Mi 55-inch 4k TV 4: Xiaomi’s foray into the Indian Television Market | Xiaomi 55 inch 4k Mi TV 4 vs Vu 55 inch 4k TV


Xiaomi Redefining The Indian Market: A Journey From Smartphones To Televisions

By Shahina Mulk

Xiaomi India
Four years back, Xiaomi entered the smartphone industry, where gradually but swiftly, it rose steadily to topple over even the well-established top players, what to say of the new entrants, to take over the number 1 smartphone vendor position in India, displacing Samsung.

Xiaomi has been able to dislodge giant players in the smartphone market because it was successful in catching the pulse of Indian consumers. It appealed to the masses as it offered much in less, unlike others. It brought to the reach of middle and lower class what was once thought as the prerogative of only the richer.
And, through it well-thought-out judiciously executed strategies it soon won mass appeal. Though still the richer and classy prefer Apple and Samsung, it is the winner as the masses fall on its side.
The strategy of flash sales through its online partner Flipkart worked miraculously for this Chinese tech giant whose smartphones have now become a rage with the new generation who wait zealously to set their hands on its smartphones in the very first sale.

Now, with a determination to redefine the television market, it is all set to give a tough fight and supersede the already well-established big players in this field too.
It has stunned the Indian TV market by bringing in a feature-rich high-end TV at an ultra-affordable price. The 4G revolution that Jio brought in the telecom sector is once again being imitated by Xiaomi in the television market in India.

Xiaomi 55" 4K Mi TV 4

The 55 inches 4k Mi TV 4 became the talk of the town even before its launch on February 14th. And, after it was showcased, it created ripples in the television market by its introductory title ‘world’s thinnest 55-inch 4k LED TV’, with people drooling over its stunningly beautiful ultra-slim design, sporting frameless display at an incredible price of Rs 39,999.
As if this was not enough, Xiaomi brought forward the most luring scheme, integrated with its purchase, offering buyers access to 50,0000 hours of content from video-on-demand providers. As part of the launch offer, all owners are entitled to get a three-month free subscription to SonyLIV and Hungama Play along with a free onsite installation of the Mi IR cable.

Not only does this feature-studded entrant of Xiaomi matches up on features and specifications with top-notch TVs, but is available at a fraction of their price.
With the entry of Xiaomi in the television market, the game is all set to change. All pre-established brands are at threat from this fiery brand.
Though the rich would still prefer Sony, Samsung and to some extent higher models of LG and Panasonic, the lower brands are the ones who are likely to face the direct brunt of its entry.
Till now, Vu was a respectable name in the market of budget TVs as san smartness its TVs had been performing quite well, but Xiaomi’s entry threatens to dislodge it as its TVs are not only more aggressively priced, but are richer in style and features.

While Vu has not shown any zeal in advertising or marketing its products, Xiaomi active marketing strategies are anticipated to prove lethal to the former.

World's slimmest 55" 4K TV

As in case of its smartphones, Xiaomi has promised future software updates for its TVs too, which are expected to upgrade the features and services on offer currently. On the other hand, Vu has shown slackness in releasing software updates for their TV. Even their new TVs sing the same old song repeatedly without any effort on part of the company to introduce innovations in their products.
Apart from Vu, Micromax, TCL, Cloudwalker, LeEco and Kodak are the ones that are likely to suffer most from Xiaomi's entry into the TV market. 

However, TVs are a class apart from smartphones, flash sales that finish off in seconds could hurt Xiaomi’s interest as the blazing fast exercise to purchase them could discourage the not so young generation and keep them at bay. Xiaomi should make the availability of its TVs universal and open showrooms or tie up with retailers in all major cities to sell off their TVs so that people who have still not gained confidence in online purchasing can buy it too.
Now, it remains to be seen whether Xiaomi will be able to revolutionize the Indian television sector, the way it did to the smartphones market or not!

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