Realme TV Vs Vu Cinema TV? Which Is The Best?

Realme TV Vs Vu Cinema TV? Which Is The Best?

Would The Realme TV Prove A Game Changer In The Budget Category?

Earlier this year, Vu launched its most popular and much sought after 4k budget Smart TV series, Vu Cinema that for the first time came with a technology, which effectively enhanced the brightness of their TVs by 40%. Following closely on its heels, now, Realme too has affirmed the introduction of new technology in its TVs, which would increase the brightness from the standard 250 Nits to 400 Nits. Realme's Chroma boost picture Engine can be seen as a response to Vu's Pixelium Glass Technology. However, it still needs to be seen whether Realme, through its maiden venture in TV manufacturing, would be able to carve out a niche of its own in the already competitive budget TV industry or not! Else it could also end up being one amongst the mediocre TVs in the lineup, alike Nokia and Motorola.

cinema tv vs realme tv
Vu cinema tv vs realme tv

At the launch of the Vu Cinema TVs, Vu Technologies proudly flaunted their Pixelium Glass Technology, which purported to increase the brightness of their TVs to 500 Nits. And, testing through luminance meter, we certainly were able to cross-check the authenticity of their claim, which proved true. Vu Cinema did prove a game-changer in the budget TV segment, where companies though flaunted HDR10 and Dolby Vision in their TVs, failed to augment the brightness of their TVs. HDR10 and Dolby Vision are a mere eyewash if the brightness of the TV is dismal as high brightness is a must to exploit the full potential of a Dolby Vision TV. Till date, Vu Cinema is the only TV in budget category that has a brightness level of 500 Nits, rest of the budget TVs limit their claims to mere 350-400 Nits. Moreover, claims of many manufacturers of their TVs having even 400 Nits brightness have fallen flat when tested on the ground. The 400 Nits claimed brightness of Nokia TV fell flat when seen side by side Vu Cinema TV. I have already done a side by side comparison of these two TVs on my YouTube Channel Techiebeez India to show the vast difference between the brightness of these two TVs. The disparity is astounding!

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At the time of Mi TV launch, high hopes were pinned on the company of bringing a revolution in the budget TV industry, however, its considerably high price and mediocre performance crashed all hopes of users craving for a quality product.

Lack of stringent laws enforcing the manufacturing of quality products in India has led to the flooding of the market with sub-standard products. Unfortunately, even giant manufacturers launching quality well-acclaimed products abroad, fail to deliver here, as it is a general opinion amongst them that Indian consumers mostly go by the brand name rather than quality.

Realme really need to bring out some revolutionary quality product to create ripples in the Budget category. For the moment, 400 Nits brightness doesn't seem to be an ice-breaker as Vu Cinema already has 100 Nits more than this. As far as the TV acoustics are concerned, Vu Cinema has an integrated soundbar that comes with a combo of two speakers and 2 tweeters giving a total 40W output of theatrical sound. It certainly needs to be seen whether the Realme TV would come with 4 speakers having an individual sound output of 24 Watts or it would just be the total power output.

The potential of the much-advertised Mediatek 64-bit Quadcore Processor with ARM Cortex A53 CPU and a Mali 470 GPU in Realme TVs, still needs to be explored in the TV industry. If this feature is to be put to use in gaming, then a higher refresh rate is the most awaited feature in budget TVs to get a complete blur-free experience. If Realme brings a TV with a higher refresh rate in the budget category, it indeed could become a game-changer in the budget category. As of now, we just need to wait and watch!

Specifications Vu Cinema TV vs Realme TV

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Nokia vs VU Cinema In Hindi

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