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TV Purchasing Guide | Which TV You Should Buy IPS Vs VA Panel| ELED Vs DLED Panel | What Is A+ Grade Achromatic Panel?

Buying A TV? Read This Article
Shahina Mulk

If you are on the way to purchase a TV for yourself, then you have landed at the right place. This article will equip you with adequate knowledge regarding buying the best TV for yourself. It is in two parts as it is too lengthy.

Part 2

If you wish to watch this video in Hindi or English language, you can go to our YouTube Channel, Techiebeez India. Its link is there below this article.

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First of all, it is very important to understand the basic difference between an IPS and VA panel, so that you can decide the type of panel, which suits your needs.

Many people come asking me whether they should buy an IPS panel or A+ grade panel. So here, I would like to inform them that A+ grade is not a panel type, it is an extra speciality related to any panel, whether it is IPS, VA or any other panel. Both IPS or VA …

Top 5 Best Budget 4k TVs In India 2019

Ratings are purely based on picture quality, picture upscaling capability, and smartness
In 55" Category 1.  Vu Premium Android (55 inch) without Cricket mode Ultra HD (4K) Smart TV  (55-OA) -

Vu Premium Android (55 inches) with cricket mode

2.Shinco 140 cm (55 inches) 4K UHD Quantum Luminit LED Smart TV with HDR 10 S55QHDR10 (Black) (2018 Model)
Amazon: Price Rs 36,990

3.Pixelight 55 inches without cricket mode Pixelight 55 inches with cricket mode

4.iFFALCON by TCL 138.71cm (55 inch) Ultra HD (4K) LED Smart Android TV with Netflix (55K2A)

5. Thomson UD9 140cm (55 inch) Ultra HD (4K) LED Smart TV (55TH1000)

In 50" Category 1.Vu Premium Android (50 inch) without Cricket mode Ultra HD (4K) Smart TV (50-OA) -

Vu Premium Android (50 inches) with cricket mode…

Don't Buy Any TV Without Reading This| TV Buying Guide| How To Enhance The Durability Of Your TV

What Things You Should Keep In Mind Before Purchasing A TV
Shahina Mulk

This article is the second and final series of TV buying guide. In the first one, I had discussed the difference between IPS and VA panel along with elucidating on the types of backlighting used in a TV. That video gave you an insight into the type of panels and backlighting that you should look for, in a TV. If you have not watched that video, on my channel Techiebeez India, do it right now.

Part 1 -

Before I start, I would like to give you an important information. Off late Jio TV has stopped working. In one of my latest videos, I have provided information regarding an application that give you access to more than 400 channels in HD, SD and 4k resolution and that too free of cost. You can watch most of the Premium channels too without any subscription fees. Youtube video link After side-loading that a…

Best Jio TV App Alternative Download Now

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Download Es File explorer for Android TV

Jio TV Stopped working? Forget Jio TV| Here Is The Ultimate Solution| Jio TV Problem Solved

A Fantastic Application That Replaces Jio TV & Airtel TV
Shahina Mulk

Nearly all my viewers and subscribers had come up with the complaint that Jio TV had stopped working on their TVs since June 28th. This had happened before too, about two months back, when Jio stopped the playability of its application, even on Jio GigaFiber.

So today, I have brought a wonderful solution to this problem of yours. But, before we start with this article, I would like to say something.

Friends, on our YouTube channel, Techiebeez India, we provide you solution to all your technical problems, apart from bringing to you the latest gadgets and home appliances. We delve into the technical aspect of every product so that you yourself get armed with adequate technical knowledge to choose the right product. I request you to subscribe to that channel and do press the bell icon so that you get instant info regarding the release of our videos.

So now, let's get started. I have provided you the link to this Yo…

Samsung Galaxy Fit e Smart Band | In-Depth Review & Unboxing

What Makes Samsung Galaxy Fit e Special?
Shahina Mulk

Recently, Samsung launched its fitness tracker, Fit e Smart band. Fortunately, I too got the opportunity to lay hands on it just after its launch. So, I am here with the in-depth review of this smart band.

This smart band is available on Flipkart for Rs 2490. I have provided its purchase link below; you can purchase it from there.

