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The Best 4k Smart LED TV | Samsung MU6470: An In-depth Review | The Best 65/55/49/43 inches 4k TV | Samsung 49-inch 4k Smart LED TV MU6470 Review

Samsung MU6470: A Visual Delight!

My search for an excellent 4k Smart LED TV that is a real treat for your eyes ended at a local showroom, where this TV was displayed amongst other TVs. Though I had gone there to have a look at some other Samsung model, I could not refrain myself from being drawn towards this TV that stood apart from others due to its picture quality, which resembled very closely to any OLED TV. Samsung MU6470 series of TVs come with an excellent picture performance that is undeniably the best amongst other 4k TVs of its genre. Before setting my eyes on this TV, I had firmly believed that none of the TVs can surpass the picture quality of Sony, but this TV crashed down my assumption by its par excellence picture performance. The Samsung MU6470 comes in four different sizes 65"/55"/49"/43". The TV that we will be reviewing is the 49-inch variant.
This TV has a beautiful premium metal designed body with slim bezel. Its Y-shaped silver col…

Xiaomi Launches 55-inch 4k TV 4S in China | Full Specifications Of 55-inch Mi TV 4S | Is It A Real Upgrade Over 55-inch Mi TV 4?

Xiaomi launches 55-inch Mi TV 4S: An Upgrade Over 55-inch Mi TV 4?Huma Mulk

Xiaomi has launched its new 55-inch TV 4S in China, which is the upgraded version of its Mi TV 4. This TV has been launched in China at an attractive price of CNY 2,999 (approximately, Rs. 31,000), which includes the cost of its shipping.
Mi TV 4S would go on sale for the first time on April 3, 2018, and, Xiaomi has already started accepting pre-registrations for the sale of this TV in China. Seeing to the aggressive marketing strategies of Xiaomi in India, it is expected that this TV might see its launch in India too. Though an upgraded version of Mi TV 4, surprisingly, Xiaomi is selling the Mi TV 4S 55-inch in China at a cost much lower than the cost of the former.

The 55-inch Mi TV 4S employs an IPS LCD panel with 4K resolution (3840×2160 pixels), featuring direct backlighting, 60Hz refresh rate, and 8ms response time. The TV comes with HDR playback abilities and 178 degree viewing angle. It…

Best Budget Light Setup For Videos & Photos | Must Have DSLR Accessories | Must Have Camera Accessories | How To Shoot Videos Professionally

TECHIEBEEZ INDIA Best Light Setup For Professionals & Amateurs
Huma Mulk

If you have recently switched over to a DSLR but are not happy with its indoor performance and think your smartphone clicks better photos, then you have landed at the right place. Even the best DSLRs would not give you a good performance if there is insufficient light in the room. For, best result, it is necessary that your subject is fully illuminated.

Whether you are a professional photographer or an amateur, who loves shooting videos or clicking photographs, a good light setup is the basic requirement for you to flaunt your skills.

Watch this video to see the complete review👇

A good light that fully illuminates your subject can bring a dramatic change in your photos and videos. When you click photos or shoot videos indoor through your smartphones or DSLRs, you do not get the desired result as indoor lights do not give an even exposure to your subject. Increasing the ISO levels make your videos and photos grainy …

Mi 55 inch 4k TV: An Indepth Technical Review | Mi 55 inches 4k TV 4 Vs Vu 55 inches 4k TV | Which is better? | Best Budget 4k TV 2018? | Difference between Mi 55-inch 4k TV 4 And Vu 55-inch 4k TV LTDN55XT780XWAU3D_HDR

Mi 55 inches 4k TV 4 Vs Vu 55 inches 4k TV
Ever since its launch, media in India has been singing praises of Xiaomi’s latest 55 inches 4k TV, thereby, piquing people's curiosity in it. I have been flooded with queries from people wanting to know, which out of Mi 55-inch 4k TV and Vu 55-inch 4k TV would be a better choice for them, so aroused the need to come up with this piece of writing.

Considering the dirt cheap price, at which Xiaomi has launched its 55-inch TV, prima facie, the deal appears highly lucrative. The reality why they are able to sell this TV at this low price dawns on us only when we delve into the technical specifications of this TV. Xiaomi has used Edge-lit backlighting (ELED) in its TV. Edge LEDs use an array of LED backlights along the outer edges of the screen that use lightguides or diffusers to fire light across into the centre of the screen.
This technology allows the designing and manufacturing of exceptionally thin TV sets. Edge-lit sets also have a cost-…

Edge-Lit LCDs VS Direct-lit LCDs | ELED TV VS DLED TV : Which is better? | LCD Vs LED?


ELED TV Vs DLED TV | Find out which is better!
Most people find themselves entangled in a perplexing situation while choosing the right TV for themselves. Buyers of big brands like Sony, Samsung and LG see their purchase as a safe deal as they are established brands and we have seen their performance for a long time now. However, individuals seeking to choose from amongst the budget offerings are the ones who are more likely to get confused in selecting the right TV that could be the best bang for their buck.

This article will give you an insight into the technical aspects of different TVs and by the end of this write-up, you yourselves would be armed with adequate technical knowledge to choose the best TV for yourself.

LCD vs LEDs: LED TVs too are LCDs
Most television companies, as well as sellers, misguide consumers by saying that this particular TV is not LCD but LED. So, first of all, we need to understand that all TVs are basically only  LCDs.What we refer to as LED is…

Salman Khan’s Bajrangi Bhaijaan takes an excellent opening in China

After Aamir Khan Chinese Audiences display their fondness for another Bollywoos khan, make his flim a huge hit on the opening day 

In India, Bajrangi Bhaijaan was released on 17 July 2015, one day before Eid. Simultaneously, the film was also released in 50 countries outside India. Now, after more than two years of its release, Bajrangi Bhaijan released in the Chinese theaters on March 2, 2018. The film directed by Kabir Khan stars Salmaan Khan, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Harshaal Malhotra.
Salman Khan plays Pawan Kumar Chaturvedi alias Bajrangi, a devout Hindu Brahmin, good-for-nothing, but a pure-hearted devotee of Lord Hanuman, who tries to get Munni (a dumb girl from Pakistan lost in India) back to her home in Pakistan. In this film that touched everyone's heart, Pawan Kumar Chaturvedi (Salman Khan) puts his life at stake to protect the child. After watching the movie, people walked out of theaters with sweet smile on their faces.

Bajrangi Bhaijaanis one of …