Vu Premium Android 4k Android Smart TV 2020| In-Depth Review | Is It A Better Buy Than Sony & Samsung?

Vu Premium Android 4k Android Smart TV 2020| In-Depth Review

What Makes Vu Premium Android 4k Android Smart TV Better Than Sony & Samsung

This year, Vu has launched two TVs very shortly one after the other. Vu cinema was released in January and now, the company has brought out the new series of Vu Premium 4k Smart Android TVs in the market. The company, on every launch of its, introduces a new technology in an endeavor to stay abreast of the ever-growing competition in the market. Last time, in the Vu Cinema, they had introduced the Pixelium Glass Technology, which effectively did increase the brightness to a large extent. This time, they have experimented with which technology, I will tell you this, later in this article.

We got to unbox the 55 inches Vu Premium 4k Android Smart TV and on the basis of its picture quality, audio and smartness, we got to judge its performance in detail.
Vu Premium 4k Android Smart TVs are available in 3 sizes, 55, 50 and 43 inches. The picture quality of all variants in this series is almost the same, so you can choose the size according to your budget and requirements.

The best part is that these TVs have been launched at very attractive affordable prices. Earlier, we have also reviewed the Vu Cinema TV, you can go through those articles too, in order to take your final decision.

vu new premiumm android tv 2020 review & unboxing

The newly launched Vu Premium 55 inches 4k Android Smart TV comes packed in a branded box carrying the company's logo and details of the TV.

Inside the box, along with the TV, you get a wall mount, tabletop stand, remote, batteries, screws and a user manual guide.

The bezel-less design of this TV makes it aesthetically pleasing. The TV is literally bezel-less from three sides, only a thin black high-grade plastic beading has been used to hold the panel firmly. On the bottom, there is a grey bezel, which matches perfectly with its tabletop stand. Even when viewed from the side, the TV appears pretty slim. On the back, a high-grade ABS Black plastic material has been used to impart it a good designing that might even work towards protecting this TV from dust. Overall in looks, this TV is attractive with a premium feel attached to it.

Just like the Vu Cinema TV, Robotic assembly has been undertaken this time too. The company assigns the robotic assembly, a driving force behind making it possible to render a slim designing to this DLED TV.

No doubt, barring a series or two, the quality of Vu TVs has been good from its very inception, but, it is welcoming that now they have started paying serious attention towards aesthetics too.

Coming to the connectivity options, there are 3 HDMI and 2 USB ports on the side of the TV, which makes it practically easier to use these ports. Both HDMI ARC and CEC are present on it. It comes with HDMI type 4k @60Hz HDCP version 2.2.

On the side only, there is an Ethernet port, which allows the liberty to connect a broadband cable to it without any hassle. Apart from this, there is a Headphone Jack, AV port, Digital Optical Audio port and RF Analogue port. This TV comes with dual-band Wi-Fi and also has an option for DLNA connectivity.

Connectivity Options Vu Premium Android TV 2020

As this Premium Android 4k TV comes with multiple connectivity options, connecting various devices to it, like gaming console, Blue Ray player, Set-Top Box, etc., will not be an issue. For connecting external speakers, all options like AV port, Digital Optical port, and HDMI ARC have been provided on this TV.

Vu Premium Android TV 2020 Remote

The remote is handy and its built quality is impressive. On it, you are provided with direct buttons to Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, and Google Play. It also has a Google Assistant button on it.

Vu Premium Android TV 2020 Backlighting

This TV comes with VA panel and DLED backlighting. It has 400 Nits brightness, which further gets enhanced through Pixelium Glass Technology and the dynamic contrast ratio is 1000000:1. This TV comes with a high dynamic range. On it, you get support for all three, Dolby Vision, HDR10, and HLG.

Performance Vu Premium Android TV 2020

The 4k performance of this TV is laudable. The 4k picture quality is mesmerizing with striking clarity in detail. All file formats that we tried playing on it, played pretty smoothly. There was no lag even while playing 4k HDR10 videos@60 fps.
Vu Premium Android TV 2020 Panel Type

The company lays stake to the claim that in order to widen the viewing angle, in this series of TVs, apart from Pixelium Glass Technology, a high quality special optical film has been used to control the amount of light coming from the LEDs. Now, coming to the ground reality, though the viewing angles of this TV are better than Vu's previous models having VA panel, the angles cannot be said to be perfect. The robotic assembly might have worked towards enhancing the viewing angles of this TV, still, when viewed from extreme angles you will definitely observe color distortion, which is an anomaly associated with all VA panel TVs.

The special optical film used in this TV has worked towards making the screen of this TV anti-reflective to some extent. Due to this, the performance of this TV even in daylight is commendable.

