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Vu Cinema TV Vs Samsung NU7090 Vs LG UM7300PTA Vs Nokia TV|Which TV is The Best In Budget Category?

Is It Worth Buying Lower Range TVs Of Higher Brands?Shahina Mulk

Recently, I got an opportunity to do a reality check on the lower range TVs of the higher brands like Samsung and LG. This article is a real eye-opener for all those who prefer a lower-priced branded TV over other budget brands. On my YouTube Channel, Techiebeez India, you can watch the side by side comparison of all these TVs.

For a reality check on brightness, I carried out a luminance test of Samsung NU7090, LG UM7300PTA and Vu Cinema TV, which is purely a budget offering and the results were surprising. The brightness of Samsung was 387, Vu Cinema TV recorded 560, which surpasses even the company's claim, while LG recorded a low of 156, which was absolutely shocking! This test drives home the point that one should not go for the lower range TVs of the higher brands as they are just an eyewash, with companies entering the budget market only to cash upon their brand names' credibility. Maintaining quality standards,…

Vu Cinema TV | In-depth Review | Vu Cinema TV Vs Vu Premium Android TV

Vu Cinema TV: The Best Bang For Your Buck?Shahina Mulk
Recently, at a function in Mumbai, Vu launched its new series of Cinema TVs. Apart from picture quality, this time, it has also laid focus on the TV's audio and design. The company says this TV has specially been created for the movie buffs. This series stands apart from the previous Vu TVs as the company has for the first time provided a help centre in the TV itself, where there is a solution to all common queries related to a TV. From remote to various other functions, all have been covered in this section.

This TV is available in three sizes 55, 50 and 43 inches and it will go on sale from 18th January, when Amazon's sale kicks off. The price of these TVs are highly competitive with the 55 inches TV priced at Rs 33,999, the 50 inches TV would be on sale for Rs 29,999 and the 43-inch variant would come for Rs 26,999.

Here, I have reviewed the 55-inch variant of this series. The built quality of Vu Cinema TV is pretty good, i…