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Best Surround Sound Speaker System Under 20K | Logitech Z906 Review | Best Speakers With Dolby Digital, DTS & THX Certification

Make Your Home A Cinema HallIn the absence of good audio experience, even the best visuals fail to leave the desired impact. So here, I bring to you the review of a 5.1 surround sound speaker system that falls in the sub 20k category, still it gives you more or less a Multiplex like experience.

I have purchased this audio system for my projector-based mini theatre at my residence. Before this, I had experimented with two Sony and one Yamaha home theatres, but the audio quality of those surround sound systems did not meet my expectations. If you have the requisite space for setting up a projector, these speakers have the power to turn your home into a Cinema Hall. I have carried out its detailed review on my YouTube Channel Techiebeez India, you can watch that video of mine to hear its audio. This is a surround sound system from Logitech, whose model number is Z-906. In the box, you get five satellite speakers, along with a subwoofer, a control console, remote, three A+++ batteries, a …

iFfalcon K31 Vs Vu Premium Android TV 2019| Which Is Better?

Is iFfalcon K31 Better Than Vu Premium Android TV 2019? Question Answered!

This article is especially written for those, who after the release of any new TV come asking me whether that newly released TV was better than any existing TV that was creating waves in the market due to its performance. This article would bail you out from that confusion of yours.

In one of my earlier article, I had armed you with adequate technical knowledge so that you yourself could choose the right TV without depending on others. 
TV Purchasing Guide 
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In that, I had also apprised of ways that would enable you all to guess the life of any TV. That article also carried tips regarding increasing the durability of a TV. On your demand, here, I will tell you whether the newly released TV, iFf…

iFfalcon K31 By TCL: An AI Powered TV | An In-Depth Review | What Is AI In iFfalcon K31?

Is iFfalcon K31, A Worthy Successor To iFfalcon K2A?Recently, iffalcon launched its new series of TV, K31, which gets Artificial Intelligence as a new feature in it. This series of TVs come in three sizes, 43, 50 & 55 inches. Here we will be reviewing the 55-inch variant of the series. iFfalcon K31 is a 4k TV, which is Google certified Android TV.

The built quality of K31 is decent and it is pretty smart to look at. In this TV, you get 3 HDMI, 2 USB, 1 SPDIF, and 1 Ethernet port. For connecting your home theatre, you also get HDMI ARC in it. This TV also has Bluetooth connectivity as well as an AV-In port, but it comes with only single-band Wi-Fi.

This TV comes with DLED backlighting and A+ grade IPS panel whose brightness rests at 270 Nits and its static contrast ratio is 4500:1. Though you get HLG and HDR10 support on this TV, don't expect it to work flawlessly as the brightness and contrast of this TV is nowhere even next to the minimum values required for optimum HDR 10 per…

Top 5 Best Budget 55 inches 4k HDR TVs 2019

Which Are The Best 4k 55 inches Budget TVs Of 2019?
If you are searching for the Best Budget 55 inches 4k TVs of 2019, you have landed at the right place. This ranking is based purely on the picture quality and picture upscaling capability of these TVs. I believe that smartness and audio can always be enhanced later through external measures, while the picture performance is in-built and cannot be augmented later on. Thus, while purchasing a TV our focus should be on the picture quality rather than any other thing. Recently, I had made a video on my channel, Techiebeez India, in which I had explained in detail about TVs. Please watch that video for sure or read the article related to it, so that you may know which TV is suitable for you.
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In this video, I have just given a brief introduction about these top 5 TVs and talked about their Pros & Cons as I have…