iFfalcon K31 Vs Vu Premium Android TV 2019| Which Is Better?

Is iFfalcon K31 Better Than Vu Premium Android TV 2019? Question Answered!

This article is especially written for those, who after the release of any new TV come asking me whether that newly released TV was better than any existing TV that was creating waves in the market due to its performance. This article would bail you out from that confusion of yours.

In one of my earlier article, I had armed you with adequate technical knowledge so that you yourself could choose the right TV without depending on others. 

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In that, I had also apprised of ways that would enable you all to guess the life of any TV. That article also carried tips regarding increasing the durability of a TV.
On your demand, here, I will tell you whether the newly released TV, iFfalcon K31 was better than the Vu Premium Android TV or not. In this regard, I have also made a video on my YouTube channel, Techiebeez India, if you wish, you can watch that too.
Comparison is carried out between two TVs that have more or less equal specifications, because of which there is a confusion regarding which TV one should buy. There is no need of comparison between TVs that have a vast difference in their specifications. Specification of any TV, says a lot about its performance.
In specifications, iFfalcon K31, is even inferior to its last year's model K2A. iFfalcon's last year model had superior built quality and offered better picture performance. Then too, iFfalcon K2A was way behind Vu Premium Android TV, then how can one expect K31 to perform better than the Vu Premium Android TV.
Now, let me explain to you this difference minutely. Those amongst you who had watched my TV buying guide 2019 video, they might recall that in that video I had explained that the performance and durability of a TV also depends on the quantity and quality of LEDs used in that TV. If there are fewer number of LEDs, the brightness and contrast of that TV would definitely be low. And, if after some time, even one of the LEDs gets shot, the brightness will be reduced further and gradually the TV will not be suitable for viewing any more.
To stay ahead in the competition, companies try incorporating the latest technologies in their TVs. However, to make those TVs cost-effective, they compromise on some or the other feature.
This time iFfalcon has enhanced the smartness and audio in its newly launched TV, K31, but on the other hand, it has compromised on the brightness, contrast and built quality of this TV.
K2A has better-built quality and picture performance. The blacks in K2A were comparatively deeper and its colour reproduction was also better than K31.
K31 comes with 270 Nits brightness and a static contrast ratio of 4500:1 whereas, K2A had 280 Nits brightness and a contrast ratio of 6000:1.
Here, let me make it clear to you that HDR10 videos play in their best clarity only if the TV's brightness is at least 1000 Nits. Now, think for yourself where this 270 Nits brightness stands in front of the 1000 Nits mark!  
The 270 Nits brightness of K31 can in no way justify an HDR10 performance. These TVs have HDR10 just for namesake. It is just that HDR10 videos can play on these TVs, but not in the HDR10 clarity.
Low brightness, directly hints towards the fact that lesser number of LEDs have been used in this TV, which also brings its durability under a scanner.
On the other hand, the built quality of Vu Premium Android TV is much better than K31. It has 450 Nits brightness and a dynamic contrast ratio of 10000000:1.
The company lays stake to the claim that they have incorporated the latest technology in their TV that up-scales the brightness and contrast manifolds.
This claim of Vu gets validated by the fact that the Vu Premium Android comes with Dolby Vision. To get Dolby Vision in its TV, a company needs to pay a certain amount to Dolby, after which, its Engineers test the TV rigorously to ensure whether the TV has the requisite brightness and contrast to play Dolby Vision videos or not. Apart from brightness, they also check the TV for many other things that are required to play Dolby Vision videos in their best clarity.  Only after this rigorous test does a TV gets a Dolby Vision certificate.
While on the other hand, any company can declare its TV as having HDR10 as for this it does not require passing a test by any external agency.  
Dolby Digital, in itself, proves that Vu Premium Android has good brightness, contrast, black levels and colour reproduction.
iFfalcon's last year's model, K2A, came with ELED backlighting, then too, its blacks were deeper and the colour reproduction was better. Despite having DLED backlighting, the Blacks of K31 are not deep. Low brightness indicates that LEDs have not been fitted generously in this TV. If LEDs are not distributed liberally in a DLED TV, then its performance will be inferior to even an ELED TV.
The most attractive feature in K31 that is luring customers is its Far-Field voice support, which allows viewers to interact with the TV without any remote. But you should understand that these commands too, would be limited to opening applications and videos on YouTube.
Already remotes of all good Android Smart TVs come with a button for Google Assistant, pressing which, you can perform all these tasks. I hardly find it logical to invest extra money in buying a dongle for sending commands directly to the TV. And, that too, would only be evident at a later stage that how responsive this feature would be.
Vu Premium Android comes with excellent picture upscaling too, whereas, this is absent in iFfalcon K31.
Whether it be picture performance or built quality in both sections, Vu Premium Android races far ahead of iFfalcon K31.
If you make appropriate audio settings in Vu Premium Android, then the difference in audio too would be marginalized. The after-sales services of TCL are also not good, whereas, Vu is reported to be responding quickly in case the company is directly approached.
However, don't deduce that iFfalcon K31 is a bad TV! Here, in this article, I have just pointed out its weaknesses in comparision to iFfalcon K2A and Vu Premium Android TV. In fact, iFfalcon K31 is an above-average TV that is better than many other TVs in the budget category. Overall it is a good package at a cheaper price, whose performance will not disappoint you. To comment on the durability of K31 is too early and only time will tell about that.

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