Sony X90J In-depth Review | The Best 4k TV 2022

 Sony X90J 4k TV: A Visual Treat!

Sony Bravia XR X90J 4K TV that exhibits Full Array Local Dimming comes with Sony's cognitive processor XR, which according to the company understands human minds and gives the same immersive viewing experience, that humans desire to see and hear. 

Sony X90J

Sony strongly recommends this TV for its PS5 PlayStation. It is available in 55, 65 and 75 inches variants. We tested the 75 inches variant as well as the 65 inches TV, and, both have similar performance.


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Inside the box, you get a power cord, 2 pieces of a metallic table-top stand, a remote, 2 AAA+ batteries, 2 hooks for cable management, an instruction manual and a warranty card.


Built & Design

The built quality of the remote is decent and it comes in an elongated design. On the remote apart from the Google Assistant button, you get direct buttons to Netflix, YouTube Prime video, and, YouTube music.

Coming to the design of this TV, it is bezel-less from 3 sides and at the bottom, there is a slim bezel, in the centre of which Sony branding is given. You just need to slide in the stands, inside the space given underneath the TV. On the rear of the TV, a grid pattern is given and all the ports are located on the side, which makes it easy to operate. The clips that come with this TV, to some extent, provide an easy solution to cable management. Overall the TV is sturdily built, and, though not very stylish, certainly looks elegant.


 Connectivity Options 

As far as connectivity options on this TV are concerned, it comes with 4 HDMI ports whose HDCP version is 2.3. HDMI 3 and 4 come with HDMI 2.1 standard, and, they support Auto Low Latency mode, eARC and 4K@ 120 Hz variable refresh rate.

HDMI CEC is given on this TV, and, you can operate many compatible devices with a single remote.

Apart from 2 USB ports, you get an Ethernet port, 1 SPDIF port and a headphone jack. This TV comes with dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth v4.2.


 Features & Specifications 

Coming to the company-mentioned features and specifications; The Sony X90J TV comes with the Cognitive Processor XR. It has a 10-bit VA panel and DLED Full Array Local Dimming. Apart from this, the TV supports HDR 10, HLG and Dolby Vision. For clarity enhancement, it has dual database processing, XR 4K upscaling and XR super-resolution. For colour enhancement, it has live Colour Technology, XR smoothening and XR Triluminos Pro. For contrast enhancement, it has a dynamic contrast enhancer, XR contrast booster and XR HDR remaster. For motion enhancement, it has XR motion clarity. On the audio front, it has two 10 Watts full-range bass-reflex X-balanced speakers, along with 2 Tweeters that come with acoustic multi-audio sound positioning and this TV supports Dolby Atmos and Dolby Audio, along with DTS. According to the company, the TV adjusts the sound according to the viewer's positioning and the room size. Along with sound zoom 2, X90J comes with 3D surround upscaling. It is an Android TV with additional Google UI.


 Real Performance 

These were the claims of the company, now, let's talk about its real performance. Due to the VA panel and the presence of local dimming, the contrast ratio of this TV is pretty good, and, you get to see fairly deep blacks on it. Though its performance is very good even in a brightly-lit room, the best performance is got in a dimly-lit room when blacks appear very deep.



Coming to the brightness of this TV; In a 25% window, the value obtained is 915 Nits, whereas, in a 49% window, the peak brightness measured is 738.7 Nits and in a 100% window, the peak brightness value is 733.7 Nits.

On this TV, you get an approximate 550 Nits SDR peak brightness, and, the value of HDR peak brightness is around 760 Nits.


x90j vs 90k

 Colour reproduction 

The colour reproduction of this TV is fairly good. And, as the brightness of this TV is very good, the colours appear vivid and punchy.

The Triluminos Technology of Sony already rendered very good colour reproduction, and, this TV comes with Triluminos Pro technology, which further increases the range of colours to make it wider. Even out of the box the colours of this TV are very good, which can be further enhanced through calibration.


 Overall Picture Quality 

The detail clarity of this TV is amazing, you can mark each and every detail very clearly.

From the texture of clothes to their colours all appear natural and realistic. Generally, when you watch 4K pictures on Netflix, Hotstar or Amazon on a budget 4k TV, then a sort of digital noise is seen in the background, but on this TV there is no such digital disturbance at all. Pictures appear clean and crystal clear, which gives the illusion of their being real. On this TV, you get to see the real performance of Dolby Vision and HDR videos. The details don't get lost even in dark. Without disturbing the ambience of dark scenes, through extra light, you can see each and every detail very clearly.


 Picture Modes 

On this TV you get Vivid, Standard, Cinema, IMAX Enhanced, Game, Graphics, Photo, Custom, Dolby Vision Bright, Dolby Vision Dark, and, Netflix Calibrated Modes.



