby Atmos' real sound, you will need a proper Dolby Atmos setup. In the audio settings, you get the option to switch on/off the subwoofer, and, you can even increase or decrease the bass. On this TV you get the option of night audio, through which even on the low volume you can hear the dialogues clearly. If we talk about the bass performance, then you just get a fair amount of bass on it. You cannot compare the performance of this TV subwoofer with a dedicated subwoofer. The audio of this TV apart from being loud is clear, but you don't get to hear any 4.1 channel surround sound effect on it. During Action scenes, you get to hear pretty powerful background scores, which do give you a somewhat theatre-like experience within the confines of your home. If you wall-mount this TV, then in the settings, you get an option for audio enhancement, which will boost the audio accordingly. As its subwoofer is located on the back you will get a better experience of it on wall-mounting.


Coming to his smartness, this is an Android Smart TV that comes with Android 10.0. The foremost thing about this TV is that despite having an Android UI, it boots up pretty fast. Its processor is quite powerful and the 3GB RAM seems to be the driving force behind it. Even if you open all the applications one after the other and keep on switching between them, the TV plays all contents smoothly without any lag. Even though you can operate this TV through the Google Assistant button on the remote, it can be operated directly through voice command without the need for a remote. The voice command feature is very responsive on this TV, which follows your commands promptly. On this TV, you can watch Amazon Prime, Disney Hotstar, YouTube and Netflix in crystal clear 4K quality.


Talking about its gaming performance while playing Spider-Man game everything went on smoothly and it was pretty enjoyable too. As Spiderman is a 60 fps game, I was unable to test the VRR feature on it. but I will try to test this in future and tell you about it. As this TV has high brightness, the HDR gaming looks pretty good on it and the graphics are also highly satisfying. However, when I connected my PS5 to this TV, the settings did not switch over to the game mode automatically, I had to manually enable it in the settings. As a monitor, too, the performance of this TV is good. You can comfortably use it as a monitor.

PS5 Gaming 


In the end, I will say that this Vu TV has surprised us with its superb performance. Through the launch of this TV, Vu has secured a place for it in the higher brands category. Not only does it beat the entry-level models of the higher brands, but it also gives tough competition to their mid-range TVs. Through this TV, Vu has provided its consumers with an affordable alternative to higher cost TVs. Not only is its built quality good, but, it also gives a powerful performance.


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