Samsung Galaxy Fit e smart band has a weight of only 15-gm. It is very light-weight and slim. You can wear it 24x7 without any discomfort. The silicone strap of this band is removable and it does not irritate your skin at all. In fact, it is so light-weight that you don't feel as if you were wearing anything.

The locking mechanism of this silicone strap keeps your band secure. Unlike my Mi band, that fell off somewhere without mine realizing the same, you can carry out all your sports activities wearing this watch, without the fear of losing it.

As this fitness tracker comes from a respectable brand you ca…

Lemfo LEM X In-Depth Review | The Best Smartwatch 2019?

The Smartwatch With A Difference | Lemfo LEM X Review

Shahina Mulk

Today, I am going to review Lemfo LEM X smartwatch cum fitness tracker that has a superb resolution, which can be termed as one of the best amongst all Android smartwatches. And it comes with a large dial which makes it comfortable to read and type on. Apart from this, it has multiple attractive features that would leave your friends craving for it.

I have made a full-length video on it, you can go to my channel Techiebeez India to watch that review in both English and Hindi.

The purchase link of the smartwatch is there in the description box below that video along with a 29% discount coupon that would make it much cheaper than its running price.

However, do remember that the discount is valid for a limited period and only for the first few lucky ones who get the opportunity to lay their hands upon it. So, if you really like it, go for it early before it's too late.

Lemfo LEM X watch comes with a soft silicone strap,…

Best Budget Projector 2019 | AUN M18: Unboxing & In-depth Review

A Budget Projector That Beats Even Costly Projectors | Make Your Home A Cinema Hall

Shahina Mulk
The performance of the projector that I have chosen here for review is sure to blow you off your feet. Previously too, I have reviewed a number of projectors on my Hindi channel Techiebeez India, but believe me this projector is the best out of the lot. Watching a movie through it will give you a Cinema Hall like immersive experience. Leaving aside

BenQ 1090, which costs around 75000, this projector is far better than all other budget projectors that I have reviewed in the past.

However, this is also a fact, that if I would have got this projector before, then maybe, I would not have invested 75000 in the BenQ projector as the performance of this budget projector well meets my expectations.

In my video I have also provided information related to the best picture and sound settings for this projector. You can watch that video review for its live performance.

Now, without keeping you in furth…

Samsung RU7100 Indepth Review

Is Samsung RU7100 A Real Upgrade To Last Year's Model Samsung Techiebeez India
Last year Samsung had brought out the NU7100 model in the market and this year in 2019, it has launched RU7100, which is a 4k HDR TV.

Samsung RU7100 is available in five different sizes, 43, 49, 55, 65 and 75 inches. I have chosen the 55 inches variant of RU7100 for this review.

This TV gets a modern look that goes well with any modern decor.

The bezel of this TV though not ultra slim is moderate in thickness. The colour of its bezel is charcoal black and its table top stand too matches with it. The rear of this TV has been graced with a plastic brushed design that imparts a clean look to this TV.

In this TV you get 3 HDMI and 2 USB ports. HDMI ARC and HDMI CEC both are present on this TV. Through HDMI ARC, you can connect a compatible home theatre with this TV, whereas, HDMI CEC gives you the liberty to operate multiple compatible devices with a single remote.

RU7100 also comes with HDCP version 2.2, b…

Vu Premium Android 2019 Vs Vu Pixelight 2019 | Best Budget 4k HDR TV 2019

Vu Premium Android 4k TV Vs Vu Pixelight 4k HDR TV | Which Is The Best?
Techiebeez India

This year, both Vu Premium Android & Pixelight TVs are undoubtedly the bestsellers that give you an equivalent or even better picture performance than the higher brands like Sony and Samsung.

Today, this video of mine will certainly help you in buying one out of these TVs so that you can make your choice according to your requirements.

On your huge demand, I have brought to you a side by side comparision of both these models on my YouTube channel Techiebeez India.

In my YouTube video, I have pointed out the minutest difference between these two TVs that only a technical expert can make out.

The built quality of both these TVs is very good. Finding this quality of construction in a budget TV is a rare occurrence.

In Premium Android TV you get a metallic stand, while Pixelight comes with a metallic finish plastic stand. Bezel of both these TVs is ultra slim. However, in overall design and style Premi…