 Local Dimming Test 

During our local dimming test, we found a total of 24 dimming zones on this TV and these were big ones too.

While counting the dimming zones, a lot of blooming was seen on the TV, but, while watching the content you will not see any blooming on this TV.

Yes, when the TV is set at its highest brightness, then sometimes, while watching subtitles, the blooming can be a bit distracting in the dark.

Despite having bigger and lesser dimming zones, the performance of this TV is superb.


 Sony X90J Vs X9000H Vs X85J 

In performance, this TV easily beats Sony's last year model X9000H. And, if we talk about Sony X85J, despite being a very good performer, it gets easily beaten by Sony X90J in detail clarity. As Sony X90J exhibits Full Array Local Dimming, it gives superb detail clarity, which goes missing on Sony X85J. Sony X90J leaves behind Sony X85J in HDR and Dolby Vision performance, too.

 Viewing Angle 

Coming to the viewing angle of this TV; As it comes with a VA panel, the viewing angle is not very good. Sony's X-Wide Angle Technology that enhances the viewing angle of a VA panel TV, goes missing on this TV. Still, the viewing angle of this TV is not bad. Till the time you are not watching this TV from very extreme angles, you can comfortably watch it even from sides.


 Picture Upscaling 

Now coming to the picture Upscaling capability of this TV; Its picture upscaling is superb! Low-quality content also gets upscaled in a higher resolution and plays beautifully on this TV.

I have told you umpteen times that none of the budget TVs can upscale content from an external device such a set-top box, DVD player, or Android TV box, but, this TV is capable of upscaling 24p content playing through any external device connected to it and it also reduces the judder in them.


 Motion Handling 

This TV comes with a 120 Hz refresh rate, this is why motion blur is generally not visible on it. But sometimes when the higher frame rate of this TV does not match the lower frame rate of any fast-moving content playing on it, you might notice a little blur! It would not be out of place to mention, here, that most of the contents are made in 24 frames per second, whereas, this TV has the capability of 120 frames per second.



Now coming to the audio of this TV; Its audio is pretty loud and rich. You also get to hear some bass on it. The audio quality of this TV is better than Sony X85J. The surround sound effect of this TV is decent, but it can never replace the 5.1 channel speaker system of any home theatre. Dolby Atmos is present on this TV, and, though you get to hear richer audio quality on it, the TV fails to impart any effective Dolby Atmos experience. For a real Dolby Atmos effect, you need to connect the HDMI eARC of this TV with any good Dolby Atmos 5.1.2 or 7.1.2 home theatre system.

The benefit of real Dolby Atmos in a TV is that such a TV is able to play the finer details of audio pretty nicely. Hence the details that are lost during audio compression, get restored, thereby boosting the audio quality. To listen to the Dolby Atmos effect, overhead ceiling speakers are mandatory, so that audio gets a vertical channel. Dolby Atmos is not able to play any effective role without any vertical audio channel. This TV recognises your positioning in the room and tries to adjust the audio settings accordingly to give you the best audio performance.



Now let's talk about the smartness of this TV; So this is an Android TV that comes with Google TV. In comparison to other Android TVs, this TV boots up pretty fast and the UI of Google TV is very smooth and user-friendly. You get to see all your favourite content in a single place, and, when you click on them, they open from the platform, where they are currently streaming. You just need to have a subscription to that application. On this TV, you get almost all your favourite applications, and, Google Play Store is also there, from where you can download more applications and games.

Chromecast is present on this TV and casting is super-smooth. You can cast your iOS and Android devices, both, on this TV. Apart from being compatible with Google devices, this TV is also compatible with Alexa. Pairing these devices with this TV, you can operate it hands-free without any remote. This TV has light sensors and in auto mode, the TV adjusts its brightness according to the lighting condition of the room. The Netflix calibrated Mode in the settings gives you more or less the same sort of picture quality on Netflix as its content creator intended to show you on any TV.

If we talk about its Bluetooth connectivity; You get the option to connect your headphones or earphones wirelessly with this TV. Apart from this, you can also connect any Bluetooth speaker and soundbar with it.



On this Sony TV, you get a very low input lag and a very fast response time, along with, a 120 Hz variable refresh rate, which makes your gaming experience buttery smooth. This TV is the best mate for PS5 PlayStation. HDR gaming is highly enjoyable on it. VRR 4k HDR gaming can be done smoothly on this TV.

You can even use this TV as a monitor which is a perfect option. For good text clarity, this TV supports the 4:4:4 Chroma ratio.

So in the end, I will just say that the viewing experience you get on this TV is unparalleled, which you can never get on any budget or entry-level TV of any higher brand. This TV takes your viewing experience to just another level. This is the TV that fully justifies Dolby Vision and HDR10's presence on it.

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