The Pixelium Glass Technology does enhance the brightness, which in combination with accurate white balance, augments the overall performance of this TV. Maybe due to the robotic assembly undertook, the color tones, and, black and white balance of this TV is pretty good.
The FHD videos, too, turn up very good on this TV. The brightness, though not as good as Vu Cinema series, is pretty good and the color reproduction apart from being accurate is admirable. On this TV, you get to see more details in pictures. Minute details hardly get lost in the dark or bright scenes. Now coming to the black level of this TV; The blacks are not very deep, but sufficiently deep that do not hide details beneath them by overpowering the dark scenes. In many TVs, we do get to see deeper Blacks, but they cover up all details, leaving us unsatisfied, wanting to see what's behind the darkness. But in this TV, there is no such complaint. The blacks, especially in dark scenes, lighten a bit, allowing us to see minute details too. In this TV, different shades of blacks can be easily differentiated.

This time, the internal settings are a bit different from earlier TVs, but, options for customization are still umpteen and they are effective too. One can completely tweak settings according to personal liking.

Upscaling Capability od Vu Premium Android TV

To check the picture upscaling capability of this TV, we played some low-resolution videos downloaded in 720p.

The picture upscaling capability of Vu TVs has been one of the best in the industry from the very beginning. This TV too did not disappoint us in this regard. Low-resolution videos played through USB turned up very good on this TV. We found that the TV had the capability to reduce digital noise to a large extent. This level of picture upscaling is only seen in the higher range TVs of the bigger brands like Sony and Samsung.

HD channels play with much sharpness and clarity on this TV. And going by the general performance of SD channels on a 4k TV, this TV does not disappoint either. You can definitely watch SD channels on it comfortably, without getting irritated.

Alike any budget TV, the refresh rate of this TV too is 60 Hz, but its motion handling capacity seemed somewhat better than the earlier series. Normally, motion blur doesn't get evident, but in fast action scenes, you cannot escape it. However, for cricket lovers, there is a dedicated cricket mode, which does help in keeping an eye on the movement of the cricket ball.

This TV comes with Bluetooth version 5.0, which is fast and stable and provides wireless connectivity for gaming pad, keyboard, mouse, earphone, etc. Vu Premium Android 4k TV also comes with a built-in Chromecast, through which casting of phone contents is possible on this big screen. During our test, the Chromecast function worked well.

This Premium 4k TV comes with 30 Watts box speakers that have decoders for Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, and Dolby Plus. It also comes with DTS support. The noise cancellation feature of this TV works effectively to cancel the background noise, thereby rendering loud and crystal clear audio quality. It has Dolby Audio MS12 because of which there is a good dialogue clarity in it. This TV comes with deep bass and if one is able to do the right audio settings through the equalizer, a perfect balance of treble and bass can be achieved in it. The Virtual Surround Sound X given in this TV is also effective to some extent.

Surprisingly, despite not having a dedicated sound-bar, the audio of this TV is very good. Normally, any external speaker is not needed along with this TV, but if one still needs better cinematic audio with window-rattling thumping, an external home theatre is advisable.

Vu Premium Android Tv Smartness

This is an official Android Smart TV that comes with Android Pie 9.0 operating system. It has a 64-bit Quad-core processor, 2GB RAM, and 16 GB internal memory. All the preloaded applications on this TV are the licensed versions. Applications like Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube, and Hotstar come preloaded on it. And, because it is an Android TV, there is a scope for side-loading external apps on it.

The voice command feature of the remote is highly responsive which follows commands promptly.

On this TV, YouTube and Netflix videos can be played in 4k resolution, while other applications, too, can play in their maximum resolution. However, to play 4k videos, a high-speed broadband connection is required, otherwise, alike other TVs, this too will hang. The Vu Premium Android 4k TV 2020 comes with VOD Up-scaler, so, even very low-resolution videos played through the Internet, turn up pretty good as pictures get Up-scaled effectively. The Wi-Fi connectivity of this TV is good, it can easily catch long distant networks too, which even an Android TV box is unable to detect.

For gaming too, this TV is a good budget option. When connected to a gaming console, the performance is quite good, which makes gaming enjoyable on this 55-inch big screen.

In my opinion, it is impossible to find a TV in the budget segment with this level of performance and premium designing. Though the picture quality of Vu Cinema, too, especially the 50-inch variant that had VA panel, was excellent, it had few shortcomings like low RAM and single-band Wi-Fi, which has now been taken care of in this series. Vu has worked hard on this series, which reflects from its performance and design.

Even if you are considering buying a higher-range TV of any bigger brand, this TV is built to fulfill all your aspirations. Its picture quality is at par with the higher range TVs of Sony and Samsung.
Opting for this TV can even save the extra bucks that you will spend on buying a TV of any higher brand.

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